21 October, 2014

Happy Dhanteras

Happy Dhanteras everyone. For those who do not know, we Indians invest in gold shopping or else kitchen utensils on Dhanteras. It is before Diwali and it is considered auspicious to buy gold today.
This is what I bought from Tanishq.
What did you buy?

20 October, 2014

Different kinds of sari drapes

Sari is not just yards of fabric. It is draped in many ways in India. And now celebrities are also experimenting with various drapes and giving it, its own twist and turns.

You can opt for classic Seedha palla- the palla comes on the right shoulder.

This style is worn more often in Gujarat. 

This is tightly draped sari with palla pinned tightly on the left shoulder.

Here is a variant of semi stitched sari. The palla is ready and stitched.

Free flowing saree. Here the palla is left to flow freely instead of it being pinned.

This is a more covered version. The palla goes around and covers both the shoulders.

The bengali drape

Kodagu style- worn by women of Karnataka.

The famous mumtaz drape- The double drape saree.

Lehenga sari

Very modern dhoti drape.

The Maharashtian style drape. This style does not require a petticoat. It is draped like a dhoti.

Mekhela Chador from Assam- Assamese drape saree. It is a two piece sari made of beautiful muga silk.

Kerala’sMundum-Neryathum. This too is two piece.

If you know of more variations, do share with us.

5 films that influenced the fashion trends for punjabi suits

These 5 films or actresses really influenced the fashion trends for salwar kameez. One common feature in all of them is bright, vivacious, happy colors with lots of contrast and mix and match. They have short kurtis and patialas or dhotis. They are fun and festive.

1. Geet (Kareena Kapoor) in Jab we met.

2. Alia Bhatt in Humpty Sharma ki dulhaniya

3. Sonam Kapoor in Khoobsoorat

4. Kangana Ranaut in Tanu weds Manu

5. Anushka Sharma in Band baja baraat.

Do you have any more list that you would like to recommend? Some bollywood movie which has set some fashion trends for punjabi suits. Do share with us.

Marriages are made in heaven but relationships are made in the house of Big Boss

Every season, we see some romance going in the house of Big Boss. Some of them go to more serious level, while others seem as publicity gimmick that lose their charm as soon as the contestant is out of the house. This season 8, no romance is taking shape so far. 
Here are 9 relationships that were made thanks to the house of Big Boss.

1. Tanisha Mukherjee and Arman Kohli- They were contestants of season 7 and they got very cosy together and lot of steam was even seen on air on national TV. Now the couple seems to have parted ways.

2. Diana Hayden was former Miss Universe and Ashutosh Kaushik had won the reality show Roadies. They seemed to be romantic during the show and have remained good friends even after the show.

3. Pravesh Rana and Claudia
During the show, the couple were hugging each other and seemed to be getting along well. They have also remained "just good friends" post the show.

4. Pooja Bedi and Akashdeep
They got incolved during the show and have made public appearances together after the show. He has even got a tattoo of her name on his biceps.

5 Gauhar Khan and Kushal
Again contestants of season 7, they were seen romantically involved with each other. Now post the show, they seem to have broken off.

6. Ashmit Patel and Veena Malik
They were contestants of season 4. There was a lot of public display of affection on screen.

7. Payal Rohatgi and Rahul Mahajan
There was a chemistry between them while they were on air, in the house of Big Boss. But post the show, nothing seemed to materialize between the two.

8. Karishma Kotak and Vishal Karwal
Although, they were never seen romantic during the show, post the show, the two were often seen together a lot.

9. Vishal Karwal and Sana Khan
The two were seen together a lot during the show but post the show, he was seen more with Karishma.

What is going to be in season 8. Wait and watch.

19 October, 2014

Ekta Kapoor's (in)famous clogs

Since even before 2007, Ekta Kapoor, has been seen in these ugly clogs. When she likes a thing, she likes it and repeats it. Then whether it her TV serial actresses or repeating the old dadis in her TV serials till they become 6th generation old or repeating Malini Ramani's gowns in various versions or these clogs that she has worn with saris, lehengas, gowns, dresses, etc etc.
She has repeated these ugly footwear since many years and they are going on till date. When is she going to dump them?
There are few Delhi socialites also who are seen in one same footwear with everything, on every occasion and everywhere. Same gold bling pumps, same wedge heels.
Footwear is something that is noticed and should be changed with your attire.

Picture of 2007

Source for all images is this.

8 Fashion disasters while wearing a saree

Here are some common mistakes that should be avoided while wearing a sari.

1. Inappropriate footwear
Ekta Kapoor is known for wearing these ugly sandals with every outfit. Maybe they are too comfortable for her but they are certainly a fashion disaster with a saree. Specially, when a sari is worn so high that they are visible.

2. Visible safety pins
Personally, I do not put safety pins at all. Not even on cottons and chanderis as I have stated here.
But if you must put a pin, make sure it is hidden.

3. Over the top jewelry with sari. 
This is a sure way of giving you TV serial actor look. Avoid over accessorizing with heavy saris.

With net saris, it is advisable to avoid the neck piece. Wear only heavy ear rings/jhumkis/chand balis. Leave the neck bare.

4. Over embellished saree
Anything OTP is an eye sore. Simple and classic saris always look more elegant.

5. Ill fitted blouse.
Ill fitted blouse can kill the entire look.

6. Saris that are not appropriate for the occasion
That is again shown in TV advertisements and daily soaps. Heavy sari worn in kitchen or in office. Looks garish.

7. Badly draped saree
Trying different drapes is good but a bad drape and being too experimental again does not go a long way with a saree.

8. Last but not the least is the petticoat. Make sure the fit of petticoat is correct. It is neither too fluffy nor too narrow. It is not visible from under the saree. It is not longer than the sari. The sari is not draped too high. The color of the petticoat is not visible. All these again can be a fashion disasters while wearing a sari.