30 November, 2008

Dance forms and variations

Few more dance forms.






Argentine Tango

Quick step


cha cha cha





lindy hop

Black Bottom


rock and roll





break dance




street dance

I had to finish my post as promised. The work pressure has increased tremendously. Lots of Personal Training, Work on my videos, study and then new batch of course for budding fitness trainers has started. I would not be blogging for this month of December regularly. Forgive me for that. Would be back with you all very soon. Most probably in the New Year. Wish You all a Very Very Happy New Year in advance. If time permits, I would be back sooner. Till then you all take care and Happy Blogging.

28 November, 2008

Dance forms.

I was doing my research about various dance forms and was amazed. In this post, I would not take Indian classical dance forms. Because that would take another full post. Right now few Latin American Dances and with some of their videos that I found online. They are all so interesting. Worth watching.













The post will continue and in the next, there would be videos for the following

cha cha cha
lindy hop
Black Bottom
rock and roll
break dance

Do you know of more styles? share them with me. Share a video link too if you have.
Which one is your favorite?
Which one have you learnt or intend to learn or love watching?
Share with me here.

27 November, 2008

Mumbai blasts. Thanksgiving

My heart goes out to people in Mumbai. In a series of blasts and shoot outs, the city of Mumbai appears to have come under attack. According to the news, there appear to be at least seven different locations in the city that have been attacked. In an unprecedented sort of terror, a combination of gun fire, blasts, grenade blasts have been used to attack cinema halls, hotels, hospitals, and other public places.

Today is Thanksgiving. So I am going to say thanks to all my dear friends in this post. Forgive me if I miss any names. I wanted to thank each blogger individually and give you all a separate and special award. Please excuse me now. I am too saddened with the news of Mumbai Blasts.

First few of my blogger friends. My first award is for Agnes. She is beautiful. Writes so well. Well Travelled. Does lots of social work and lectures all around. I look forward to her comments on my blog and simply enjoy going through her posts. This award is for you Agnes with hugs and thanks.

Then there is Random Reflections. I am inspired to join Art of Living, reading this blog. This award is for you.

Now here are my more blogger friends that I would like to thank.






Priya Joyce She is so cute.




मा पलायनम !

Hemanth Potluri



rantravereflect/ jane


Nischal Shetty




Sachin Malhotra



Achal "FIT GURU. I like your fitness blog.

Princess Mia





Kamal Bajaj This is for you


Leo (Healthy Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle)










Femin Susan



Shalu Sood

Parveen Garg

And last but certainly not the least, Huge Hug and Thanks to Pushpanjali Singh. Your comments always bring a smile. Do comment more often. This one is for you. Muaahhhh

25 November, 2008

0- 100

A wife mentioned to her husband that for her birthday,
she would like something that accelerates from 0 to
100 in four seconds.
She was expecting something like this............

But her husband presented her with something very different...

The husband is in a critical condition in the ICU!

22 November, 2008

My Humble House

My Humble House is the new roof top restaurant at Maurya, which generally has excellent restaurants. I got much more cosy and personal corner. My Humble House is an award winning contemporary Chinese cuisine restaurant. It Infuses distinctively Chinese styles with global touches, to offers its diners a vibrant menu of neo-classic Chinese dishes, christened with equally poetic names that showcase themselves more as a form of art than simply as a cuisine!

What I loved about the place is the ambience, excellent service, attention to small details (like lovely rose petals and candle on my table) and of course the food.

I had soup, appetisers and green tea.

But my friends with whom I had gone there, insisted that I get photographed with huge bowls of food and wine for my clients to see that I EAT.

Broadway Swan Lake Ballet

I recently saw Broadway Swan Lake Ballet performance live at Kamani Auditorium. It was Choreographed by Fernando Aguilera. It was so beautiful a performance that I almost forgot to clap. My jaw was dropping throughout and I was awestruck. Gosh! how I wish that I was younger and I could learn ballet. The dancers were beautiful, agile, delicate yet strong (you know what I mean).
It was one of my best experiences of life. The high I got seeing the performance cannot be described.

I clicked few pics from my iphone (sorry not very clear ones). They do not do justice to the performance at all. But I wanted to put them here on my blog.

And besides Ballet, there was modern dance, tango, latino,hip hop, pachuko, blue jazz, techno duo, flamenco and le corsaire.

Swan lake followed star crossed lovers swan queen Odette and Prince Siegfried as they fought for eternal love against forces of magic, family and destiny. It was set against the backdrop of medieval Europe. It epitomized classical ballet with all its elegance, grace and bittersweet romance.

