06 June, 2010

Fairy Tale

As kid, I believed in fairy tales. I still do. That's why I loved "Pretty Woman". I could so relate to her dream of her hero coming on a horse. I totally loved Richard Gere in it. Similarly, I loved Diana Spencer. In my book library, I have every possible book on her. I still remember her fairy tale wedding. If a bag or shoe is named after her, I have to and have to, have it. I love Shah Rukh Khan for the simple fact that he does beautiful romantic films and off screen too, he is a one woman's man.

Somehow I have a different set of clothes in my workplace (studio to be precise), different to go out with friends, different with family, and yet different for a family function.

Here is what I wore for a very formal family dinner do

Jacket: Kenneth Cole
Skirt: Semantics- Nordstrom
Bag: Lady Dior by Christian dior (See I told ya, name a thing after Lady Diana, and I will have it)
Sandals: Burberry
Bracelet: Gift from Siddharth
Location: The Leela Kempinski

Son's shirt: Karl Lagerfeld
Trousers- Hugo Boss
His shoes: Prada
Belt: Lacoste


  1. Pretty Woman must be every girl's one of the most beloved movies :) So romantic and entertaining! I simply adore Julia Roberts :)