07 June, 2010

Black is not my color

Two of my friends love black color so much that their entire wardrobe is black. But I want vibrant colors in my wardrobe. I barely have few blacks. As far as sarees are concerned, I don't own a single black saree. Black is not me. I might have three black dresses in my entire wardrobe, in total.

As regards my those two friends, it works for us, when we go shopping together. There is absolutely no confusion. We would never lay hands on the same dress together. They would rush towards black, which would not interest me and I would rush towards vibrant hues, which would not interest them. How convenient you see.

Here is one of my little black dresses that I own. Let me blow my own trumpet little bit more. I have designed it and got it customized tailored. But as you can see, I had to add color to it by adding bright scarf, bright handbag and a huge floral clip in my hair.
Necklace: Bought from dad

Location : Hawaii


  1. :o) The dress looks good on you ... and that bag too is on every girls wish list ... but you will probably have your wishes come true sooner than me for sure ;)

  2. Tanvi we both will have our wishes fulfilled soon. :)

  3. i too want to buy a berkin..but i dont knw when it will be possible :((..so cool that u r buying it.


  4. so i am that one friend...lol who is the other friend...haha i am a black don...totally totally black