20 November, 2008

my web site

I have revamped my web site

Guys please see it and do give me your honest feedback and suggestions for the same. I and my website designer are still working on it.

17 November, 2008

Patanjali's eight fold path

Chakras depend on the following eight fold path, laid by Patanjali in his Hatha Yoga Padipika.

1. Yamas- Behaving with restraint: non violent, truthful, honest and kind manner. Purity of thoughts, deeds and mind. Eating moderately.

2. Niyamas- Having spiritual and devotional attitude towards everything like prayer, austerity etc. Following few rules discipline in life.

3. Asanas- Practicing yoga postures/asanas regularly. It will lead to a meditative stage when the mind will become still.

4. Pranayama- Developing prana/breath control.

5. Pratyahara- controlling the senses so that they do not disturb. Preparing the mind for concentration, focus and visualisation.

6. Dharana- Firm belief, will power, concentration, focus.

7- Dhyana- Practicing meditation so that the mind becomes still, thoughtless and does not wander. You become calm and uninterrupted by thoughts.

8. Samadhi- The final goal; bliss/transcendent consciousness. Mind, Body and Soul becoming one.

16 November, 2008


Ever since, I took my first course in the field of fitness back in 1996, I constantly wanted to update my knowledge in this field with newer and more advanced courses, seminars, resolutions, researches, books, DVD's etc. I wanted to learn everything in this field.
Now for quite some time, I was not getting to learn something NEW and was feeling stagnated.
Now the excitement has come back. I have recently started learning about Chakra Workout, I am learning about aura, balancing chakra with yoga.

We have 7 main Chakras

The crown chakra- on and slightly above the crown
The brow chakra- at the middle of the bow
Throat Chakra- on the centre of the throat
Heart Chakra- on the middle of the chest
Solar plexus Chakra- two finger above and below the naval
Sacral Chakra- on and slightly above genitals
Root Chakra- at the base of the spine

Ok. Now following are pics of my Salsa party.

Below are are pictures of scintillating performance by Sai and Kirti which everyone including me were gaping and watching.

14 November, 2008

Black, Children Day, Salsa, Tango

My blogger friend Santoshi has sent me such awesome pictures of me. I had to put them on my blog. Thanks Santoshi.

Today is Children's Day. My sons have planned for movie- Dostana for tomorrow.

Morning, I had few children over in my studio for whom there were fitness sessions on the house. Exercises for kids. Stretching, jumping and playing around. My weekend starts tonight. I am off to do Salsa.

Tomorrow there is also Tango workshop in my studio by Rebacca and Olga.

13 November, 2008

Hair Care

For quite some time, I had been neglecting my hair and they were turning lifeless. Lot of sweat during exercise was also taking its toll on my hair. I have always been very experimental with my hair. Till few years back, I had long hair below my hips. Then I got them chopped short. I have tried various colors, styles, perms etc on my hair. Genetically I am blessed with good quality, thick, lustrous hair. But now I realized that they were screaming for my attention.

I decided to go for L'Oreal Hair Spa treatment yesterday to my nearby beauty parlour.

If you haven't tried the L'Oreal Hair Spa already, you must. A lot of salons are offering this service. It's 45 minutes of hair pampering you won't be able to get enough of! And the best thing about the Hair Spa is that it is customized to your specific hair need (normal/greasy/dry/problem hair). Depending on the type of Hair Spa you choose (aromatherapy, for example), there will be a hot-oil massage, steaming, hair wash and deep conditioning. At the end of 45 minutes, your hair is left smelling like heaven- and feeling like it too! So book a salon appointment right now and treat your hair to something it won't stop thanking you for.

Hair spa is an advance way of conditioning hair, which provides all the answers to the personal needs of every hair type, with refreshing & relaxing, stimulating and nourishing sensation for the scalp & hair.

It works on both hair and scalp and give instant smoothening, manages the hair making it is easier to style with softer feel and lots of shine

The hair is conditioned, steamed, massaged, washed and dried.

Hair spa treatment is available in salons for hair damaged due to repeated coloring. It is administered to improve and add shine to damaged hair. 

People with very dry or damaged hair can use replenishing balms or hair serum after colouring.

My hair are simply thanking me now. In just one sitting, the difference is drastically noticeable.

12 November, 2008


This is one of my first post. But it had to be put up again. And 6 kg are still left to go.

October 2008 54 kgs!!

June 2008 58 kgs !!

End of May 2008 59 kgs !!

May 2008 61 kgs !!

April 2008 63 kgs !!

March 2008 65 kgs !!

Feb 2008 80 kgs !!