18 April, 2014

Wedding clothes

At another wedding, here I am taking selfies.

I am wearing the same chanderi anarkali that I have worn here. The details can be seen here.

16 April, 2014

After seeing a dance performance

Today evening I went to see a very nice dance performance. This is what I wore. It is a suit that I bought in Jaipur. 
I have worn it here before.

Reema's Birthday party

It was Reema's Birthday today in Zeruccos in Ashoka hotel. Reema is the one in red and white gown standing with me in the picture below. 

I am wearing a dress from Bebe.

15 April, 2014


I have been raving about Argentina- Buenos Aires. And I would continue to rave more. There are lot of pending blog posts. In the meantime, some info about Argentina.

  • is the birthplace of Tango, Buenos Aire' s musical symbol which encompasses the musical genre, lyrics and sensual dance style and enjoys worldwide popularity with the ever-evolving gender of neo-tango, a global phenomenon made famous by groups like Gotan Project, Tanghetto and Bajofondo.
  • has a very high import duty. Which is the reason you seldom find imported high end brands here. You do not find showrooms of Gucci, Prada, LV, etc etc here. Nor do you come across Zara, Mango, etc. There are few big malls not many. But there are ample number of small shops and boutiques that sell products made in Argentina. Each shop is different from the other. You get to buy unique products. Textile and leather is their prime business. If you are looking for menswear, specially shirts, the quality, designs and prices that you get here are unmatchable. Similarly women's shoes and dresses are things to pick up in Buenos Aires. 
  • One never sees women carrying high end branded bags- LV's, etc. Not even fake bags like Delhi. The women are gorgeous. They are slim, tall, well dressed, sexy and they wear beautiful clothes and shoes.
  • is the eighth largest country in the world, the second largest in Latin America and the largest among Spanish-speaking nations.
  •  is located in southern South America, with the South Atlantic Ocean to the East and South and the Andes mountain range (home of Mount Aconcagua, the tallest peak in America) to the West.
  • ranks as the top tourist destination in South America (and the second in Latin America) with Buenos Aires as the most visited city in South America.
  • is the fifth most important wine producer in the world.
  • is well know for its barbecues known as "asados" or "parrilladas" which feature various types of meat including the "chorizo" (sausage), "mollejas" (sweetbread), "morcilla" (blood sausage), short ribs and several prime beef small cuts.
  • has the greatest red meat consumption "per capita" in the world.
  • is home to the most passionate soccer fans in the Americas (if not the world), proud about their national team which has won 25 major international soccer titles including two FIFA World Cups, two Olympic medals and fourteen Copa América's.
  • For exchanging your money, there is an official rate and blue rate. Blue rate is not official or legal rate but that is what most of the tourists prefer buying. If you go to Florida street, you will find many people saying "cambio cambio". Which means change. Change your money. Only thing one has to be careful is that sometimes they give fake notes. One must be able to recognize fake notes. And after exchanging money, be careful of being pick pocketed in Florida street. 
  • has many good shops selling fruits and vegetables. These are small shops and trustworthy.
  • has great shops selling breads- panaderia.
  • one needs to be on high alert with taxi drivers . They take long routes. They give back fake notes. They deliberately take you to a different place which sounds similar. But apart from that, they are safe. 

Learning from Adrian Ferreyra

Adrian Ferreyra is Dana's partner. He is a wonderful Tango dancer and a teacher. Every teacher working for DNI is awesome. If a teacher is from DNI, he or she has to be good. There are no two ways about it. DNI is the place to be for learning Tango. The place vibrates with positive energy, with Tango and with Dana.  

Alli was my partner in the class and we would practice together.

Learning from Ruben Veliz

Taking Tango lessons from Ruben Veliz and his partner Sabrina was a good learning experience. Their methodology is an eye opener. He has written this wonderful book called "Secrets of embrace". You can see me holding his book below. He is a good teacher. Very crisp and precise in his approach. It is very important to learn from different teachers and get different perspectives.  

Below I am standing with two models who have posed for Ruben's book.

Here I am with the author of another fabulous book- Entre la Patagonia y el Tango. It is written by María Inés Ocampos.

This was another milonga in Villa Malcolm. I would not say it was my favorite.

14 April, 2014

Taking lessons with Dana Frigoli

If you are in Buenos Aires, and you want to learn Tango, the best place to go to is DNI. My favorite teacher there is Dana Frigoli. I have taken classes earlier also from her. Check the blog here. She is a terrific dancer, wonderful teacher and a very charming person. If you want to take privates from her, you must book in advance. She has a very busy schedule. Her school is amazing. It has multiple studios and very good teachers, from whom one can learn. She also has a store from where one can buy Tango shoes and dresses. They are very nice. There is a cafeteria which serves delicious and healthy food and of course, there is a free wi fi. You can easily spend all day in her school. 

Below I am with Dana's husband and her daughter Lumia. She is adorable. Looks just like a doll and watches Tango all day long. She is growing up listening to tango songs all day long. 

That adorable doll is Lumia. She is Dana's daughter.

Me and Dana. 

I am wearing a skirt. I have worn it earlier as dress here. I bought it in BA. it can be worn in many different ways.
T shirt: Gift from friend
Shoes: Mis Amores.