28 March, 2011

Beach walk in Puducherry

This was a day of splurging in shopping in Puducherry and going to various beaches. One beach was adjacent to my hotel Promenade. The hotel overlooked Bay of Bengal. We went to Serenity beach. And another one was Paradise beach where we drove to. It is on Cuddalore road.

What am I wearing

Dress: Derhy
Bag: Chanel
Glares: Dior
Watch: DKNY


  1. Bay of Bengal looks so peaceful too & look at the happiness in your face enjoying the surroundings !

  2. puducherry is definitely wonderful..my brother went there sometime back and then took mum & dad for a visit...and they all recommend that i should visit it!!...
    well, lets see...i like ur dress in this post!!

  3. Kiran, who is this gentleman in your posts??? He looks kinda similar to you for some reason. :)

    Also I am very sorry for being MIA, you know I was really sick for almost the last two weeks. Anyway now I am back to enjoying my favorite blogs once again. :)

    BTW the blue saree you featured is truly gorgeous. Does it have a painting of a deity on it?


    Twitter - @ishrattrishna

  4. Missed this one - I think that you wrote it while I was laid up with my slipped disc.
    Lovely pictures of you and your son - with the lovely lady Kiran looking as chic as ever.