01 July, 2010

48 hours no sleep, yet blogging

I have been attending too many functions. Now it has been exactly 48 hours since I have slept. But now I am no more sleepy and hence blogging. Guess the second wind has started. So this is how I dressed for my niece's wedding.

Banarasi net Saree: From my in house weavers
Jewelery: I guess , by now it is more than obvious and understood. So very predictable- Bought from dad.

Can you see how tired I am? This is at about 3 AM.

Totally spaced out.

Yes, people again told me that I was looking, "head turner". That my whole ensemble was very nice. They even wanted to be introduced to my dad (jeweler). And these were the people who were unknown to me. Felt good.

This is my favorite picture with my gorgeous, beautiful, graceful, charming (100 more such adjectives) MOM. Mommy I love you.


  1. Lovely outfit & jewelry! Lucky girl having a jeweler for a father ;)

    Leia's Delights

  2. 48 hours without sleeping? I don't know what it feels like, but I bet I can't do it. You still look amazing being tired. :)

  3. as usual looking gorgeous..