01 November, 2014

12 tips and tricks how to pose for pictures an look slim

They say camera makes you gain 5 kilos. Then how is it that some people look slimmer than what they are in their picture shots? There are ways, tips and tricks to pose and look slimmer and your fab self for the camera.

1. In a group shot, the one standing closer to the camera will look the biggest (read fattest). So rather take a step back to look the slimmest in the group.

2. Hold your breath and pull your stomach in. This will make your posture more upright and you will definitely look slimmer.

3. Wear your best possible heels. This will add height and you will look slim. Stilettos to be preferred. Wedges and platforms will make you look bulky.

4. If you are too broad, give a side profile.

5. If you have double chin, make sure that you do not drop your head down. It will highlight the double chin. Look upward. Also make sure that the camera angle is not down below you.

6. If you have flabby arms, make sure, they are not pressed against your body or wall. Keep them away from you. Hands on your waist/hips can be a good option.

7. How you stand also makes a difference. Do not stand with wide legs apart, with weight on both feet. This will definitely make you look broader. Either cross your one leg over the other or shift your entire weight on one leg and extend the other out. The previous pose makes you look slimmer and the later gives and extension to the leg and hence there is more definition in your profile.

8. Do not talk or eat while posing for the camera. Give your best possible smile. It could be with lips closed and pursed or wide smile with teeth showing.

9. Try not to blink or stare to hard into the camera. Where you look, is really important. Is it right into the camera or looking away a little. Is it looking down or up. Different angles demand different looks.

10. See whether it is close/tight shot or a long shot. Accordingly take give an angle.

11. Do not stand against the light. The light should be on your face.

12. Last but not the least- remember- stomach in, chest up, arms away, chin up, smile, turn a little side ways and go for it. Do not be too self conscious. Play around and pose like a professional model.

Yoga pose- Standing forward bend- Uttanasana

Standing forward bend or Uttanasana is a good stretch for hamstrings and lower back. It is good for runners, specially because they have tight hamstrings. This lets the runners go an extra mile. Also if you have a stationary/sedentary job and you sit in front of your computer for long hours, it is good to get up and stretch your lower back.
To do Uttanasana, stand in a tadasna or the mountain pose and slowly bend forward. While doing this exhale. Bend forward from the hips and not your waist. Depending on the level of your flexibility, you can touch your palms on the floor or fingertips. More options and variations are taking the hands behind your ankles. If you are not very flexible, go to a point you can, fold your hands from the elbows, interlock forearms and just let the body hang forward. While doing this, make sure, the heels are pressed down but your weight is shifted forward on your toes so that the tail bone is pointed towards the ceiling. Try to extend the knees straight but do not lock your knees. Turn your upper thighs slightly inwards. Bend the head down. Do not try to look ahead. If you cannot keep the knees straight, you may bend them. Slowly as you will become more flexible, you will be able to keep the knees straight.
Remain in this posture for sometime. With each exhalation try to bend more forward. Make sure that the legs are active and feel the stretch.

Check what Rihanna and Miley Cyrus wore to Amfar Gala 2014

A girl needs guts to wear and pull off something like this. Specially, a busty girl like Rihanna and then she could even raise her hands up. It is a Tom Ford gown. The dress was risque but Rihanna made it work. On lips she wore a bold shade of coral. Here hair were tied in a long ponytail. 

There was a fabric collar detail on the gown which had thigh high slit. The black stockings seemed out of place.

The dress clearly has some inbuilt support.

There seemed to be a competition between the two as to who would reveal more.
Miley Cyrus wore bondage inspired dress by Tom Ford and kept her hair and makeup simple to go with the theme of the dress. 

The objective for both was to make the heads turn and the mission seemed to be accomplished. They did not just create ripples but waves of sensational news.

31 October, 2014

Different types of moustache in Rajasthan

Seen below are different types of moustache kept by different communities in Rajasthan. Each has been painted by a different painter from their community. I saw this on a wall of a restaurant in Delhi. I will post a detailed review of the restaurant soon. Notice that the style of their turban is also significantly different.

This is the restaurant we dined in.

6 poses to help insomnia

These are 6 poses that will help you sleep better.
Did you read the previous article-  How to wake up looking fresh and radiating?
Below are few poses that will help people who have insomnia. These do relax the body and you can fall off to sleep easily. Do try these and give us your feedback.

Who is afraid of Fear?

Written by Rubina Sushil

Hi There!

Fear of failure remains one of the biggest roadblock to success. Anything you see as an accomplishment, remains elusive to you, thanks to a little hesitation, a little holding back on your part. It affects our career and relationships, and we are unable to take that one step that would make all the difference. Constant high expectations, from ourselves, from others make us believe that it’s too much work. Our energy is sapped by trying to get that relationship to work or that business on track. And we give up.

But I feel the bigger culprit is our EGO. We are judgemental and constantly comparing ourselves with others. We have high expectations whereas we ourselves lack sincerity. Deep down we are aware of all this. There is a lacking in our own efforts. This holding back at a crucial juncture, when a decision could change the entire scenario, is actually the feeling of lack of sincerity. When you know you haven’t done enough, or worked harder. The fear of failure suddenly seeps in.

Friends, make a small change in yourselves today. Accept you have an ego that is working against you. You can turn all that around by this change. I called it a small change, but it is huge. And there is no way we can kill our ego. It is there for our rise as well as downfall. But when it gets too negative, it is better to recognise it and tame it.

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Bra designs for deep backs

When you wear a deep and low back, what kind of bra can you wear? 
Here are some ideas for you. These are trendy and fashionable.