27 April, 2011

Tango performance in Delhi

This weekend was a workshop and a performance of Tango in a grand event organized in Jinxx, Intercontinental, in Delhi. It was a 3 day event where international instructors were flown in and a closely knitted community of over 300 dance enthusiasts of the city participated. I have already posted a video of my performance. Here are my pictures of the same.
It was an absolutely impromptu performance with not a single rehearsal before. There was so much happening in my work front, that we had no time to rehearse. We thought we will go with the flow and enjoy ourselves. We had no clue of what we would be doing amongst that huge crowd and the professional dancers. But the performance was hugely appreciated and applauded.


  1. Wow... incredible :) Would love to watch you dancing live some day.

  2. great performance .... You are doing wonderfully well.

  3. hey lovely.. do let me knw about ur performances.. if guests are allowed do invite me.. would love to see ur performance..