30 March, 2011

Same Pinch

My Ranna Gill dresses.

Ranna Gill dress 1- I had worn this dress in this video. 

The same has been worn by page 3 celebrities here.

Ranna Gill dress 2

Ranna Gill dress 3

Ranna Gill dress 4

29 March, 2011


Few days back I had posted the pictures of my Salsa party on this blog here.

Earlier I have also posted some of my salsa pictures and videos with him.


Have you noticed we all have a particular bias/liking/disliking, towards certain product that we have grown up with. I was just reflecting on how we become particularly fond of one thing over the other and stick to it. I was making my own list of things. They are-

Favorite bollywood fashion blog- highheelconfidential
I prefer this to any other bollywood fashion blogs like- Bollywoodstylediaries
 Reason- High heel has more original content, better (similar to mine) judgements about who looks good or bad. They love traditional saris as much as I do.

Favorite newspaper- Indian Express, The Hindu, Times of India
Do not like- Hindustan Times

Favorite Magazine- Vogue, Femina, India Today, Wedding Affaire

Coke or Pepsi- Personally, I do not drink/recommend either. But still if I have to choose, it will be Coke. Son says -Thumbs Up is the best.

Favorite Attire- Sari, dresses, skirts.
Do not like much of- Jeans, shorts, hot pants.

Favorite piece of jewelry- Rings, bracelets

Favorite accessory- bags, shoes, watches, glares
Do not like- any hair accessory

Favorite Car- Audi, Porshe, Ferrari
Do not like- Merc, BMW

Favorite workout- Yoga, Walk, Aqua
Do not like- Propulsions, Anaerobic workout

Downtown or peaceful Countryside- Downtown it is for me. The heart of the city. I am a people's person. Countryside is good for few days of vacation.

Favorite Dance forms- Everyone knows my obvious choices- Tango, Salsa, Merengue, Waltz, Jive, Rhumba, Cha Cha, Bachata, Zouk, Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Odissi.
What I cannot relate to- Hip Hop, Street dance.

Do tell me your choices. Feel free to add or delete your own favorites.

Traditional Sari

If you have been reading my blog for sometime now, you know my love for classic, traditional, rich, hand woven Sari, sans any embroidery or gimmicks.
Just spotted this lovely Sari that I quite fell in love with and thought that I must showcase on my blog.

Fashion Faux Pas

Low Waist Jeans.

It was hilarious when I heard a guy saying that a girl resembles "Piggy Bank" in low waist jeans. It took me a while to understand the analogy.

Destressed Jeans

Why do people wear torn clothes? Why?

Under wears or Bras showing from under.

Under wear is called so for some reason. Why do people show/flaunt it? It is a disgusting sight. Some girls wear transparent tops and some coloured bras under. It looks cheap. Even transparent straps are no good. They show. For heaven's sake, there are strapless bras available or silicon stick on pads. Get rid of bra straps from showing from underneath. It is not sexy but cheap.
Even men, who show there trunks/briefs from under their Jeans, look cheap. Keep your Calvin Klein brands hidden. 

Wearing such short tops that your Muffin Tops show.

It is a more hilarious site to see girls pulling their short tops down. Wear a little longer top. Hide those muffin tops.

Gaping Button down Shirt

White button down shirt and jeans (of the right fit), does look classic and sexy. Yet, a gaping button down shirt is an eyesore. Woman have Boobs and button down shirts of good fit, require few tricks. Use Velcro, safety pin, wear a camisole underneath. But avoid the gaping shirts.

Visible Panty Lines.

Girls, there is something called Thongs. Avoid the Visible Panty Lines.

Ill-Fitting Bras- Girls know your cup size. Wear the right size.

Droopy Pants

Also, not a pleasant site is-
  • Skinny jeans on men.
  • Shirtless men- No matter, how good a body and six pack abs, you have, men who quickly drop their shirts at the drop of hat, to prove themselves to be Salman Khan, are not sexy.
  • I know many many people would not agree with me here, but boyfriend blazers also do nothing to enhance girls. Girls go for good cuts and fits. Stop faking that tough look. Take pride in being feminine.

28 March, 2011

Bye Bye Chennai, Puducherry and Auroville

So this was the final day. Day of departure. End of a beautiful and relaxing holiday. Boarding a flight back from Chennai. 

This is the hotel elevator. The walls of it are covered with complete leather as the hotel is owned by Hidesign- They make beautiful pure leather bags. The company started from Puducherry an Auroville.

