04 July, 2015

Indian fashion blogger in Maldives

Here are some of our travel pics. We are on a family vacation- my sister, my nephew, niece, parents. It is lot of fun and one of the best vacation, I ever had.
Below- as soon as we landed in Maldives- me with my niece. (Before boarding in a ferry to reach our resort).

My mom and sister. We were at Kochi airport. Three of us carried similar bags in different colours, with scarves on them.

Just landed in Maldives.

#1 hotel in world, Gilli Lankan Fushi, Maldives

Yohoo!! It is a family vacation time. We are together at Gilli Lankan Fushi in Maldives. It is supposed to be #1 hotel in the world. Its rule is No news, No shoes. The place is very eco friendly. They have bamboo bikes to ride on. We have our own Mr. Friday who takes care of anything we need. We were greeted with champagne, ice tea and fruits. We landed today. We took a flight from Kochi today morning. It is 1.30 hours flight from Kochi. 
Today we spent the whole day, swimming in front of of our villa, biking and exploring the place.

What I wore: 
Skirt: Shivan & Narresh
Top: Gift from sister from US.
Both the top and the skirt are swim wear.

Check my villa here

02 July, 2015

Personal fitness trainer, Delhi in TOI

Easy and effective chair exercises. This article is published in TOI today.

Pilates is a workout that focuses on strengthening and toning core. Sedentary and seated office jobs lead to weak core and back. Pilates can be very beneficial.
It does not need much space or equipment. Like yoga, it can even be done on a mat.

Oblique Twist
Sitting on the front of a swivel chair, place your hands palms down on your desk. Ideally, your knees should squeeze together tightly and your feet should be lifted 1 inch off the floor. Without moving your chest from its lifted and straightforward position, begin twisting the chair from side-to-side, simultaneously stretching and toning your oblique muscles. Imagine you are wearing a heavy armour suit and helmet and are unable to move your upper extremities as you perform the twist from your lower body. Do 10 to 20 rotations.
Spine Twist
Sit up very tall with your arms stretched out to either side of the room and press the crown of your head up to the ceiling (top). Squeeze your knees together tightly and plant your feet firmly on the floor. Inhale and press your navel up and into your spine as if you were being cinched at the waist. Exhale and twist your torso to the right staying perched on top of your hips and squeezing your buttocks and legs together tightly (bottom). Imagine you are a twisting vine growing taller from your roots. Increase the stretch by lifting up in the chest as you increase the exhalation. Inhale deeply as you return to your starting position. Keep your shoulders pressing down and your arms outstretched. Repeat the movement to the left and try to imagine you are wringing the air out of your body as you would in the water from a wet towel. Do 3 sets.
Shaving the Head
Remain seated on the front edge of your chair with your torso pitched on a very slight angle forward. Your feet are planted firmly on the floor and your knees are squeezing tightly together. Hold your hands in a triangle behind your head (top). Do not lift your shoulders as you perform these movements. Inhale and press your hands upward on a slight diagonal forward. Imagine you are rolling a large boulder up a steep mountain with your hands. Exhale and slowly bring your hands back behind your head, imagining the weight of the boulder hovering over your head as you do (bottom). Use your core to control your movements. Repeat this sequence 5 times.
Arm Circles
Remain seated on the front edge of your chair with your torso pitched on a very slight angle forward. Your feet are planted firmly on the floor and your knees are squeezing tightly together. Begin making small, controlled circles with your arms as you raise them in front of you. Make sure you are circling your entire arm from your shoulders not from your wrist or forearm. Imagine you are holding a heavy bucket in each hand. Continue circling until your arms are above your shoulders and then reverse the circles as you lower them back to your side. Make sure that your shoulders are pressing down and away from your ears as you perform the lifting and lowering motions. Do 3 to 5 sets of lifting and lowering your circling arms.

Nail art

My current nail art.

01 July, 2015

Published in Yoga Journal

Published on International Yoga day in a Yoga journal. My article.

Doll with her massi

Is she cute or is she super cute? Sloppy kisses and little chatter, surely does make my day.