30 September, 2008

Fitness Apparel

I love clothes, specially branded clothes. And I have to have a full collection of good workout clothes- some nice T's, loose comfortable, breathable clothes.

Recently Ed Hardy has been launched in Delhi. And I love their trendy designs.
They are not necessarily fitness apparel, but you can wear their T's etc as part of cool, chic, casual clothing. And they also have some track pants etc. I like their logo- Love Kills Slowly.

The store also has Christian Audigier. Must say the range is superb. Vibrant colors -which is so very- ME. Prices are bit expensive but the quality is excellent and their products do stand out.

27 September, 2008

Now final

And this is the final one.



monkey monkey
crazy eyes
slap it
pretty shoes/ hit your foot
play the guitar
monkey rock



Adding on to previous choreography

Reebok resolution

1st video of Reebok resolution

Reebok resolution 2008

Yesterday I attended Reebok resolution 2008. It is a conference, meant primarily, for fitness trainers and is organized by Reebok every year. They call global master trainers to bring latest information in the field of fitness to desi fitness trainers.

FEE: RS 4000/=
TIME: REGISTRATIONS 7.30 (preferably register in advance at club Xcell on the 22 sept before 1 o clock)
PROGRAMS:By two trainers from the USA
1.) FUNCTIONAL FUSION Mixing popular trends! Functional training and fusion classes are the highest demanded classes in the US because they deliver a physical benefit and are always different and fun! This class blends Body Sculpting with free weights, Pilates exercises, Yoga flowandcontemporary dance. Instructors will learn to deliver unlimited class options and provide their members with physical results and an emotional charge.
2) SPORTS CONDITIONING An innovative, fun and athlete-inspired fitness class! Sports Conditioning is designed to challenge the entire body to develop strength, power, and endurance. Learn how to utilize various equipment, including free weights and Reebok Steps, as well as your body weight to become better prepared for daily life and sport. Instructors will learn the proper mechanics, flow, and progression to challenge a class with different ability levels and leave with a new toolbox of exercises to bring to their members.
The best of all dances into one! Groovin' and Movin' is a high energy dance classes mixing hip-hop, jazz, funk, lyrical, and broadway for people of all dance ability levels to enjoy! Sara willprovide "up to date" choreography combinations. The change of rhythm, inspiring music, and new moves are a challenge for the mind, body and soul! Instructors will learn basic moves, new combinations, where to hunt for new idea and the hot new trends from the US.
Tamayah Ahmed:
4)Jump Explosive Cardio - A half hour high intensity, high energy cardio using no equipment ( except a marked line on the floor, eg a rope, resistance band, or masking tape to jump over) Starting with a full body warm up, then various plyometric jumps in time to the music. A test of coordination, propreoception, and 3D awareness as the jumps become gradually more complex. Lots of fun.. A real calorie burner.
10- 1030 TEA BREAK
1230- 1-15 –LUNCH

23 September, 2008

Best Italian restaurant in Delhi

For those of you who love Italian food, recently I discovered the best Italian food in New Delhi. This is coming from a fitness trainer and I am talking about absolutely low cal, nutritious and healthy options.

On 20th Sep, I celebrated my son's Birthday in San Gimignanao in Imperial hotel. He loves Italian food. And I wanted to make his day special for him.

San Gimignano is the name of a heritage village in Tuscany in Italy. The place is known for its 200 year old tall towers and buildings, which are intact till date.

I was told that you are allowed to go to this village only on a bicycle and not cars so as to preserve the ancient structures. The restaurant had original paintings of the place which are hundreds of years old. I have been to Italy but not to this place and now it has been added to my list of dream destinations.

The decor and ambiance of the restaurant is so unpretentious. They have indoor and outdoor dining. It is all pure white with white wrought iron canopies and white cane chairs. It is candle lit and has fountains.
They make thinnest possible pizza with fresh mozzarella cheese on top baked in front of you in brick furnace instead of electric oven.

I had the best possible soup of my life called minestrone soup.

The soup had full wheat and corn and organic fresh cut vegetables in it. I liked it so much that today, within 2 days of having soup there, I had to go back there with my friends and have it again. The service is excellent. The staff and chef give you lot of personal touch and attention.

I even asked for the calorie content of the soup today. Despite being huge portion size, it has only 50 calories.
I highly recommend everyone to try this place. Simply Awesome!!

Places to workout in Delhi- Lodhi Garden

Lodhi Garden is very popular amongst people in South Delhi.

This place has a beautiful walking trail, with lots of trees and lush green gardens all around, which are well maintained.

Walk in the morning here is so peaceful and refreshing. It has beautiful spots where you can even sit and meditate.

The beauty about this place is its beautiful old monuments which are scattered all over and restored. So the walking trail goes around them.