Even the back side of the bed in the rooms is pure leather.

I am wearing handwoven cotton sari in my favorite color.

Beach walk in Puducherry

This was a day of splurging in shopping in Puducherry and going to various beaches. One beach was adjacent to my hotel Promenade. The hotel overlooked Bay of Bengal. We went to Serenity beach. And another one was Paradise beach where we drove to. It is on Cuddalore road.

What am I wearing

Dress: Derhy
Bag: Chanel
Glares: Dior
Watch: DKNY

Matri Mandir- Auroville

Next day, we left for Auroville, an international township, 14 kms away from Puducherry. It was a dream project of Mother, who wanted people of different castes, creeds and religions to stay together here. 

Matri Madir

Matri Mandir is the spiritual centre of Auroville. It is in a dome shape. Soil from 126 different countries was placed in a pot here. As you enter, you see vast greenery all around. I was spellbound by the majestic and magnificent beauty. It can truly be one of the wonders of the world. Beauty of Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower, etc is nothing as compared to it. 

Inside, there is a single beam of light that comes through and falls on the largest man made crystal donated by Zeiss, people who make spectacle lens etc.
That is the only source to light up the whole thing. It passes through and reaches the bottom of the dome. There is a pin drop silence and it is said that meditating here, even for few minutes is very powerful. Everyone comes, sits quietly, meditates and leaves. It is immaculately clean. Everyone is made to wear new white socks. It is pristine white inside- silent, peaceful, quiet, neat and clean.

The same single beam of light passes and comes down to the base of the dome, where there is Lotus pond. Lots of waterfalls and the way to go out.

This is me and my son, before we embarked for Auroville. I wore an orange/peach saree and I was told that the sari looked the jogiya color (saffron color of sages) and absorbed the colors very well inside.
I am wearing a Kota cotton sari- a gift from my sister.

We reached early in Auroville and spent time in the Information Centre, where there are lovely boutiques to shop around, French Pizzeria, a video show to give you more information about the place.

Puducherry and Auroville are a shopper's paradise. There are various handicraft shops.
You buy convent embroideries, incense sticks, candles, potteries, pressed flower things, soaps, perfumes, oils, shampoos, garments, hidesign bags, belts. I would highly recommend shops like Kalki, Auroshikha, Casablanca, Splendour, Titatic. There are various small departments to visit. each specializes in its own thing. The bakeries are very famous.
People here are very fit. There is a lot of emphasis laid on yoga. Everyone walks or rides a bike. Scooties and bikes are available for rent too. There are international standard full fledged gym and swimming pool facilities. 
There is a solar kitchen in Auroville and dining hall in Puducherry. Ashram guest houses are another options to stay. They are also very neat and clean.
Puducherry is also dancer's hub. Tango is quite popular here. They have regular Milonga. 
It is also a photograph's delight. I saw photographers of many international magazines there, who had specially come with their complete paraphernalia and models and were shooting. The place is flooded with foreign tourists. 

Relaxing night at hotel

Hotel Promenade in Puducherry is the best hotel. It is owned by Dilip Kapur, the same person who owns Hidesign. Hidesign had started from Puducherry. The owner still stays in Auroville. His daughter , Ayesha Kapur, has starred in the movie, "Black" as a child artiste. Today she is a grown up, pretty girl.
This hotel has a definite stamp of Hidesign all around. It has complete leather upholstery on every chair, sofa, back side of bed, walls of elevator, table mats, menu  card etc.
After a long tiring day, I changed and was relaxing in the hotel after a lavish spread of dinner that was served.
There was a lavish spread of buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And now, I am scared of climbing on the weighing scales.

What am I wearing
Tunic/Kurti: Anita Dongre. 
Paired with my dhoti pants.

Sri Aurobindo Ashram

The same day, I visited Sri Aurobindo Ashram and the Samadhi.

Standing in front of the Ashram. This is the place where, Sri Aurobindo stayed. He retired into seclusion. He withdrew from Public work and his only contact with the outside world was Mirra Alfassa, also known as The Mother.

Sri Aurobindo's Samadhi. Absolute peace and silence prevails there.

Visiting the Ganesha Temple opposite the Ashram

Back to my hotel. The sea facing view from my room.

Having lunch with my son.

What am I wearing:

Kurti: Kilol
Changed into loose comfy, cotton dhoti pants.