13 October, 2015

Exercising makes you happy

Take care of your body. It is the only place you have to live in. Exercising and training adds to the quality of life. You must wake up with determination and finish with satisfaction. Small changes will make a big difference. 

There are two types of people. You decide which type you are and which type you want to be.

A. Party hard, have late nights, wake late up with a hangover, smoke like a chimney. Socialise, network, can be seen intermingling with top notch, have great contacts, who seldom come handy at the time of need, seen in the front rows of the fashion weeks. Are mostly sad, depressed and shallow. Their only concern is who is wearing what, shop more and then be more sad. They do not have any real friends and mostly lead superficial, glamorous, lonely and unsuccessful lives.

B. Lead a disciplined life. Want to wake up early and fresh to train. Have few close friends with whom they socialise occasionally, whom they can bank on. They will have passes of the fashion weeks but they would rather spend quality time with their chosen friends instead of sitting in the front rows. They pursue passions and lead enriched lives. They are truly happy and successful people. 

My crop top is from Pankaj and Nidhi. It is seen on the model and Lauren below.
I made my headband myself from a old T.

Exercise your way to good health

Get healthier, eat right, train hard, look better, earn your body.
Today is the day to start fresh. Fitness does not mean being better than someone else. It means competing with your own self and being better than you used to be.
Do not indulge in depressive eating. Make exercise your anti depressant. So don't stop. Push harder and keep going. 

11 October, 2015

What is style?

Style is something very personal and permanent. Unlike fashion, which is temporary. style stays forever. Style is not bought. Fashion is bought and what you do with what you have bought is style.
Style makes a statement about who you are, without actually saying it. It is not about the brand but just about- style. It is a reflection of your attitude and your personality.

09 October, 2015

Practicing handstand

He is my friend, my teacher, my Guru, my trainer, my inspiration, my buddy. We have known each other for more than a decade.
I had few objectives in fitness which he is helping me fulfil. Handstand is one of them. Check.

Shooting for Zee

This is behind the scene shoot for my episode shot for World Mental health day. Check the video of the episode that was telecast.
My message- connect with nature. Yoga and Pranayam done outdoors is very beneficial to reduce mental stress. Go for walk outdoors and take your workout outdoor.