28 April, 2013

Netherlands party with orange color theme

Last night was a party organized by Netherlands Embassy. The dress code was orange and everyone had worn orange. There was a live Spanish band playing along which we did Tango. It was so much fun. It was a very different party and the crowd was awesome. There were free flowing vines, champagnes, sangrias, cocktails, live counters of exotic food. Everyone danced. And there were so many people who showed interest in learning tango.

Live band. Playing wonderful Spanish music.

Nail art

My nail art.
Also notice my new lamp. Love it.

27 April, 2013

Weekend party

I really needed a break from my hectic schedule. And this was an awesome weekend spent with friends. We did club hopping and dancing. It is awesome to be with like minded, chilled out people.
All of them also do Tango.
Now I have clearly demarcated friends- Tango dancers and non Tango dancers. People who are equally passionate about Tango and people who are still unaffected by the magic.

What I am wearing is a jumpsuit that I recently bought in US. (I guess this is the only jumpsuit I have in my wardrobe or probably will ever have).
Do you notice my new hairdo. Much shorter than what I had before.
And my new coach limited edition bag- bought in US.

This is at 3 AM and we could barely walk straight. :)

24 April, 2013

Tango DJ in India

As a dancer myself, I have s a deep appreciation for tango music which is a crucial part of the overall milonga experience for each dancer. As a DJ, I strive to create a musical atmosphere that inspires dancers and connects with them on the emotional level. While DJ-ing, I always connect to the dancers-either by observing the energy and the interactions of dancefloor, or dancing in the middle of it. I follow and I lead (like in picture below).
In addition to selecting good tango songs, I pay detailed attention to the structure of the playlist. I compile tandas in a way, so as to establish harmonious energy, and to develop emotional-energetic contrasts with a tasteful climax and rise that resonate within each dancer.

Tango stretch

Tango stretch is a class that I have introduced. I am experienced and qualified fitness and Tango expert. This class is designed for deep muscle flexibility, agility. Everyone can do it- whether you are a weightlifter, dancer, fitness enthusiast. This class incorporates flowing exercises that have smooth transitions and focus on core balancing and training, core conditioning, neuro muscular facilitation. This class uses unique relaxing and rejuvenating Tango music, specially compiled, to help you achieve deeper stretches. It combines elements from yoga, pilates and tai chi. This class aims to make you lean, healthy, fit and agile.

23 April, 2013

You can fake an orgasm but you cannot fake Tango

You can fake an orgasm but you cannot fake Tango. Tango is transparent. More transparent than anything I have ever known. You cannot fake it. It's tells all. Whether you are a seasoned dancer or a beginner, whether you are tensed, your mind is preoccupied or are you in the moment. Whether you are enjoying it or doing it superficially. Whether your adornos are fake or are coming naturally. Whether you have learnt it from videos or invested hard core training in it.
Whether the two of you have a connection or are just waiting for the tanda to get over. It's all there and anyone and everyone can notice. Something as simple as walk can differentiate a beginner from an advance. Strange but true. Everything else in this world has an imitation, a fake but Tango has actually superseded everything else. Which is also one reason, we barely ever see Argentine Tango in reality shows where dancers train and demonstrate a dance form in a week. It is not possible to do authentic Tango in those shows unless you are really trained in it. Besides, show Tango is way too different from Tango done in milongas.
So if you want to have a good tango, do it without faking. Invest training in it. If you try too hard to conceal any of your emotion, it will show. So rather go with the flow. Let your training seep into your muscle memory. Do it neat and without any gimmicks.

Buy a session of Tango and enjoy

Now you can buy a session of Argentine Tango here. And come and enjoy the class with NDTS- New Delhi tango school.

