20 November, 2014

Copy of contract of Big Boss

We got our hands on the copy of contract for the participants/inmates of the house of Big Boss. Let's see what all does it impose.
Disclaimer: When contacted, Colors have kept quite about the legitimacy of the contract.

1. The Participants cannot bring any book, pen and paper. Even the religious scriptures will be provided to them inside by the makers.

2. Give "no comments" to media persons.

3. If they plan to leave the show, mid way, they have to pay a heavy penalty as fine. The reported sum is Rs. 5,00,000/-

4. They cannot interfere with final editing of the episodes.

5. They cannot form any secret treaties with each other before entering the house.

6. Celebrities with criminal records have to inform the network about their records.

7. How much do they earn? You must be wondering. Each person is paid a heft amount. The minimum is Rs. 8,00,000/-. After surviving two weeks, they get a weekly pay. But the person who gets evicted within first two weeks, they have to return the signing amount. Tanishaa Mukerji, last season was the highest paid contestant. She was paid Rs. 8,00,000/- per week.

8. The contestants have to be available to Viacom18 for 117 days. 100 days for shooting and 17 days for preparation and marketing

Salman Khan is being paid Rs. 5-6 crore per week. 

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