27 July, 2016

Restaurant Review: Office Office

Office Office is located in 48, Tolstoy Lane in Connaught place. The concept of the place is a co-working space to address the start up wave that is building in Delhi. So when you see the menu, it is decently priced for college peers, start up moguls, media people, who do not have office of their own. So they come here and pool in ideas. They introduce something new everyday. The place opened recently. They have done couple of soft launches. They had Mika Singh, who came for the first time to Connaught Place for a musical concert. They ran a packed house then.

The moment I entered, I was stuck by a very cheerful and unusual decor. I could see how much thought and effort was put in the detailing. I could not help but admire and look around. It seemed to be a fun and a happy place.

Next I noticed their large menu which is super pocket friendly. Also the service was too quick and prompt. In fact, this was my only objection that it was "too fast". Sometimes it is nice to savour the dishes, appreciate them, chit chat a bit, relax a little and enjoy the food but here I got express service. If you are in a rush, you might like it but if you want a chilled out evening, you might consider asking the servers to slow down a little.

This place was meant to address the dynamic and changing food and beverage industry. Hence they have every month they have a new menu and new concept.

Very few properties in Delhi are run and managed by a woman entrepreneurs. This restaurant belongs to Miss Gayatri Masand and her fiancĂ© Mr. Bhanu Nehra who is the younger brother of cricketer Ashish Nehra. Gayatri is a MBA in marketing and wanted to put her knowledge practically. She takes care of menu curation and social media marketing and PR.
The restaurant is inspired by TV series Office office. The owners are young and full of creative imagination. They have introduced a new concept of Office Office in one of the best attended areas to go to, during day or for night partying. The entrance is elegant and contrasts with the new style of the great and magnificent decoration inside: telephone, scooter, big screen event for concert or theatre presentations. It certainly is a hidden gem in Delhi.

Here upper floor is dedicated to Indian street food like hawkers. Janpath is known for its street food delicacy. They are also planning to stage dramas. It is a vibrant café in the afternoon which is not dark and shady and has direct sunlight and terrace. They offer free wi fi with different redeemable packages. In the evening it is an entertainment zone with gaming machines, dramas, bands, beat the boss machine, etc. There is even a little golf putting area on the terrace.

Coming to food. I started with Saath bahaar chaat (Rs.195/-). It was a tangy vegetable chaat served in papad on a bed of laccha onions with red & green chutney. Chaat is very typical Indian. But here they gave a little twist to the same old chaat and made it more interesting. 

Next we were served galouti kabab (Rs. 345/-). It is a traditional Lucknowi speciality made of tender minced meat with their secret recipe.
Rajasthani murgh ke soole (Rs. 290/-) which is a fiery preparation of boneless chicken with a flavour of brown onion paste. This was our favourite. Absolutely recommend this one. 
Another dish served was Kebab platter (Rs. 565/-). It had different types of kebab in platter which have mutton seekh, rajasthani murgh ke shoole, murg gilafi seekh and ajwaini fish tikka directly from tandoor which, in fact is juicy and increases appetite.
The best out of the three was Rajasthani murgh ke soole. Had the service been bit slower, we would have had more time to savour and appreciate each dish more. Nevertheless, each dish was worth trying.

For drinks, I had Virgin sangria. It was too sweet and fruity but I liked it. All their creations are very good. The restaurant has the most verbose menu for shakes. They are delightfully delicious here. We were also served:

Coconut and pineapple shake
Black currant shake with kit kat
Lady killer, which has mint leaves, peach crush and orange juice.

You can choose to have any and many shakes here. They are all so good. The restaurant offers Italian, Indian and Mexican menu.

We tried Tacos( Rs.345/ 375). It was served with guacamole and varieties of salsa. They have Vegetarian and non vegetarian option. The tacos seemed modified for Indian taste. Inside was red kidney beans, sweet corn, 3 bell peppers, jalapeno and spring onions, coriander and tacos seasoning. Tacos shell were ready made and not freshly made. They were rich in flavours with lots of ingredients- the way Indians want. It can be complete dinner.

I tasted Soya chaap which was nice and soft and Khandari paneer tikka Rs. 245/-. This is a dish that I would recommend. It was perfectly done and tasted awesome.

We also had chicken quesadillas. It had grilled Chicken breast , vegetables, cheese and also some beans. It was home made in kitchen from masa flour (cornflour) from Mexico. 

Next I was served Vegetarian mezze platter. (Rs. 385). It had hummus, egg plant dip, Tzatziki and spanakopita, dolmantes, falafel, triokafteri pickles. This was excellent. I loved it and highly recommend this. I can say it was one of the best mezze platters I have ever tried and it is true value for money. When I go back to Office Office, this is the dish I will reorder for sure. So you must try.

Their Chef has worked in Oberoi, in Shangrila and is well traveled. Their Chef for their Indian dishes is from ITC Maurya.

That is why, when we tried their in house dal Janpath (Rs. 285), I could immediately say that it seemed similar to Bukhara. I was told that they do not add any water to it. It is cooked only in butter and cream. It is the signature dish here and their hottest seller. We were also served Chef special Chicken curry (Rs. 395). It was delicious. Again a must try. This main course was served with assorted bread basket.
Last but not the least, for desserts, we had Basil panacotta (Rs.225). It was delicious. Again my only little grievance is that before I could finish, the server quickly removed it (without asking me). Maybe, he did not want me to gain weight :) or maybe they were over enthusiast to serve very quickly. 
Apart from this tiny complaint, I loved the place for its food, ambience, music, value for money, location, etc. You MUST try it. It has been designed with lot of thought, love and care and I am definitely revisiting it soon.

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