22 April, 2013

Practice Tango everyday to avoid getting rusted

Doing Tango means constant practice. You need to attend classes, take privates, attend practicas and milongas. If you do not, you become rusted very soon. And what is worse, your partner can tell and feel the difference.
Generally people ask, "How long have you been dancing for?" Referring to- how many years. 
According to me, the apt question should be, how many hours of practice have you put in your dance. There are people, who claim to be dancing for 15 years and can barely walk well. Whereas, there are others, who have put in 5 years and have exceeded them. The difference is the numbers of hours each day the later has put in their practice, the number of lessons taken from the maestros, the number of festivals attended, the amount you have invested in your dance.
From the moment of my first embrace, I can clearly differentiate between a good leader and an average one. Before he takes his first step, I can tell whether he is a beginner or advanced. Then I know whether I need to work extra hard even for him or can he take care of himself. 
Same goes for the leaders. They can tell, if the follower is advanced or beginner. Has she been practicing her pivots, or is she rusted? The first embrace tells it all.
I may neglect to eat food, but I can never miss my daily practice- with or without a partner. That is why, in cities, where Tango is booming, people have the opportunity to attend milongas 7 days a week. And they do attend them. If you do so, you are an altogether different persona on the milonga floor. Everyone notices and you get the best dances.

My article published in international Tango newspaper.

An international Tango newspaper linked my article in the headline section www.milonga.me
Check. Mine is right at the top.
More articles written by me can be seen in the same paper here.
check- All my blogposts are linked here

20 April, 2013

It does not take 2 to tango.

Most of the inputs below are of my Tango teacher Daniel Trenner. I do not take credit for them. I am expressing his words.

The phrase ,"it takes 2 to Tango" is outdated and rejected. Renowned teachers all over the world will tell you that the reality is different. The leader and the follower do not have to do 50- 50% to complete 100%. Each one has to do 100%. Only good dancers and teachers understand this. The weak ones believe that it takes 2 to Tango. Those people are parasites and creepers who cannot stand on their own and need the other person to complete them. That is why their dance is pathetic all their life. They never improve. Everything about their dance is wrong- their posture, their embrace, their walk, their gait- everything.

A strong follower on the other hand knows how to dance independently and rather even make her man look good. She does not wait for the lead because she knows that "the leader is an idiot. One look at him is enough to tell her that he is an idiot. That she should not rely on him. That he will fail her. That she should not trust him. But shh!! the leader cannot know. Because if he knows, then he will be very upset. Let him believe that he is the man of the universe. That he is making her look good. Let him take the credit. But the fact is that if the follower's value is 10 $, the leader's value is 10 cents. Leader does nothing because he knows nothing.  And if he tells her- you are wrong, then she says, 'Yes Dear' and then does exactly what she wanted to do." Wink wink!!

"And leaders you cannot know this. Do not read this. It is a secret. Do not believe any of the things written above. Because you are the man of the universe. Without you, she cannot move. You are responsible for her. You have to tell her- this way, that way, go, stop. But shh!! She cannot know."

Rules for milonga

This post is strictly for the Tango dancers (who understand the nuances and terms like cabaceo, tanda, cortina, etc.). Non Tango dancers, do not waste your time on this post.

Below are the rules meant for people who are in a relationship/are a couple, attend Tango festivals together.
So how to deal with the situation if you are in a relationship and are attending a milonga together with your partner.
Few set of rules.
1. Have an understanding with your partner whether you want to stick to each other for the rest of evening or maybe dance just the first and/or last tanda with each other.
2. If you are wanting to enjoy the regular milonga and dance with others, give each other space. Do not sit with each other. So that a follower is asked for a dance by others.
3. Do not have indulge in any PDA's (public display of affection). That gives signals to the whole community that you are a couple and do not want to dance with anyone else.
4. Do not look at each other in between dances. Do not try to find what the other one is doing. Keep the jealousy at bay.
5. By dancing only with your partner, you really finish the whole purpose of milonga.
6. Try not to arrive together or sit at the same table.
7. Stop chatting with each other continuously. This way you put an end to all the cabaceos that might be directed towards you,
8. If your partner is a non Tango dancer, make sure he/she does not accompany you to a milonga. You will end up ruining the whole evening for both of you. Your partner will not understand the rules of milonga and you will not get any dances.

More rules for milonga.

Saying "Thank You" after a song will be interpreted as, "I am done dancing with you." You say Thank you after you finish a Tanda (which is of 3-4 songs). You change a partner only after a cortina. After each song, you wait for about 10-20 seconds and chat with each other before dancing the next song. During this time you exchange pleasantries like- "that was nice". "Where are you from"? or make a friendly comment about the dancing style, introduce yourself, or just chat. At this time, you are not locked in the embrace. You let go of each other. And then resume the embrace.

