03 November, 2014

15 DIY ideas to reuse denim to give it new look

Here are 15 DIY ideas to reuse your denim and give them a fresh life.

1. Reshape into this skirt

2. This is another skirt that you can make.

3. A straight skirt.

4. Use the pockets to store your iPod or mobile

6. Give a new look to your denim. Add a printed fabric to it.

 Or add a lace to your denim

7. Paint your denim- it could be hearts, flowers, butterflies, paisley, anything that you like.

8. Pen, pencil stand from old tins.

9. Make a cushion

10. Make notebooks and diaries.

11. Wine bag

12. Beautiful flowers that you can use as hair clip, brooch, napkin ring etc.

13. Napkin

14. Bag

15. Use as a wall hanging above the study table to organize stationary.

16.  Carpet


  1. Some very good ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Some very good ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Many thanks for the great ideas, definitely going to try some

  4. Great ideas ... Are there instructions for the carpet? That's the only one I can't get a grip on ... Thanks ..