16 November, 2017

Triathlon 2017

Official pictures of Triathlon 2017 organized by New Delhi Triathlon Championship. 

How I deal with losers

Most of you who saw my blog posts, certainly think that I have a very easy disposition. I am outgoing, extrovert, people’s person, etc.
The truth is just the opposite. I have no shame in admitting that I have a vicious temper and I do not suffer fools gladly and will bluntly chop down anyone who is wasting my time. This is proudly who I am. I am unapologetic in my reactions. 
While I am extremely warm and friendly to my close ones, anyone daring to misbehave gets it from me back very bad. I do not take things lying low. 

I dance tango. There are two facts that I can state about tango from my personal experience:

1. Tango puts together people of the same level immediately. You enter a milonga (tango social) or a practica, in a flash beginner will get together with beginner, an advanced dancer with advanced, a maestro with the maestro, losers will get together with losers, etc.

2. Your personality is instantly reflected in your dance- loving, caring, humble, snob, loser, cheat, frustrated, creep, bitch, etc. To a non-tango person, it may not be clear but what I am talking about is certainty from my personal experience.
So I say to my students, "It is not important to me, how good a dancer you are. It is important to me, how good a person you are and with what attitude you come into tango."
The moment I see any bad behaviour, I am extremely intolerant of it. It takes me not even a moment to throw a bad student out of my class, even at the cost of creating more enemies. Because once they are shown the gate and their place, their egos are badly crushed and they start prancing and bad mouthing. It is not surprising to see sore losers ganging up together- all with hurt egos and all with the same level of tango (worse than even beginners). They support and encourage each other to deteriorate further. I wash my hands off them like a plague. For me, this scheme is crystal clear right from the start. But would I want it any other way? No. I sit back and enjoy the show.

Enjoy my pictures in Kasauli. The hand-painted saree was picked up in Varanasi from Ekaya. I added Tholu Bommalata necklace with it.

13 November, 2017

Travelista in a saree

I just finished a very successful 4th India International Tango festival. I have yet to publish the pictures from the same. We were 50 participants and 30 had come from overseas. There was also 2nd India International Tango championship held that was judged by 5 judges. 4 of them were from overseas and I was the only Indian member of the jury. International standards were followed to judge. But of course, the person who lost was a bad loser. He created a big hue and cry on public forums. By the way, he is the same creepy guy, I have written about in my earlier post here.
In every competition, there is one winner and many other participants who prepare and loose. But they have to lose in a dignified manner and with sportsman spirit. But this man, as I said earlier is a bad loser and also creepy. He thinks that money can buy everything- including trophies. 
So a bunch of losers along with him got together and started crying foul.
To get away from Delhi pollution, vanquished souls and to have a fantastic time in hills, I took off to mountains. While they are sulking, I am having a blast of a time, breathing clean and fresh air, drinking wine and relaxing in the lap of nature. In fact, they gave me something to laugh about. Many attendees from the festival are encouraging me and sending me messages about what a great time they had. Their love and support mean a lot to me.
Few things make me happy- travel, sarees, tango and fitness. I have all these elements in the hills. 
I am wearing a gamcha saree with an ikat blouse. My necklace is handmade by me. 
While so much is going on, I am rejuvenating and unwinding.