05 February, 2016

Thai royal costume

I could not have come back from Thailand without trying their costume. So here is my picture as Thai royalty. If you are following me on instagram, you must have seen the picture here.

Pattaya destination wedding Day 3

This was the final day of the wedding. The next day, we were heading back home. I wore the suit that I have also worn here.
Check the boat I am sitting in.  The setting of the wedding was absolutely ethereal. 

04 February, 2016

02 February, 2016

Watching sunset on the beaches of Pattaya, Thailand

If you are following me on instagram, 4 days back I had posted my picture on the beach here. I had also tweeted about it here
It was a wonderful evening in Pattaya. I was chilling on the beach, roaming barefoot, sitting and watching sunset. It was so calming, refreshing and magical. Some of the best experiences and moments of life are when you spend time with nature and with your own self, doing nothing, thinking nothing, just inhaling in, every bit of nature around you. 

Our hotel- Royal cliff Grand hotel. You can view the room we stayed in here.

What I wore:
Dress: FCUK, bought in Shanghai. Worn many times earlier here and here and here.