30 June, 2010

Quick post

Just a very quick post as to what I wore yesterday and today. Excuse me today because I my hands are extra full. So let the pictures do all the talking.

This is what I wore yesterday

Chikan Saree: Seva, Lucknow
Jewelery: Bought from dad

This is what I wore today

Saree: Neelambari, Delhi
Jewelery: Bought from dad

Now this is my treasured picture. It is my first picture with Guruji in Bali.
Had worn the same saree then.

This is my super treasured picture. It is also the wallpaper of my laptop. Whenever, I look at it, Guruji is right there with me. HIS eyes talk. Can you see how ecstatic I am to be shot next to HIM?

Bliss to be sitting near his feet.

These are few more of my Bali pictures.

And a few at home.

29 June, 2010


I am in Saree mode these days. It is my niece's wedding functions for good 7-8 days. Yesterday was Mehendi. Yours Truly is working round the clock. Somehow managing the work front during the day time, functions, home and family front, blogging, own workout, meditation, blahhhh...I am super woman for sure. Barely getting few hours of sleep. Missing my time with my girlfriends. I need my dose of some peaceful time with Guruji, some quality time with my boys, more gossip with my sis on phone and chirpy stories of my (almost) two year old nephew, who, now talks full sentences.

This is what I wore yesterday.

Pure Zari Kota Saree: Designer Ragini Singhania. 
Jewelery: Do I need to say? Obviously, Bought from dad (Kindly do not be under misconception that it is borrowed gifted by dad)

The small mirror you see behind me has a history/story. It is my darling grandmother's mirror. I have it as her memory. It has inlay work of ivory. 

Now I must re emphasis, how our traditional weaves totally stand out. So many people there (not even known to me- groom's relatives etc) came to me specially and told me, that my sarees totally stand out. They are class apart. Yes, I agree. Do you?

28 June, 2010


Color white (and Fuschia) are my all time favorite in Saree (I don't have to say it again and again). And if you have been reading my previous posts, you exactly know what kind of sarees I fall for. But what I am going to tell in this post is something more. In traditional weaves, my top most favorite (like really really favorite- to die for, irresistible) is Chanderi Saree. Now I must tell you that this hand woven traditional saree is not very easily available and not many people are as crazy about it as I am. When I go hunting for these, 99% shopkeepers do not have it. You know why? Because they do not get huge profit margins on these as they get selling cheap embroidery stuff. But Chanderi Sarees are exquisite. They are like a dream. And they are bloody expensive. They look simple but they can cost you a bomb. So only very discerning few would go for it. Only the ones who have a taste for it. So I sometimes travel to Chanderi specially and get some breath taking sarees all the way from there to add to my collection. You could say, I am addicted to them.

I had first worn this Chanderi Saree, in Bali, when I went for my advanced course with Guruji- Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (The light of my Life)

With the love of my Life- Divine Grace- The Supreme Power Himself.

Yesterday there was another Pooja in the family, where I wore the same. Here are few of those pictures.

Jewelery: Bought from dad
Watch: Gift from dad

Following are few of my other pictures again in my favorite Chanderi Saree. These were again taken during my visit to the Bangalore Ashram of Art of Living. It is my second home. It is so magnificent- ethereal beauty.

There I do not carry a leather bag. But a simple cloth bag.

27 June, 2010

Traditional look

Yes this Saturday and Sunday both, I am working (sob sob- No off on weekend too). Today there was loads to finish on the work front, home front and attend a family function too. My day started as early as 5 AM. I did my own workout and went for a very enjoyable bike ride with a very sweet client. I definitely think she is sweet because she is so positive and chirpy. She rides a horse and does dressarge. One of these days, I do intend to take a lesson or two from her on riding. She tells me, it is a great workout.

Evening, I had to attend a family do (Hawan). I have mentioned earlier, how I dress differently with family, with friends, for going to Satsang in Art of Living, in my workplace, etc etc.

So this is what I wore today evening

Yes, this is more traditional side of me.

Jewellery: No prizes for guessing- Bought from my dad.

Pure Zari Kota Saree: Dastkar Exhibition ( It is the best place to buy beautiful weaves that fascinate me so much). 

25 June, 2010


Sometimes (these days very rarely), I like to stitch and create something. Yes, I can stitch and embroider too. Life is so busy these days, that I hardly ever get any time to do it though.

So very quickly I am sharing one of my own creation. Entirely, purely mine- Design, execution and of course modeling of the outfit too.

Dress: Designed and tailored by ME

Sandals: Coach

This dress has a very interesting back, which, unfortunately has not been captured.
Location: Garden of Five Senses, Delhi.

