31 July, 2013

Women leaders in Tango

It is always nice when women lead in Tango. Daniel Trenner taught me that when, there is dearth of good leaders, step into your leader shoes and start leading. When you learn both the roles- of follower and leader, you improve the quality of your dance.
According to Tango‬ Truism 322, The reason you learn to both roles, at the same time, serves several purposes all at once - 1.) It gives you a much more well rounded experience and a complete picture of the dance vs. the genderized version of the dance. 2.) It creates 'empathy' in you for what the other person has to do. Never again will you blame the follower for x, y, and z, until you've actually done the job yourself. And followers you will now understand WHY there is that row of women sitting!!! 3.) Imagine a Ying/Yang Symbol. Note that one side is white, and the reciprocal is black. Also note that there is a kernel of white inside the black at its center, and vice versa with the white half. If we name the halves "lead" and "follow", note the kernel of leading *IS* following, and the kernel of following *IS* leading!! 4.) Understand what is being expected of you and what you are asking for in all of its many different forms!
Much to the anguish and chagrin of bad leaders, women, get up and assume the role of leaders. You will gain more respect as followers. 
In the first three pictures, both of us, are students of Daniel Trenner. 

28 July, 2013

Spotting interesting things in Spain

This artifact just caught my attention. It was cute. But not something that I really wanted to pick up.

Yoga posture

These shoes are not my type. But they were super colorful.

In Sitges, all shops were a riot of colors and very unique things.

Because it was Tango festival, it was a delight to see everyone walking with a bag of Tango shoes. This was another visual delight.

She is carrying a bag of Comme il faut.

Drag queen

La Rambla, Barcelona.

Horse charriot


Had never seen such tomatoes before.

27 July, 2013

Traveling Swiss air

Traveling Swiss business class. The seats are comfortable. It has full flat bed.
The business lounges are not a patch on Lufthansa lounge. Nor is the food.
I would rate it 5/10- Not too good. Not too bad.

Luncheon with friends

It was a small get together where I joined few friends for lunch.

What I wore:
Head to toe- Burberry
T shirt: Gift from son. I have mentioned here before, how he likes me in T shirts.
Skirt and heels: Burberry
I have worn the skirt here and here before.
and heels here and here.