Chatting while dancing is a big no no. Try to concentrate on the musicality and your footwork rather than chatting.

Discontinuing a dance with your partner in between a Tanda is a big insult to your partner. Try not to do so unless the person is simply unbearable. Even when the situation is unbearable, try not to frown. The others will notice your rudeness and will avoid dancing with you. If you have to stop, make sure you stop very politely and only when your partner is extremely intolerable.

Leaders make sure you are courteous enough to escort your follower to her seat after you finish dancing a tanda with her. Politely say thank you and then go back.

Do not monopolize any person. Specially if a person is a beginner and does not know how to get out of a situation.

For followers- When the leader asks you for a dance and leads you to the dance floor, do not jump with enthusiasm right in the middle of the dance floor. Let him make way for you. A good leader would/ should make an eye contact with another leader dancing on the floor and once he gets the permission, he will lead you onto the dance floor. It is like a freeway where you got to merge into the moving traffic and not just jump in. A good leader will also try to enter the line of dance mostly (not always) from the corner and not middle.

Note to beginners- Do not start by chatting and asking, "do you know what song is it." It is such a put off. Pay attention to the DJ. A good DJ displays what he is playing now and next.

Followers if you are wanting to be asked for a dance, take time from your girlie conversations and giggles. Keep that cell phone in your bag. Do not cut your chances of being asked for a dance during a cortina. Some leaders deliberately let one song of a tanda go by in Tango and then come and ask for a dance. A tanda of Tango has 4 songs. Vals and milonga have 3 songs each.

Leaders do carry an extra shirt to change. Everyone must have breath mints, hand sanitizer and a handkerchief.

19 April, 2013

Delhi is the rape capital of the world.

A shocking rape case of a 5 year old girl in Delhi as reported by The Hindu here.
A five-year-old girl, who was raped allegedly by a neighbour after holding her captive for four days, is battling for life due to infection contracted from foreign objects found inside her body, doctors said on Friday.
The incident reported on Thursday from Gandhi Nagar triggered protests outside Swami Dayanand Hospital.
Dr R K Bansal of the hospital said the next 24 to 48 hours will be critical for the girl and that there were injuries and bruises on her private parts, chest, lips and cheeks. She had some bruises on her neck which indicated that the accused might have tried to strangle her.
“She was scared and not fully conscious. Initially she did not allow us to proceed with the examination as she was in tremendous pain. She had fever also and after giving medicines, it became normal. However, the fever recurred and we found she had some infection.
“After giving anaesthesia, more tests were conducted and we found that there were some foreign objects like candle and a 200 ml bottle of hair oil inside her body,” Bansal said, adding that they were not giving her food as she had infection in her stomach also.
Dr. Bansal said it was one of the worst cases his team of doctors had attended to.
Police is on the hunt for the accused, who stayed on the ground floor of the building where the victim and her family lived. The girl was rescued from the accused’s house on Thursday, four days after she went missing.
The minor’s family claimed that the police was “insensitive” by not registering a case in time and that some policemen told them that they should be happy that the girl was alive, allegations which were denied by the force.
“When I went to lodge an FIR, police refused to register the case. If they had made a better attempt, they would have found her. Police told me to be happy that she was alive,” her father alleged.
He also alleged that doctors refused to give any information beyond that his daughter was critical.
The girl’s mother said the victim went out to play and was kidnapped. “The man then locked her up in his room and raped her. I want justice from the government,” she said.
A relative of the girl alleged that when they went to the police station to enquire about the case, the personnel told them that now they should pray for her recovery as she has been rescued.
A senior police official denied the allegations saying they found the child from the same building where the girl was staying and rushed the victim to the hospital.
He said they also immediately registered a case of kidnapping as soon as the matter was reported to them.
Sources said senior doctors from LNJP hospital will visit the victim and then take a decision on the next course of treatment.
The incident saw protests outside the hospital where the girl is undergoing treatment.
The protesters included family members of the minor, neighbours and activists of Aam Aadmi Party.
“The five-year-old rape victim is critical and is in a shabby municipality hospital. Why cannot the government and police shift her to a better hospital?” AAP leader Manish Sisodia said.
In a letter to Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit, AAP leaders Manish Sisodia and Gopal Rai claimed that the incident showed the administration’s “inhuman” attitude towards the common person.
“The victim has been admitted by your administration and police to a small hospital where only minimal facilities are available,” they said alleging that police tried to win over the parents by offering them money to hush up the case.
“We appeal to you to shift the girl to AIIMS so that her life is saved,” they said.

