26 June, 2013

Kiran Sawhney demonstrates full body workout- cardio strength and sculpting

Argentine Tango workshop in Cervantes, Delhi

It was a wonderful workshop with so many people who are interested in learning Tango.

Teaching basic Argentine Tango on TV

Violence towards women

This is for some of my women friends and my readers. I have strong opinion against violence and abuse- specially towards women. Never ever tolerate domestic violence or any emotional/ physical abuse.
Never let anyone crush you or hurt you in any which way. It is not sacrifice, compromise or adjustment. Have an attitude of zero tolerance towards violence and abuse. Love yourself the most. Live fearlessly. Do not let anyone intimidate you by even an act of indirect violence like breaking things, thumping fists, raising voice, sending you scary text messages or pictures of bloodshed etc. Only you and you can help yourself. Stop being a martyr or damsel in distress waiting for a knight in shining armor to come and rescue her. Do not make sacrifices in the name of children, relationships, etc. Do not let anyone suffocate you. You are special and you need to be treated special- always. Anything lesser than that is unacceptable.

25 June, 2013

Sister's bonding time.

We decided to have sister's bonding time and go club hopping.

Below: At Shiro

At Taj Palace

At Blue Bar

Dancing together in studio

My dress: Gift from sister. She bought identical dresses for us and wanted us to wear it together.

Our bonding time

Love her sooo much!!!

23 June, 2013


Designer Amit Talwar Trekaaya's Birthday

It was designer Amit Talwar Trekaaya's Birthday and the theme was rockstar. We sisters attended the bash together.

Tango workshop in Institute Cervantes in Delhi

This workshop was held in Institute Cervantes. It was a huge success with over 100 enthusiast participants. 

21 June, 2013

With my little niece

I mentioned in my earlier blog here, who is visiting me. She is the same one as in here.
She turned 7 months today and has been enjoying with her massi.

As seem below @ on the waterfront

Her massi and mom both slept while making her sleep.

What I wore:
Dress: From sister
Necklace: Gift from sister
Flip flops: Tommy Hilfiger : Gift from sister
Bag: Tory Burch: Bought in US on a shopping spree with sister

Brother sister bonding /fighting time.

My nail art.

20 June, 2013

Check Miss Malini blog

I am on a very popular blog of Miss Malini too. Check it here. Heartfelt Thanks to Miss Malini.

14 June, 2013

10 June, 2013

Random ramblings

Do you have some strange coincidences in your life?
I have 2.
1. Whenever, I reverse my car and take it out of my drive way, my mobile rings. I get a call. And since, I talk through bluetooth of my car and the reverse sensor is beeping too, the caller hears me speak along with the beep beep of the sensor. But STRANGELY, it has happened 100% of times- reverse the car = get a random call.
2. Similarly, whenever I am out shopping and am in a trial room, trying clothes, my phone again always rings. ALWAYS. And I get really irritated answering it.
But now I have almost accepted these facts. I almost expect a phone call in these two situations. Though, I am not very happy about it.

Few changes in my life-

Barely any time to watch TV, read magazines or even newspapers. No time for movies. I saw one recently after 5-6 months.
Less socializing. Interacting with more quality people than quantity. Not mentioning them much on the blog.
Less shopping.
More productive time spending.

2 Things high on my wish list that have not been launched in India yet but I am waiting for them as their eager customer
1. Square
2. Tesla car

What is necessary and what is unnecessary for me in life

I need less food, less sleep, lots of dancing, meditation (connection with my Guru), lots of romance, health and well being of my loved ones, beautiful Tango dresses, shoes and accessories, fit and healthy body, 3-4 vacations in a year ( all where I can get a fix of my Tango addiction), trips/ extended stay in Argentina, of course, my nice and stable career to support all the above and super Tango partner. It is not asking for too much. It is pretty realistic no?

09 June, 2013


I have this angel visiting. 

05 June, 2013

White anarkali

It was a quick and short interaction with these ladies in Cafe E, Emporio. 
I am wearing: White anarkali, bought from a friend's exhibition.
I am not much of salwar kameez person. (barely have or wear any). But this was bought from a friend's exhibition.
And pristine whites are my favorite.
Heels: bought in US. I had reached a milonga in LA, too soon. There was a shoe store right there. So to kill time, I entered this store. And I seldom come out empty handed from a shoe store. They are super comfortable and in lovely hues of gold, silver and copper.

02 June, 2013


Tango is a like a relationship. You have to invest in it every day. Like a plant, you have to nourish it everyday with your practice. If you do not do that, you get rusted and the plant starves or dies. You have to attend regular classes, practicas and milongas. You cannot miss or undermine the importance of any one. People who think, they can continue to Tango just by attending milongas and not classes, are destroying their Tango. Even the advance dancers need to attend classes and practice constantly. Practice everyday, practice your walks, your ochos, your exercises everyday. Invest in your tango and enjoy the fruits of your labor.
Good leading meaning "letting". Good following means "flowing". As a good leader let your follower flow. Do not unnecessarily try to embellish and flaunt your own tricks by giving ganchos etc. A good followers appreciates someone who lets her flow. Then you both look beautiful. Not an eyesore.
A good leader should be gentle, patient, sophisticated.
Steps are important. But you know what is even more important than step? It is the pauses. Pause at right moments to let her flow.
It is not a race. You do not have to reach anywhere. You do not have to prove anything to anyone. Not to your partner. Not to the audience. So dance for yourself. Not to show off. Dance from within, for within.

Person gets to know and sense it when his/her partner is dancing to show off and when they are connected. People appreciate a connection/a dance which is subtle, profound rather than gimmicks. It is not "show tango", so simpler it is, better.
When it is a beginner rider, what do we give him? Spirited horse or a beginner horse? We give him a beginner horse. He can treat him the way he wants- push, pull, blame, etc. But to an experienced rider, we give a spirited horse, who just goes. And all the rider does at the right moments, is say- wow! easy easy.

Tango is fun, it is social, it is good for the mind, body and soul. Tango is not an intense workout. Yet, one does not see obese woman in milongas. Men sometimes are overweight. But not women. They were as light and dainty as a feather. I have almost come to a conclusion that in Tango, it is an unforgivable sin for a women to be heavy. There is this invisible connection. Does Tango help women to be in shape or do women constantly take good care of themselves to be in best possible shape to look pretty in the milongas?

Precious gift- neon

I am not much of jeans/trousers person. Though, I like linen trousers. I am more of dress person.
Most of my T shirts are gifted to me by my elder one. I tell him, "get me dress not a T shirt". But I guess, he does not understand dresses much and always gets me T shirts. And this time it was a collared T shirt that he got from his Paris trip. It is from Tommy Hilfiger. Collared/polo T shirt is so not me. But then he convinced me. See it will look good on you. Neon is so in. Try florescent. Whatever, he gets me, I cherish and is precious for me. I wear it sparingly. Then he thinks (and says), Oh! you do not like what I got for you. When will you wear it? So to please him- Here am I. Worn it during the day time, while going shopping with him, with white linens.

Flats- LV

My nail art. Shown better here.

And same day in evening- Wore with jeans, added accessories, little make up and heels.