21 September, 2014

Judging all India dance competition

Today was All India level dance competition. Various, IIT's, AIIMS, medical colleges, dental colleges, DU, some colleges from South India. There were thousands of participants. I was judging it. It was such a ethereal experience. I felt not only proud but also humble to witness such tremendous talent. Sitting on the judging seat amongst such participants, full of talent, was one of the best moments I have ever experienced. Each one seemed to outdo the other. It was a tough decision. Out of so many people how could I just choose top three. Each one was brilliant and I had many who were my top favorites. I felt bad for the ones who did not win. 

20 September, 2014

Personal fitness trainer, Delhi, shows aerial silk workout

Review ColorBar Lipstick Flamingo Q33

I was on a lookout for a nice purple colored lipstick which I was not getting in Mac. So, I tried ColorBar. I also wanted to try the quality of ColorBar.
Trying in a shop on your hand/palm is altogether different experience from trying actually.
The lipstick comes nicely packaged in a sleek silver colored pack. That was impressive. The color also seemed OK. The smell, the creamy texture, all seemed to be meeting my expectation. 
My experience after bringing it back home and applying was different. The color seems too loud and garish. Not only that, it has no staying power. It bleeds and fades away to an awful color. It leaves a patchy stain behind which looks so cheap. I do not think I will try any more colors from this range nor I would recommend these.

Color after application. 

Color after it fades away (within an hour). If you reapply, it looks even worse.

Review: Cell- Physique Vitamin C Serum by Dermawin

Here is a hidden gem that many a people are not aware about. Specially, because it is not advertised and marketed extensively or is not visible in the stores. It is a pure vitamin C cream. It really transforms your skin like a magic. It is skin lightning and anti aging cream and I have not used a better cream than this. 
For 50 ml, it costs Rs.850/-.
The Vitamin C in it supports Collagen synthesis and acts as cell protector.
Its major drawback is its packaging. None of the bottles I have used so far, has its pump functioning. It is a task to take out the cream if its pump is not functioning. I have to do it manually with a thin brush. That does not feel nice and clean.
The product itself is really high quality and effective. The packaging looks beautiful but is useless.
Also since, it is not easily available, it is another task to source it and stock it in bulk.

Fabulous Morning with a fabulous person.

Walk in Lodi Gardens with Rati from IMBB was so refreshing today.
We walked and talked and of course, posed for these pictures.
Next time we will go with better equipped camera.

Beautiful pond with ducks and water fountain.

19 September, 2014

Review: Cipla VC15. Vitamin C Serum

Cipla Vitamin C serum is the most potent serum. It is used by many high end cosmetic companies. 
If you have pigmentation, uneven skin tone, patchy skin, use this.
This small bottle is quite expensive. This 15ml bottle costs Rs.1500/- but you will be surprised at its results. It comes with a dropper. Take out the required quantity and apply little on your face every night. You will see a visible difference in your skin tone.

18 September, 2014

Review: ColorBar Lipcolor. Take me as I am

ColorBar lipcolor- Take me as I am- Mischievous Wine, is a pencil. It needs to be sharpened often with a sharpener. It is a nice red color that lasts long. What I do not like about it, is that because it is too creamy and oily, it kind of bleeds. One would have to outline with another lip pencil separately so that this color stays. It does stay long but after sometime, it fades away quite unevenly. It is not one of my favorite color. I might use it once in a while, because it is a different red- like wine red. The color does seem too gaudy and takes away the soft look. I am also not too happy about its texture or quality. It is a task to sharpen the pencil. Some of the lip color is just wasted while sharpening. The sales girl was quite persuasive and said, "these days, people prefer lip pencils". Personally, I prefer lip sticks or lip gloss.