Is Delhi ready to host a Tango festival?

New Delhi Tango festival being hosted in 2015. Check the link here.

16 April, 2013

NDTS billboard in GK-II, Delhi.

NDTS- New Delhi Tango School billboard as you enter Greater Kailash-II, New Delhi.

15 April, 2013

About Kiran Sawhney

A reader asked me to blog and compile all the things that I do professionally and am qualified to do. So here is the list

1. I am a qualified personal fitness trainer, qualified to teach aerobics, step aerobics, Yoga, Pilates, aqua aerobics, boot camp, kickboxing, tai chi, weight training, sculpting and conditioning, dancercise,
bhangra aerobics, tabata, ramping up, TRX, Bosu, stretching. I also deal with rehabilitation and sports injuries. I am also qualified for Shiatsu. I do diet counseling, lifestyle management and am a makeover expert.

2. In makeover, besides fitness, I do styling, grooming and public speaking. I have a team of experts which caters to cosmetic surgery, make up, dermatology and dentistry.

Check my fitness and makeover website here

3. I export hand woven sarees. I also export tango dresses and tango shoes.

4. I teach Argentine Tango and I DJ professionally for the milongas.
Check my Tango website here.

My other interests include blogging, traveling, painting Tango paintings, learning to sing Tango songs.

I have been dancing since childhood. The other forms of dances that I have learnt and can do well are-
Kathak, Odissi, Bharatnatyam, bollywood, salsa, merengue, jive, rock and roll, bachata, zouk, cha cha and flamenco (just started learning).

I have a degree in fashion designing from NIFT, diploma in Visual merchandising and a private pilot's licence.

Languages that I can speak fluently- Hindi, english, punjabi.
Not so fluently- Japanese and Spanish.

I follow Art of Living and Sri Sri. I meditate every day.
I am vegan and prescribe to being vegan.

14 April, 2013

Tango life

There is a codigo de Tango and there is a code to lead your life. They move parallel. In Tango, the Tanguero gives a cabaceo to Tanguera and she has the power to accept the invitation or decline it. There is a nod of head, wink of an eye, raised eyebrow or else she looks away.
Similarly life gives you cabaceo on everyday basis and it is up to you to take that opportunity that has come knocking on your door or decline it. Life says, "salimos a bailar" (shall we dance) and either you get up and have a beautiful tanda on the floor or you keep sitting waiting for the next one. When you get up, you say yes to Tango and to life. Probably you say yes to Tango life.
There have been many events that changed my life drastically and dramatically. They took me over and engulfed me. When my children were born, my life revolved around them. I could not think beyond them. They still are and will always be a very important part of me and my life.
I came across "Art of Living" and Sri Sri and that gave me tools to live happily.
And then came Tango and took me over and my life. I seem to have a life before tango and after tango divided in two parts. I have friends from tango and few who are not from tango and they can again be separated in two parts. It took me couple of years to enjoy and appreciate the tango music and musicality. And now I cannot enjoy any other music which is non Tango. Every other music seems like a noise. Now I can sing some Tango songs and DJ a milonga very well.
Go ahead accept that cabaceo. Seek your own cadencia, your own rhythm. Feel the syncopation. Step into the arms of life and into Tango.

