18 April, 2015

Teaching Tango in Benidorm festival

This is not the first time I am teaching Tango outside India. But it is always exciting to teach outside your home country in a Tango festival.
People here are so nice and friendly. The festival is extremely well organised and people have come from all over Europe to attend it. There are people from Germany, Holland, England, Italy and of course Spain. There is only positive energy and great dancing. Here are some of the pictures from the class I taught today.

Benidorm diaries

If you are following me on Instagram, you will know about my travel to Benidorm. I am teaching Tango here and having a great time.
I am little late in posting the blog. But we will catch up. To start with, let me post few initial pictures and videos and then I will take you through my beautiful journey and amazing experiences.

This mountain has a hole in it and the legend is that the hole was cut and an island was made out of it.

Skyline of Benidorm. It resembles New York skyline. It has high rise buildings.

This M shaped building, I am told is the tallest residential building of Europe.

View from my hotel room.

16 April, 2015

Ordering food conveniently

We all live fast paced lives. We are so busy with work that sometimes we do not even have time to go out and eat, leave aside cooking at home. In fact, some people do not even have time to order at home. In this scenario, what comes to your rescue is a website like
This website is super convenient and helps you to order food in 4 simple steps-

1. Search: the restaurants that deliver to you by simply entering your address.

2. Choose and browse through the menus of your preferred choice of food

3.Pay online for the delivery. The payment is fast and secure

4. Finally, enjoy the food and eat it.

The website has a tie up with many restaurants and works in all the cities in India. It lists the food according to cuisine like Chinese, Thai, North Indian, etc etc. Any cuisine that you are looking for is listed here. There is an app also that you can download for your phone. They show the popular cuisines and list the popular restaurants. It is very convenient and easy way of ordering food. You do not have to stack up so many menu cards of various restaurants at home. Each restaurant and its menu is just a click away on this website. Foodpanda is an online food ordering service that makes it convenient for you to find your favourite food easily from your home or office or wherever you are and get it delivered to your doorstep. You can even order fast food from this website or cakes. There is also an option of cash on delivery. Now what would be more convenient than this?

Why celebs love ballerinas?

Talk about Celeb preferred choice of shoes. What comes to mind immediately are Blahniks, Jimmy Choos and Loubs. But Hey! Wait a second. Have you noticed that most of the celebs love ballerinas more than their stilettoes? Why do they do that? Is it purely for comfort? Is it for their looks? Is there something more to it?
Ballerinas a cute flat shoes, made more popular by ballet dancers. They are fashionable and elegant. They are practical and can be worn with just anything- jeans, dresses, kurtis, saris, formal, casual, shorts and even track pants. You can wear them during the day or even at an evening party. They come in swanky colors and patters. You can have glittery and shimmery ballerinas or basic plain ones. If you thought that stilettoes could make you look tall and make your legs look sexy, think again. Ballerinas make you look feminine, girly and very cute. Ballerinas are taking streets by the storm.
Ever since Victoria Beckam started wearing ballerinas, women caught on the trend. In fact, many heaved a sigh of relief to ditch their sky-high heels and fit into comfortable and feet friendly flats.

Nicole always dresses to impress and loves to wear classic, chic pieces, like at last year’s Cannes Film Festival. Flats in neutral tones like Nicole’s are perfect for running errands because they’re polished, comfortable and long lasting. Pair with skinny jeans or capri pants a la Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn.

Katy Perry: Her quirky style makes her stand out from other celebrities, but even Perry can’t say no to a pair of ballet flats. She’s often been spotted in cute ballets, whether hanging out with friends or riding a bike around town!

You cannot not have ballerinas in your collection of shoes. These are must haves for any girl/women.These are so practical and easy to wear that you do not have to think twice- neither to buy them nor to wear them.

15 April, 2015

Nail art

After a long gap, I am posting the nail art pictures.

14 April, 2015

Aqua Tango in Delhi

Article in Mail today on 14th April, 2015