27 November, 2008

Mumbai blasts. Thanksgiving

My heart goes out to people in Mumbai. In a series of blasts and shoot outs, the city of Mumbai appears to have come under attack. According to the news, there appear to be at least seven different locations in the city that have been attacked. In an unprecedented sort of terror, a combination of gun fire, blasts, grenade blasts have been used to attack cinema halls, hotels, hospitals, and other public places.

Today is Thanksgiving. So I am going to say thanks to all my dear friends in this post. Forgive me if I miss any names. I wanted to thank each blogger individually and give you all a separate and special award. Please excuse me now. I am too saddened with the news of Mumbai Blasts.

First few of my blogger friends. My first award is for Agnes. She is beautiful. Writes so well. Well Travelled. Does lots of social work and lectures all around. I look forward to her comments on my blog and simply enjoy going through her posts. This award is for you Agnes with hugs and thanks.

Then there is Random Reflections. I am inspired to join Art of Living, reading this blog. This award is for you.

Now here are my more blogger friends that I would like to thank.






Priya Joyce She is so cute.




मा पलायनम !

Hemanth Potluri



rantravereflect/ jane


Nischal Shetty




Sachin Malhotra



Achal "FIT GURU. I like your fitness blog.

Princess Mia





Kamal Bajaj This is for you


Leo (Healthy Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle)










Femin Susan



Shalu Sood

Parveen Garg

And last but certainly not the least, Huge Hug and Thanks to Pushpanjali Singh. Your comments always bring a smile. Do comment more often. This one is for you. Muaahhhh


  1. Oh, Kiran, I am so sorry about Mumbai. So sorry. I was going to be in Mumbai later in Dec for a day (layover) but Geoff is thinking of changing the tickets and skipping Mumbai.
    On a lighter note, thank you so much for the award. It is a very pretty award and you're making me blush. I am smiling ear to ear.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family too.

  2. @ Agnes. Oh It is so bad that you have to even change your travel plans.
    You deserved this award and many many more. Thanks. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Geoff too.

  3. wow kiran.... thankyou so much lady!!!


  4. Thank you Kiran;
    First, let me express my sympathies to the people of India and especially to my friends in Mumbai. There is really little more to say than "I feel your pain."
    I always feel honored to hear from you and now, to receive an award from you is a very special honor.
    Despite the state of humanity, we have much this Thanksgiving Day to be thankful for and Agnes and I include you on our list.

  5. sooo horrid the blasts- depressing, frustrating n my heart goes out to all those peopel who lost their lives :( mind-numbing..

    but yayyyyy, thanks for teh award!!
    I was sooooo surprised:D
    geeeeee, that too in the amazing blogger category!!!

    mwuahhhhhhhhhhh :*
    n hugsssssssss :*

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  7. Thanks for the award kiran. I too like your blog a lot. Thanks to you that I have put on some weight (my lifelong desire).

    Whatever happened in Mumbai was too bad. A good friend of mine escaped any injury by a matter of minutes. But there were many others who lost their lives. This was really bad. God knows when this will end

  8. @ warm sunshine. You are most welcome.

  9. @ warm sunshine. You are most welcome.

  10. @ warm sunshine. You are most welcome.

  11. @ Geoffrey. Mumbai blasts are actually very sad. We are all very pained.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Agnes

  12. @rantravereflect/ jane . Muaah and hugs to you too.

  13. @ Rahi. Thank God, your friend is safe. Let us pray for all others.

  14. d whole incident in mumbai has for d first time in my life left a feelin of numbness inside...its a sense of emptiness...horrific!!

    anyway thanku so much for d lovely award...thou m a lil confused...which one is mine??

  15. @ Mayz. I cheated a bit. Edited a bit and removed your confusion. there is your award.
    Mumbai blasts are leaving the whole world shocked. They are horrific indeed.

  16. thanku sooooooooo much for ur award

  17. oohhhhhh my first blog award...ever. Thanks....a million Kiran ...So touched....and that beautiful picture you have chosen...words fail me :)
    I am sure you'll love the Art Of Living course.

  18. @ Kamal. You are welcome mom. And Thanks. Keep dropping your comments.

  19. The award is dedicated to my Guru - my inspiration .

  20. Thank you so much, Kiran! hope you had a Good Thursday despite all.

    I love the new changes to your blog and website! Looks very fresh and professional - the logo is GREAT!

    Keep up the good work!!


  21. @ Random. What a nice thought. To dedicate it to your Guru.

  22. I'm in your list too! Thanks very much. The award is dedicated to the continuing friendship. Hope your friends too log into me!

    Take Care.

  23. It feels great to be in your list. You really rock !

    Can you please do me in one favor? Please join and have you say in my discussion here -

    Will be highly appreciated.

    Thanks !

  24. Chief,
    Sorry it took me so long to check your blog today. I am really sorry about bombay blasts, and can u imagine dad reached bombay the same day it started. We were really worried. Finally he just got back home like an hour ago.
    Well CHIEF, thank you so so very much for mentioning me so profoundly in your blog(s). You do know that to me you are a HUGE INSPIRATION not just to live a healthy life but also you inspire me to live my life with a huge ambition, to work hard in making it come true, becoming as successful as you and still being able to keep head on the shoulder and be as humble as any big hearted person is. You HAVE already achieved all of that. How can I ever sum up the last three months we have spent together, I have never had a better friendship with a girl like I did with you. Touch wood. To me you aren’t just the world’s best trainer (Victor said that too, and coming from a guy who has had some big trainers all over the world it means something), you are also one of the BESTEST FRIEND anyone could ever want, a wonderful wonderful (but awfully young looking ;)) mom, a very glamorous , smart intelligent and SEXY lady, and an incredibly humble, compassionate human being.
    I am go glad I know you. Thank you for always being there for me, for beign the best trainer in the world. And most importantly for being one of my best friend. Thank you for such a nice AWARD. My first ever….!!!!

  25. Sorry I am late. I had problem with my net connnection. Thanks a lot for the lovely award.

  26. @ Pushpanjali. I am so glad your dad is safe and back home.
    I had such a great time with you. We just had a blast. I am already looking forward to you being in Delhi again. You have always been so encouraging and kind with your words. Always bring smile to me. M WAITINN.

  27. Peace on Earth; goodwill to men...

    Which award is for li'l me me? :)


  28. mujhe abhi bhi samajh nahi aaya :((((

    i think i m jus too dumb :(((

  29. Great hopes and determination is what we need and will keep us driving!

  30. arew i got the award...thanku thanku :D

    next time i m competing in all the categories :D

  31. Wow.... I have just been back after so many wishes.... for u and ur family .... always ....