01 December, 2015

Workout of the day

What did my workout look like today?

Easy breezy walk of 4 kms followed by stretches.
3 sets of push ups
25 full, 20 mid range, 5 tougher range

500 butterfly stretch
standing split hold
30 crunches with body in V position- legs up and upper body up.
3X 20 Reverse curls

Some more stretches like the ones below.

Milonga in La Bodega

Here are few pictures from milonga today.

I wore tights from Manish Arora. Also worn here before.
I wore it with a top, that I have previously worn here.

ADHM- Airtel Delhi half marathon 2015 pictures

This is my top favourite picture. 

This is at the start. 

I am running with a pacer of 2.30 hour. This really helped. I just kept up with his pace. He was so good.

Ending the marathon.