01 September, 2014

Birthday of my student

Last year I had attended my student's Birthday bash in the same restaurant- Olive. Here are the pictures for the same. This year again, it was her grand Birthday bash.
What I wore:
Dress: Previously also worn here.
The bolero/shrug I have worn over it, can be also seen here and here. I have worn it as a dress, skirt, top and now as a shrug.

The Birthday girl and my tango student.

Both of them learn tango from me.

31 August, 2014

Estee Lauder Envy Shine Review

Inspired from my favorite make up and beauty blog, I got experimental. Till date, I have never experimented or deviated from Mac. I thought it is the safest bet. I asked my husband to get me this.
My review
Beautiful packaging, sleek and feels so very rich.
It is 230- Pretty perfect
My review- I have seldom used this light color. In first application, it seemed refreshing change. I thought it looked very fresh, like rose petal pink. It had soft creamy texture. I had to really rub hard 2-3 times to get the exact color. I was elated with the result. 
Later, what I was not satisfied with, was its lasting time. I am used to, my lipsticks staying for hours even after I eat or drink. This one vanished within couple of hours. Maybe because it is so light colored.
Final verdict: I might not buy the same color again. But I will definitely like to try more shades from Estee Lauder. It is fabulous for people looking for very light, natural shades of hint of pink. One thing is for sure, this color will never make you look dolled up or garish. It is certainly very sophisticated and elite color.

Lipstick color vanished in less than 2 hours. 

Ganesh Puja

It was Ganesh Puja and house warming. The hostess is in the picture below. The first one on bottom right. Everyone was dressed in Indian finery.

What I wore: I have worn it here earlier.

30 August, 2014

Save the date- Argentine Tango festival in Delhi

Save the Date
Vivanta by Taj - Surajkund NCR - ReverseColour - 67x27 811.jpg

New Delhi Tango school- NDTS along with Vivanta by Taj, Surajkund
presents Argentine Tango festival,

Tango Fireworks- Three days of passion in mystic India

Famous teachers from Argentina. - Andres Alarcòn, Mariano VazquezMarilu Fischer
Famous teachers from US - Daniel Trenner with partner to give pre festival intensive workshops
Non-stop tango workshops, performances and Milongas
Workshops in Instituto Cervantes, CP.

Date: 27th Feb, 28th Feb, 1st March 2015.
Milonga Time: 9 pm onwards
Venue: TANGO Hall, Vivanta by Taj, Surajkund, Delhi NCR

It is time to Tango in Delhi

Are you updated about the Tango festival happening in Delhi? Check the details here. Delhi has never ever seen a Tango event as big as this. 

This festival will have

I have worn this dress earlier here, here, here and here.

29 August, 2014


It is nice to have a shrug/bolero in your wardrobe. For me, the one below is the most versatile one that I  can team up with anything and everything. 

It helps you to:
add a new look
mix and match
keep you covered
layer up
keep you warm
hide little fat

Now this is called matching

We had not planned or decided it. But we were so matching and coordinated. Isn't that cute?