30 November, 2015

Meeting Kareena Kapoor at Vivel Skin Love Blogger Meet

It was an absolute pleasure to meet Kareena at Vivel blogger meet. She looked absolutely stunning and ethereal. The pictures below are selfie with her after the meet. She had changed and was ready to leave for the airport.

She was wearing Zara sweatshirt “Attitude Is Everything” with tan boots.

For the event, Kareena wore dress from Kanelle by Kanika Jain. She paired them with earrings from Maheep Kapoor. She looked gorgeous.

Her hair was done by Pompy Hans and makeup was by Ritesh Naik.

I wore
Dress: Michael Kors. Previously worn here.
Boots: Coach. Also worn here.
Bag: Desigual. Here

Vivel, with vitamin E and unique food-for-skin ingredients, nourishes your skin to make it so soft, that 

one can't resist but kiss.


Vivel, ITC’s leading personal care brand is one of India’s youngest most trusted brands (Brand Equity 

– Nielsen Most Trusted Brands, 2015) and also among India’s most exciting brands (Brand Equity 

–Nielsen survey 2015) in the personal care segment. 

In line with the evident shift in women’s attitudes towards their personal grooming regimen 

and the intrinsic need of deep moisturisation, Vivel unveiled this new range enriched with 

Vitamin E, a powerful skin moisturiser.  

Nourishment as a core thought is echoed in every aspect of the portfolio for a holistic 

experience. The assortment of soaps includes 4 variants that are ideal food for skin.

Vivel with Green Tea and Vitamin E is a unique offering and a first in the Indian Soap 

industry. Vivel soap with Green Tea nourishes skin from deep inside and prevents 

accumulation of skin impurities.

Vivel Aloe Vera with Vitamin E deep nourishes to give satin soft skin. 

Vivel Mixed fruit + Cream is a double delight as it is a unique 2-in-1 soap enriched with 

mixed fruits – Pomegranate, Avocado and Papaya- Cream and Vitamin E. Not only it 

nourishes skin, but also endows it with a youthful glow.

The Design language of the new soaps provides sensorial experiences with the shape and 

feel. The cocoon like shape with soft, fluid and pleat like contours depicts nurturing care and 


In a manufacturing innovation, Vivel introduces India’s first soap that visually depicts dual 

skin benefits. DUCOX (Dual Core Extrusion Technology) makes Vivel Mixed Fruit a fascinating 

visual manifestation of the dual-skin nourishment delivered by the soaps.

Portfolio expansion: 

Vivel introduced ‘Love & Nourish’ an exquisitely crafted bathing range with brand 

ambassador Kareena Kapoor Khan. Enriched with Almond Oil & Shea Butter and Avocado Oil 

& Olive Butter, Vivel Love & Nourish is an indulgence crafted to pamper skin with an 

abundance of exotic butter and nourishing oil. The ingredients since time immemorial have 

had a rich legacy of skin care and nourishment. Vivel love & Nourish celebrates the indulgent 

and lovable Vivel woman. Be it the exotic nourishing ingredients with a rich legacy of skin 

care or the innovation in creating the first ever flip-top mechanism in soap packaging, Vivel

Love & Nourish is an idyllic extravagance that is poised to serenade a woman with élan!

Below is the question I asked Kareena and her answer.

Post workout easy stretches

A day after the marathon, when the body is really sore, time to take it super easy for a day. Rest and recovery is important before embarking a new journey. Keep it gentle. Stretch, breathe and relax.

29 November, 2015

Airtel Delhi Half Marathon- ADHM

Today I ran Airtel Delhi half marathon. I participated in the marathon after a gap of four years. I trained for it for 3 months twice a week.
My strategy was to run with a pacer. The pacer I ran with, was excellent. He made it feel like a picnic. He chatted, encouraged, pushed, took pictures. He was incredible. 
Amongst my group, the guys gave some killing timings. My official timing is yet to come and I will publish it soon with my certificate.

28 November, 2015

Harley Davidson, HOG and me

This month, I bought my first bike (not the last one though). I am still learning to ride it well. I am enjoying riding it so much, I am almost in love with it.
Here are my pictures after taking the delivery of the bike from the showroom.

Earlier, I had gone and picked up my first biking jacket.

Yesterday, I attended my first HOG meet. HOG is Harley owners group. I was super nervous before attending it. I knew no one, am an amateur rider. I went with my husband. The meeting was in Junkyard cafe in CP. It is a cafe so typical for bikers. 
I am so glad I went. I connected with the bikers and their partners. They were super warm, friendly, accepting and encouraging. I felt a part of HOG family. Here are few pictures.