14 February, 2013

Saris for sale.

Some of these saris were put on my previous post here. Some of you wanted to see the draped version.
So here it is.
These saris are handwoven. I have limited stocks. Each piece is single and unique. If it gets sold out, I do not have its another one.
Quote the blog. In this case it is- http://www.kiransawhney.com/2013/02/saris-for-sale.html

and the number written against each piece to place your order. To order, email me at

The price is quoted in Indian Rupees.
I ship internationally.
Shipping charges are extra.

Below are Kora silk sarees

1. Red sari with purple border. Rs. 19,000/-

2. Yellow sari with Oxblood border and palla. Rs. 19,000/-

3. White with different colors- Rs. 21,000/-

4. The saree below is similar, to the one above. But the butis (motifs) are smaller and more intricate.

Rs. 21,000/-

5. This is newest and classiest edition. It is Banarasi partly pallu. The 'partly pallu' is a 'concept saree' with the pleats, pallu and blouse in contrast to the rest of the saree.
Rs. 20,000/-

6. Uppada, real zari sari. 
Rs. 42,000/-

7. Another concept sari- Rs. 10,000/-