06 November, 2014

29 Exclusive saris for sale

After a very long gap of time and with big demand from our regular clients, we bring you back sale of handpicked hand woven sarees on this blog.
We do ship internationally. Shipping charges are extra. For queries and orders email at
Please mention this blog post and the serial number of the saree when you place the order.
The price is mentioned in INR. You can pay by paypal also.

Banaras Georgette Khadi sari

1. Orange. Rs 23,000/-

2. White Rs. 26,000/-

3. Yellow cream Rs. 22,000/-

4. Fuchsia Rs. 22,000/-

5. Pink Rs.22,000/-

6. Green . It has 2 shades of green- dark and light. Rs. 24,000/-

7. Cream sari with multicolor border and pallu. Rs. 20,000/-

8. Yellow sari with pink border and pallu. Rs. 20,000/-

9. Pink sari with purple border and pallu. Rs. 20,000/-

10. Orange sari with with border and pallu. Rs. 20,000/-

11. White and gold. Rs. 20,000/-

12. Black and red. Rs 20,000/-

13. White sari with green, gold and fuchsia pattern paisley. Rs. 27,000/-

14. Jute tussar sari beige color with red silk border and pallu. Rs. 23,000/-

Below are cotton tussars. These are 2 tone saris.

15. Yellow and red. Rs. 4500/-

16. Yellow and orange. Rs.4500/-

17. red and red. Rs. 4500/-

18. Orange and yellow. Rs. 4500/-

19. Green and blue. Rs. 4500/-

20. Orange. Rs. 4500/-

21. Jute tussar sari. White, royal blue and fuchsia. Rs. 20,000/-

22. Jute and red. Rs. 22,000/-

23. Jute and pink. Rs. 22,000/-

24. Jute and green. Rs. 22,000/-

25. Green. Rs. 20,000/-

26. Exclusive single piece pure Paithani sari. Border and pallu, pure tissue.
Rs. 37,000/-

The body is bluish green color

27. Exclusive all over Kanjeewaram. Pure silk sari. Fuchsia gold color. Rs. 48,000/-

28. Exclusive all over Kanjeewaram. Pure silk sari. Red gold color. Rs. 48,000/-

29. Exclusive Kanjeewaram. Pure silk sari. Rs. 29,000/-