27 February, 2013

The group picture

Spending a lot of time with this group. Doing.....what? The mystery will be unfolded later.

Delhi Tango

Good news folks.
Google "Delhi Tango" or "Tango Delhi".
My website newdelhitango is at the top of the search.
The website is not final as yet. The content is still being worked on. There are many errors. But we made it through all the search engines.
Delhi Tango, here I come. It is just a start. 

Giving a Tango workshop in Singapore

26 February, 2013


That is my elder one, looking very dapper, on a business trip in Paris.

He is wearing
Suit: Hugo Boss
Tie: Etro. I recently got for him from New York.

Singapore night 1

This is what I wore to a private party in Singapore. The pictures were shot before I left for the party, in the hotel. I got many compliments for this outfit. 

There are many common Singapore cliches that tourists love to cross out of their to-do list, and locals are far from fed up with.

But like it or not, our lives are already overflowing with stereotypes, and cliches. So why not allow yourself one day a month, at least, to be silly and act out any sort of cliche you want. After all, we seem to be living in a world where anyone can be whoever they want to be, regardless of facts or reality. 

Thus, whether you're in Singapore or not, take an hour off and go be extremely productive at something utterly unimportant, I'm sure you deserve it.

Dominican Republic National day.

A night before leaving for Singapore, I had attended Dominican Republic National day. 

I wore
Dress: Badgley Mischka: Bought recently in US
Bag: Coach. Limited edition 2013. Bought in US.

That night everyone danced Salsa. Strangely, I just could not dance or enjoy salsa. After, doing Tango, Salsa is no fun. I have heard every Tango dancer saying so. Why does it happen?
Recently, a friend told me something very profound and intelligent about Tango. 
We know that Tango is addictive. And you experience withdrawal if you remain away from Tango for too long. But what this friend mentioned and I did not know till date was-
Like any drug, have Tango in small doses. Do not overdo and over burn yourself. Like any drug, Tango too gives you enormous high initially but as you keep getting used to it, you need higher doses to get the same high. Do not reach a point, where, it ceases to give you same kick. Keep it fresh, invigorating and exciting. 

Exploring Singapore

This was my 5th time in Singapore. There is not so much to explore. Yet, one does go out, eat, work, shop, dance etc.

I am wearing

Maxi: Burberry. Recently bought in US.
Bag: gift from son.
Shoes: Sketchers. US.
Watch: Michael Kors. US

St Regis, Singapore. Room.

This was my room in St. Regis, Singapore.
You see me wearing
T shirt: Burberry. Gift from son.
Shoes: Sketchers

Old pair of jeans.

Shopping time.

In my hotel in Singapore

In my previous post, also I mentioned, I love the brand Uniqlo. Their fabrics are so nice. Recently, I bought this loungewear (nightdress) from Uniqlo in New York. It is the softest fabric. And I can practically go out wearing this.

After landing in Singapore, I ordered food in room. St Regis gives you your personal butler and chef. And you can ask them to prepare whatever you want. 

Singapore airport

This is Singapore airport and the lounge. I was served specially made Indian vegetarian food.

I am wearing:
Jacket: Uniqlo. Recently bought in New York. I love Uniqlo. It is true value for money. It is soffffft, warm and cute.
T shirt: Burberry. Gift from son from his trip to Paris.
Shoes: Sketchers. Bought in US.
Bag: gift from son.
Jeans: the oldest pair I have.

Being vegetarian

As we were eating in a vegetarian restaurant in Singapore, I noticed this on the wall of the restaurant. I had to click its picture to share it with my readers.

My glittery nail art

I have brought lot of glitter nail paints and nail art pens from US. Here is another quick and easy nail art I did.

Thats me

Some of my self clicked shots in St Regis, Singapore hotel room/bathroom.