But what I do not like here is that unlike my favorite Jahanpanah forest, it is does not have marked distances. So, even after taking three complete rounds, I was not sure that I had completed my 7 km (that is what is one round of Jahanpanah forest). But this place is more vibrant, energetic and frequented by fitness enthusiasts.

But if we are comparing the two, then this place is the most picturesque trail.

There is even a small lake with a fountain in it. So you walk alongside the lake on one side and monument on the other. Can it be any better?

22 September, 2008

Kiran Sawhney demonstrates Bosu, Medicine Ball, Thera Band

Jahanpanah Forest-Places to workout in delhi

If you are in Delhi the best place to go for a walk is Jahanpanah Forest. Where in the heart of South Delhi (It is busting with traffic and residence and markets), would you find a forest? It is actually a forest which is so well maintained. I do hope commercialization never takes over this place.

You get real fresh Oxygen to breathe amongst so many green trees. There is its own nursery also. And a walking track is made in the middle of the forest. You can even see some peacocks.

Now comes the best part- why I like a walk here the best. It is marked all over as to how much distance you have covered. So I don't have to even rely on my pedometer. It starts with 0 km and guess how much is one full round?

I took my friends there for a walk who were clueless as to how much they had to walk. the deal was that they had to finish 1 round and we would come out. So we started walking/jogging/running/sprinting.

You even see people feeding birds there. There are special pots kept for people to put bird feed in them. It is an amazing feeling to see so many varieties of trees all around you and such enthusiast morning/evening walkers.

So coming back to my question as to how long is one round of this forest. It is full 7 kms track. Viola! if anyone does just this everyday, I bet he/she will always be really fit.

These are my clueless friends, who did successfully complete 7 km track. And at the end of it, they were really happy and rejuvinated. They have promised to do it every day.

Jahanpanah Forest- Here we come.

21 September, 2008

Swiss ball workout

This works like a leg press gym machine.
Lie down on the mat with hips next to the wall. Take the legs up. Now slowly bend your knees towards the chest and place a swiss ball up on your feet next to the wall.

Slowly push the ball up with your feet and straighten the knees.

Repeat few more times.

19 September, 2008

Swiss ball workout- for abs-2

Lie down on the mat. Place a swiss ball on the wall and place your feet/ legs on top of the ball. Lift the hips up. This time because of the instability of the ball, it becomes more challenging and different than if the feet are placed against the wall which is a stable surface.

Try to straighten your legs straight up and lift the hips more.

Slowly bring the hips down.

Repeat few more times.


Lie down on the floor. Keep the hips close to the wall. Place the legs on the wall. Now Lift the hips up. In this position place one foot over the other knee. Rotate the bent knee outwards.

Next rotate the same knee inwards towards your face.

Repeat few more times and change the leg.

18 September, 2008


Lie down on the mat on your back. Place the hips right next to the wall. Take the legs up straight against the wall. Lift the hips up and start to scissor the legs. Alternately, take one leg off from the wall and towards yourself. Then the other. Repeat.

You are on the mat- same starting position as above. Here you do not lift the hips up. Instead you lift the torso and head up and bring one arm to touch the opposite ankle and go back to the starting position. Repeat for few counts and then do with the other side. You are working on obliques.

17 September, 2008


In the following exercises, you really do not require much equipment. You can easily do them at home and achieve an effective workout.

1.Lie down on the mat with your hips next to the wall. Take the legs up, next to the wall. Keeping your feet, firmly on the wall, lift the hips up and then lower them down. Squeeze your glutes.Repeat. This will target your hamstrings, lower back and abs.

2. Windshield wipers

Take the legs up straight against the wall. Make sure the hips are placed next to the wall. Now keeping one leg up straight, lower the other one towards the floor. Then bring it up again. Repeat for 20 times and then start doing with the other leg.

16 September, 2008

Swiss ball workout- for abductors and obliques

1. Sit on your knees next to the Ball. Slowly place your side on the ball and rest your hands on top of the ball for added support. Now lift your outer leg out to side- up and down. This works on your outer thigh also known as abductors. Repeat 20 times and then do on the other side.

2. From the above position, place the leg down and start rolling further back on the ball on your side. Try to place both legs straight out to side and even extend the hand above and overhead. From hand, down the waist, till your legs, the body should be in one straight line. Feel the stretch in your love handles.

Swiss ball workout- for abs

1. This exercise combines medicine ball and swiss ball and it is very challenging and advanced exercise.
Lie down supine on the mat. Hold medicine ball with hands and swiss ball with feet. Simultaneously lift the hands, head and feet up, bringing the swiss ball and medicine ball closer to each other. The crunch comes from abdominal muscles.

Now slowly, lower the hands and legs together down towards the floor. Keep the knees straight and do not arch the back. If you have a weak back, do not attempt this exercise. Repeat.

2. This is an isometric contraction which targets whole of the body but primarily the core. Hold the plank position with elbows on top of the swiss ball and feet on the floor. Feel your core tightening and engaged.