04 February, 2017

Best Delhi Bars to Visit This Valentine’s Day

How are you planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year? If you haven’t chalked out a plan yet, we suggest that you should start working on it soon.  Although, there may be many innovative and unique ways to celebrate this day of Love, the all perfect romantic dinner date with one’s partner on this special day can never lose its appeal.  All you need to do is find the ideal location that offers great food, ambiance, and excellent service. 

If you are a resident of Delhi, you are spoilt for choice. Many restaurants and bars across Delhi are famous for hosting romantic dinner with fanfares like couple events and live band performances. However, make sure you opt for online restaurant booking platforms like Clicktable to beat the hassles of last minute reservations and rush. By booking the table in advance, you are likely to strike amazing deals and discount on your dinner date, which is always a bonus. So, are you excited for this year’s Valentine’s Day outing? Below are some places that you should certainly visit.

SET’Z, Vasant Kunj

If you are looking forward to sharing an exceptional dining experience with your date, SET’Z, a multi-cuisine restaurant located in the heart of Vasant Kunj is where you should head to.  Known to serve Pan Asian, North Indian, and European food, the restaurant is also famous for the live cooking counter where all the cooking takes place with fresh ingredients and herbs. 
The décor is yet another component of the restaurant that will win your heart. Subtle nuances like the glass panel decorated with bamboo sticks and flowers are soothing and appealing to the eyes. All in all, SET’Z at Vasant Kunj is the perfect place to have a quiet, wholesome and beautiful Valentine’s Day date.

Tamasha, Connaught Place

Tamasha at Connaught Place satisfies the three requisites of a romantic date – lovely food, lovely ambiance and a lovely time. The outdoor seating arrangement is the main highlight of this eclectically designed restaurant.  The overall look and feel of the restaurant is outstanding. But it’s the food that needs a special mention.
Whether it’s the Spicy Pistachio Lamb, Tempura Prawns or Amritsari Fish, right from the starters to the main course, the food is just delectable. So, indulge in the company of your partner at Tamasha this Valentine’s Day and rekindle the romance in your relationship.

Cafe Culture, Greater Kailash I

Café Culture at Greater Kailash I sets the perfect mood for a romantic coffee date.  The menu of this restaurant is particularly inviting.  If you are looking for a quite romantic date over sumptuous snacks, quality conversation and memorable time, this is a perfect place to visit.
Just in case you are seeking to start the day of Love with a hearty breakfast in company of partner or spouse, Café culture is also known to serve the best breakfast in town.

Imperfecto, HauzKhas Village

Bright and beautiful, the retro ambiance of Imperfecto at HauzKhas Village is one of the best restaurants in Delhi to celebrate Valentine’s Day. If you don’t want your Valentine’s Day date to be just around food and conversation, this place is perfect for you. 
Dramatic décor, subtle lighting and cozy seating arrangement with a live band playing in the background create a perfect ambit for a romantic dinner date. Having stated that, the quality of food and range of cocktails served at the restaurant are equally inviting.

 Raftaar, Punjabi Bagh

A romantic date is not always about deep conversations in a serene setting. Sometimes, two people connect over similar taste in music or food. Raftaar located at Punjabi Bagh is the ultimate party ground for a young couple in love.  Besides great music and young vibe, the restaurant also has an impressive menu.
Sumptuous burgers, pasta, thin crust pizza and other Mediterranean and Middle Eastern offering, the food menu of this restaurant is undoubtedly exhaustive. But the most interesting part of its drink menu called “Alcoholic Concoction” is a huge kitty of fascinating cocktails like “The Drunk Earl” (Earl Grey Tea mixed with Jameson and exotic fruit juices) and “High Beam” (Jim Beam mixed with maple syrup, BBQ sauce and other spices & condiments).
The Valentine’s Day date is special for everyone and the way it turns out depends on how you plan the event. Instead of randomly picking up a place for a dinner date, it is advised to put in some thought and resort to online restaurant booking through platforms like Clicktable.com.  It will save you time and help you enjoy a good time with your date.  

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