Mom's home made products

Unlike me, my mom is staunch believer/user of home made, kitchen recipes/concoctions for everyday ailments. While I would use La Mer face packs and scrubs, she is happy with her papaya, cucumber, tomato face pack, her home made rose water etc. And I must admit she glows. She certainly does not look her age. She still does not color her hair with Loreal but prefers henna. She has a home made remedy for everything- to beat the heat, for cold and cough etc etc.
So today, when my very sweet client asked me how to beat the heat (Delhi temperatures are soaring), I immediately thought of how mom always has special recipes/concoctions to beat the summer heat. Few of her favorite on which she fed us throughout our childhood are-

Gond Katira

Gond katira is the resin extracted from a particular tree. It is soaked in water overnight. Next morning it expands a lot. So you have a bowl full. It is best to beat the summer heat, to get rid of bleeding nose, prickly heat etc. I have seen, it also helps in weight loss. It is consumed with ice cold lassi or milk the next morning. Mom also serves it with Rooh af za. It is also served with matka kulfi.


Sattu is a mix of powdered gram and barley mixed with ice cold water and jaggery. Old timers point out that sattu has been regarded as an energy drink and antidote for heat stroke since long.

Tukham malanga seeds are soaked in water overnight and consumed the next morning mixed with lassi or milk.

Squash made from the bael fruit also helps. The pulp is extracted and soaked in water overnight. It is ready to strain and serve the next morning. Bael is reputed to cool the system, stimulate appetite and prevent or counter stomach upsets due to heat exhaustion. Lime is another essential refresher in summers.

 Kacchi lassi is both refreshing and cooling. I remember as kids, dad used to bring home mangoes for us and always ask us to have kacchi lassi (milk and ice) later. He used to say it makes blood purer.

Among foods, onion and mint remain popular for their anti-heat qualities. Consuming onions takes away a lot of heat from the body. Chutney made from mint leaves prevents dehydration. I ask my clients to make a drink of mint, coriander, black salt, black pepper and lime juice. Add chilled water to it and store it in bottle. Keep sipping on it the whole day.

Chutney made from the petals of the rhododendron flower is supposed to have a cooling effect. Rhododendron syrup is also very popular for its cooling effect.

Children are particularly prone to heat stroke and excessive exposure to heat can cause serious disorders. So during summers, they should definitely be given these things. Aam panna (Drink made from mangoes) also helps.

Here is outfit of the day

Dress: Mango

I particularly like this dress in summer because of its color and cool cotton fabric.

This is how I look after I have worked for 14 hours a day straight. Exhausted, but I can smile for the camera. Besides, I can also go for a short drive.

Slippers: Louis Vuitton

24 June, 2010

And the winner is-

The winner of this Giveaway is- Jyothsna. She is a lovely mom and has a great blog here.

Jyothsna I hope you like this dress as much as I do. Lots of Love.

Check this out

Do check this blog. I had featured the prettiest bride in my earlier blog post here.
Sovina has done such a fabulous post about this same bride. Do check her blog here.

Last few hours left for you to win a dress as a Giveaway being offered. Read the previous post here for details.

It seems to be another heavily busy day. 

So for the outfit of the day, I thought of posting my workout clothes, in which I shall be for most of my day.

See my very boring (at least thats how I feel), workout clothes.
Tracks: Nike

Am I the only one who finds workout clothes so boring? Few options we have is Adidas, Nike, Reebok, puma, etc. Canada, we have lululemon. Or we have options like Juicy couture. Still not much. Which is your favorite brand of workout clothes? Have you discovered something really stylish? Share your views please.

Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger- Yes when I am myself not working out (its just the clients) and specially when it is low impact workout, I prefer not to wear my regular workout shoes but shoes like these. They are comfortable, easy to wear and stylish.

I saw This beautiful Interior that I really wanted to share on this blog. Isn't it so pretty?

It is light on a ceiling.

23 June, 2010


24 hours left. Here is your chance to win this dress.

For your chance to win a dress, simply be a follower on google and leave a comment on any blog post along with a way for me to contact you.

In my earlier blog post here, I had shown a a dress, that I got customized tailored. This dress will be awarded to the winner, who will be chosen at random tomorrow at midnight Indian Standard Time and will be announced on this blog. This giveaway is open to everyone, worldwide.

My day

It has been one very busy day. Lots of trainings, E- trainings, few new corporate trainings, new client meeting. Work does exhaust me but it is fulfilling too. It brings in a sense of achievement to see my clients transforming, shaping, getting fitter, better, healthier, happy and smiling.

And family time has to be squeezed in. Daily chit chat with son, husband, mom/dad, sister, is must.

Over the dinner, my friend pointed that I really like dressing up. I should say- yes. Specially because, in my work (in the field of fitness), I am always very casual- Track pants, T- shirts, (barely any make up- except a dash of perfume or deo). So yes, when I go out, I do like to dress very well. I enjoy doing all the feminine stuff.

At times, like these (like a busy day like today), I quickly dig into my old pics to post very quickly my "outfit of the day" post.

Tights: Forever 21
Watch: Guess
Glares: Christian Dior.
Location: Seattle