30 June, 2010

Quick post

Just a very quick post as to what I wore yesterday and today. Excuse me today because I my hands are extra full. So let the pictures do all the talking.

This is what I wore yesterday

Chikan Saree: Seva, Lucknow
Jewelery: Bought from dad

This is what I wore today

Saree: Neelambari, Delhi
Jewelery: Bought from dad

Now this is my treasured picture. It is my first picture with Guruji in Bali.
Had worn the same saree then.

This is my super treasured picture. It is also the wallpaper of my laptop. Whenever, I look at it, Guruji is right there with me. HIS eyes talk. Can you see how ecstatic I am to be shot next to HIM?

Bliss to be sitting near his feet.

These are few more of my Bali pictures.

And a few at home.


  1. hi sonu saw ur pics looking very elegant and ur choice of saree's is wonderful

  2. O M G Komal ! You were with Guruji in Bali ! W O W !!! The pics are AWESOME - so up close and personal !

    You are on your way to becoming a teacher !


  3. whoops i may have gotten ur name wrong in the previous post :-( was so excited seeing the pics of Guruji - forgive me :-)


  4. yes random- I met Guruji. What bliss. But before going to Bali, I had also gone to Bangalore ashram and met HIM there.
    And my name is Kiran. Komal is my sister