06 April, 2015

Finding kidney specialists in Delhi

Delhi, the capital of India, is a metropolitan city. People from neighboring towns and villages have come to live and work here. It is overly populated and also polluted. This leads to lot of ailments and diseases. For numerous reasons, we find people with kidney problems. It could be due to drinking and smoking habits or food. People have kidney stones, kidney ulcers and failed kidneys.
Your kidneys are responsible for throwing out waste like extra water and wastes, out of your blood and make urine. These also help control blood pressure and to keep you healthy. Kidney disease signify that the kidneys are damaged and can’t filter blood like they should ideally. This damage can cause wastes to build up in the body. It can also cause other problems that can harm your health. For most people, kidney damage occurs slowly over many years, often due to diabetes or high blood pressure. This is called chronic kidney disease. You may not feel any different until your kidney disease is very advanced. Blood and urine tests are the only way to know if you have kidney disease.
Finding kidney specialists in Delhi is not difficult. There are clinics and hospitals that have been founded for the purpose to provide services to patients with chronic kidney disease, hypertension, diabetic kidney disease, kidney transplants, and other kidney related diseases. Nephrologists in Delhi provide the highest quality and most advanced medical care. A nephrologist is a medical doctor who specializes in kidney care and treating diseases of the kidneys. Nephrologists are educated in internal medicine and then undergo more training to specialize in treating patients with kidney diseases. 
When you’re diagnosed with early stage kidney disease, you may need to visit a kidney specialist (also called a nephrologist). With just a little research, you can find the nephrologist that fits your needs when you need help in retaining kidney function for as long as possible.                         
Nephrology in Delhi is an advanced department. It has a strong multi professional approach, with close collaboration with transplant surgeons, and teamwork with specialist nurses, dietitians, psychologists, dialysis technicians etc. The steps you take to keep your kidneys healthy help the rest of your body too. 
Early referral can identify reversible causes of kidney disease. Nephrologists can evaluate a patient’s current medications and help patients avoid toxic drugs. Chronic kidney disease is in itself a major risk factor for death and disability comparable to heart attack or diabetes. Serious consideration is appropriate.

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