30 April, 2011

Ikat is in

Do check out my other guest post here. It is for a dear friend.  This is the link to her blog.

Now my today's post- Ikat.
The word “ikat” means “to bind.” It is a very ancient way of creating designs in fabric by resist-dyeing the threads before the fabric is woven. It’s just one of those fabrics that never goes out of style. Ikat (both the traditional weave as well as in it’s mimicked digital print form) . Whether it be on clothing, on upholstery or on tableware, I love it. :)
Ikat prints are really in and all international designers have taken a fancy to it.  Here is me wearing an Ikat print dress by Bebe.

In India Pochampalli ikat Saris, Patola ikat saris, Orissa ikat saris are very well known.

In my previous post here, I am wearing an Orissa Bomkai Ikat Sari

Let us see how others are wearing their Ikats as

Left: Shaheen Abbas 
Right: Vidya Malwade 

Left: Avanti Birla 
Right: Gucci Spring 2010

Left And Centre: Sabina Chopra 
Right: Dries Van Noten Spring 2010

Oscar de la Renta Ikat Ballerina

Ikat Clutches From Madeline Weinrib

Look what Madeline Weinrib has done with Ikat. I absolutely love the furniture and the pillows that she has designed!

Balenciaga Fall 2007

Jenny Kayne 2008 Spring

Bruce Spring 2008 Spring

Armani Fall 2007

To shop ikat articles, check this link

Diana vs Kate as bride

As a kid, I had keenly watched Lady Diana's wedding live telecast and had instantly fell in love with her.

Today, I watched Kate Middleton and at the back of my mind were the images of Diana.

Kate Middleton arrived at Westminster Abbey wearing an ivory and lace gown designed by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen.

The new Duchess of Cambridge's bridal gown mirrored the one worn by Grace Kelly for her 1956 wedding to Ranier III of Monaco. Like Catherine, she was a commoner who married into royalty.

The dress, famously designed by husband and wife team David and Elizabeth Emanuel, was to all intents and purposes a giant meringue. The train was famously 25ft long. The dress itself was made of silk taffeta, lace and was hand embroidered with over 10,000 pearls. The shoulders of the dress were made so large in order to make Diana’s waist look even smaller.

29 April, 2011

Orissa Bomkai Sari

Today I wanted to practice my Odissi dance.
So I took out my Orissa cotton Sari, and practiced. The shots were taken after I had practiced and was extremely fatigued. Of course, I am not wearing all my traditional finery. But that is worn in stage performance not while practice.

Orissa Bomkai Saris feature thread work ornament borders and pallu. Some combine small touches of Ikat work as well. What I am wearing is a beautiful midnight blue color.

Bomkai has been woven in Orissa since centuries on very simple looms with ingeniously tied up patterning technology. These modern versions have a similar timeless aesthetic. Softest and most supple cotton you can wear right out of the box. These Orissa ikat sarees feature finely articulated ikat work, created by first dying the threads on a frame and then respooling and weaving the sari. 

28 April, 2011

Guest Post

Do check my first guest post here at this link.
Sailor writes and post pictures about the cruises. This is his blog link. 
In the guest post, I have written my own experience of Alaska Cruise.

27 April, 2011

Flattering Fuchsia dress

This is one of my favorite style and color. Fuchsia, off shoulder, flattering cut and drape, right embellishments.  It is by Ranna Gill.

The same has been worn by celebs like this

Tango performance in Delhi

This weekend was a workshop and a performance of Tango in a grand event organized in Jinxx, Intercontinental, in Delhi. It was a 3 day event where international instructors were flown in and a closely knitted community of over 300 dance enthusiasts of the city participated. I have already posted a video of my performance. Here are my pictures of the same.
It was an absolutely impromptu performance with not a single rehearsal before. There was so much happening in my work front, that we had no time to rehearse. We thought we will go with the flow and enjoy ourselves. We had no clue of what we would be doing amongst that huge crowd and the professional dancers. But the performance was hugely appreciated and applauded.

Kashmiri needle work embroidery

Featuring yet again, another salwar kameez. I am very fond of Kashmiri embroidered suits. They are so intricate, hand embroideries, carefully crafted. The suit that I am wearing below has needle embroidery which is done only by artisans of Kashmir. It has the same embroidery that is done on pashmina shawls. It has intricate motifs of Chinar leaves (the leaves and trees that grow in Kashmir). They resemble the Maple leaves.

If you like wearing Salwar Kameez (suit), a kashmiri suit is a must have in your wardrobe. Also Scarves, stoles, mufflers, shawls look exquisite and complete the look of your attire. If you are looking to buy Kashmiri shawls, stoles, scarves, mufflers, jackets, suits, etc, the best and most authentic place to buy them in Delhi or in India is-

Kashmir Shawl Emporium
94, MM, Janpath, New Delhi, India
# 91 11 23321783
Open Monday to Saturday.

They also have pashminas, cashmere, silks, hand woven, Jacquard etc. They are the biggest manufacturers, exporters, wholesalers, retailers of shawls, etc.