28 February, 2017

Is it sane to hire a wedding photographer with Urban Clap? The two cents of a new age couple

 It all happened so quickly! We were on a weekend getaway at a beach located few hours from the city. While sipping on our cocktails, soaking up the beautiful, serene view of the beach and talking general gibberish, he suddenly popped the question and I agreed!

Next on our agenda was obviously to break the news to our parents. Thankfully they agreed and soon we realized that our wedding date on the calendar was just two months away. Yes, we were getting married in a jiffy.

Both my husband and I are sucker for memories and we obviously wanted our union to be unforgettable. So, finding the right photographer was important for us. We didn’t want to compromise on a good photographer and wanted to opt for the one who would be able to freeze our love story in time. 
However, neither time nor cash was a luxury for us. So where could we find good wedding photographers in Delhi, on a budget, and that too at such short notice? 
Does it make sense to hire a wedding photographer online?
Recommended by friends and with no time to look for a photographer through references, we took a chance with UrbanClap and simply loved the results! The most surprising part was that we were instantly connected with fantastic and professional wedding photographers in Delhi with UrbanClap, who matched our pocket and requirements.

Though we were a little unsure first, it eventually turned out to be a blessing in disguise with a fantastic photo album to match the results. With just a few taps on the phone, we had listed our specifications and had several professionals contacting us within few hours. The one we chose was quite abreast with new trends. Hence with a huge sigh of relief we happily selected him.
The photographer made our wedding day a memorable one…
Enchanting location and backdrop- Knowing when and where to take pictures is not always a given. That’s where our wedding photographer showed his mettle, taking the right pictures against the perfect backdrops. Every significant detail of my beautiful wedding outfit was well displayed against the perfect backdrop complementing, the colors. Our professional photographer even had plenty of ideas for a pre-wedding shoot offering us exquisite choices of places in Delhi for the shoot.
Image Credit: Envira gallery
Mesmerizing photos– Everyone looks forward to stunning photographs of those perfect moments during the most important day of their life. Our photographer from UrbanClap had all it takes to notice the small yet significant details which help capture the perfect moment. His trained eye managed all the conditions which enhance or spoil a good shot such as – poor lightings, dark skies, etc. I especially loved a shot where he managed to convert a gloomy winter day into a romantic view.
Image Credit: Pinterest
Wedding photography styles- We also got a chance to choose the style of photography we wanted. Keeping our millennial couple status quo intact we opted for a mix of contemporary and candid photography, with a few traditional shots. Opting for the modern style of photos got us a wedding album with images that looked like the ones come out of a bridal magazine.
Image Credit: Pinterest 
Booking online made sense
Overall the professional photographer from UrbanClap gave us peace of mind so that we could concentrate on the other pending tasks at hand. By capturing each candid wedding moment, the photographer exceeded our expectations.
Hiring a professional truly made sense as it got us great pictures with great quality. We also hired a few other services from the app like the bridal makeup artist and Mehendi artist as well. 
Thanks to modern day technology it was a memorable wedding where we could fulfill all our heart’s desires and also got unforgettable moments engraved forever.

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