06 September, 2012

Buy Uppada Sari

Thanks to the constant support of readers, patrons and buyers, this blog, now is declared as a highest  online retail, wholesale and exporter of Indian Traditional Saris. Your orders are pouring in and your demand is more than I can meet with my supply. I truly and humbly Thank you all. 

If there is a wedding in your family, Uppada saree is a must for every girl's trousseau. Today, Uppada sarees are more in vogue than any other sari. In traditional sarees, these are considered to be the richest of all. They have surpassed even Kanjeevarams. Their weave is super rich. Like Kanjeewarams, they have real zari and pure silk. They drape like a dream. If you wear an Uppada for any wedding, you certainly outshine others. These saris are class apart. Only the crème de la crème would wear it. They spell magic. You can see my Uppada Sari in this blog post.

Here is the latest Uppada collection that I have launched.

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I ship worldwide.

Please order ASAP. These sarees are selling like hot cakes. If you order 2-3 days later, they are gone and then I have to refuse people saying it is sold out. I cannot update each piece as sold out or in stock. But these pieces do not last beyond 2-3 days. I have limited stock. So I have to sell them on first come first served basis. Apology to those to whom I have not been able to sell. But if a post is older than 2-3 days, automatically consider it sold out.

1. White and gold Uppada
Rs. 52,000/-


2. Red Uppada. 
Rs. 15,000/-

3. Red and gold Uppada. 
Rs. 51,000/-



4. Deep pink Uppada. It has silver and gold zari.
Rs. 58,000/-

silver and gold zari.

5. Purple Uppada
Rs. 53,000/-

6. Cream Uppada.
Rs. 25,000/-

7. Turquoise Blue Uppada
Rs. 53,000/-

8. Gold Uppada
Rs. 53,000/-

10. Red Uppada
Rs. 55,000/-

16. Turquoise blue Uppada
Rs. 53,000/-

17. Mustard Uppada
Rs. 25,000/-

18. Purple Uppada
Rs. 40,000/-

20. Red and gold Uppada
Rs. 44,000/-

21. Purple temple border
Rs. 24,000/-

22. Green temple border
Rs. 24,000/-

24. Pink temple border
Rs. 24,000/-

25. Red temple border
Rs. 24,000/-

26. Black temple border
Rs. 40,000/-

27. White temple border with pink and green
Rs. 35,000/-