22 August, 2017

Booking for travels

Travelling and sightseeing are an addiction. With the advent of social media, everyone seems to be travelling. There is a kind of pressure to be seen in exotic locations globe-trotting. I am an avid traveller too. I like to travel within India as well as overseas.
I like to book my own trips, do online bookings for my tickets, for my hotels, etc. In the present times when technology, websites and apps are so user-friendly, it should not be a problem and all your bookings are just a click away from you. A simple example, when I was looking for hotels in Mumbai, Taj hotels was my first choice. I stayed there because of its wonderful location, service, property, friendly and courteous staff and the deal I got was wonderful. In fact, whenever I have gone to Mumbai, I have stayed in Taj hotels. I am kind of loyal to them. My day there starts with a walk on Marine drive, followed by a nice swim in their pool and a sumptuous breakfast in their restaurant. It feels home.

Well, gone are the days when booking flights, hotels, etc. used to be a tedious task. One had to rely on agents. Nowadays it is all very easy. Travelling has become easy. If you book in advance, you might take an advantage of great deals on some websites.

Travelling, exploring new places, getting soaked in local culture and tradition is rejuvenating and relaxing. I come back recharged from my travels. Then I am ready to work with more gusto. In fact, I save just so that I can travel. I prepare a to-do list of my travel destinations and then I work towards achieving those. 

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