If you are angry be silent

Have you heard that before- Be silent when in Anger? Do you agree to it?
I do not. First and foremost, like I have been saying, live in present to be happy. Anger is a feeling associated with past. It is never associated with the present.
Having said that, if you are angry/hurt, it means something/somebody provoked you to be angry. Then why should you be silent? Simply because, you should not utter something out of anger that you may regret later. So that you should not hurt anyone else. Cmmon! why should you live in hurt and anger?
I say, if you are angry, speak up. Let it be out of your system. Do not let the other party get away by hurting you, making you sad or angry. Do not be silent. One of my friend says, "tension lene ka nahin. Tension dene ka." It means do not take tension (stress). Give it. In other words, like I say, "Love yourself the most." Do not be timid, frightened, angry, hurt, disturbed, stressed, depressed, sobbing, sulking, etc. Burst out, if you must. And then chill. Once you have taken it out of your system, expressed yourself loud and clear, move ahead.
Never start a fight. Never. But if the other person starts it, provokes you, makes you angry, then do not be silent. Give a nice befitting reply with your choicest words and actions. In other words- never give sh** to any one. But do not take it from anyone either.

12 April, 2013

Maxi mized at the manor

After a long time, I was free today. And I have a free weekend (partially) that I am looking forward to.
So I went to my favorite restaurant, The Indian Accent, in the manor. The chef served me my special navratra food.
I wore my Burberry maxi that I have worn earlier here. I really enjoyed the food and the company.

Awesome food. This is not mine.

This aaloo chat is mine.

This is served in the end- called school time memories. It has chikki, ram laddo, aam papad and fatafat. Only Indians would know this. 

07 April, 2013

To respect or not to respect your elders

We Indians are taught a lot about- Respect your elders. I do not know how this applies to other cultures and nations. So my this post is very specific to Indians and to people who are above 20 years. Not to small children.

I might sound too defiant. But truth be told. I do not propagate, "respect your elders" blindly. In the following situations when elders are wrong, DO NOT respect them. Stand up and speak against them. You will not be wrong. You will rather be right.
Do not show elders any undue respect if they

1. Abuse you- in any which way- verbally, physically, mentally, emotionally.
2. Nag you unnecessarily
3. Taunt you.
4. Have unrealistic expectations from you
5. When they just simply "want to be respected" for no rhyme and reason. Or just because they were born few years ahead of you.

In these situations, stand up for yourself, speak up, answer back (harshly if needed. Respect be damned).
First and foremost respect yourself, your integrity, your worth, the person who you are. Because only you are responsible for your own happiness. Do not let such elders (whatever the relation be), ruin you or your happiness.
Some of our elders are becoming control freaks. They either take the advantage of their age or their relationship to you. The more you "obey" them, the more they tighten the noose around you. They expect you to be docile and spineless. No. Do not be. Do not take any Sh..  from anyone, however elder he or she may be. They have to earn that respect and not command it. If they refuse to move ahead with times, you cannot be standing with them and let your time and opportunities pass by, simply because you were taught to respect your elders. If they cannot be humble, forgiving, modest, understanding, blessing, supporting, then....you know what to do. We all have one life to lead. Till when can you please such an elder and cause pain and agony to your own self?

By no means I am propagating being disrespectful, non caring, egoist person. NO. All I am saying is respect a person if he/she is worthy of it. Not because he/she is elder. And do not take negativity lying low and let it go.

*** Special note to elders, including my own self.

Younger generation these days is not wrong. You are. Stop complaining and whining. If you feel, that younger generation is not giving you, your due respect, try to find fault in your own self and not in them. They are not heartless, insensitive, insensible. They do want you, your love, care and your blessings. They are ready to bond with you. But if you constantly shun them, criticize them, control them, blame them, pressurize them, then they have no option but to avoid you.You need to be more open minded, more receiving and even more giving. Try to understand their view points and their stressful life. Appreciate their efforts. Try to be happy in their happiness. Give them your love and support unconditionally and without expecting anything in return. Stop being control freaks because no one likes and wants to be controlled. Express your opinion not your resentments. Stop sulking, frowning, stop being angry for no reason and expecting them to be subservient to you. They will not be. They need not be. Stop holding on to your past grudges. Be more forgiving and liberal. You respect them and in return you will earn their respect.

06 April, 2013

Pronunciation of designer labels

If you wanna wear branded stuff, better learn how to pronounce them right!

I really cannot stand people who cannot pronounce brands properly and they still dare to show off that they have a “LO-WE” or a “HER-MIS” bag… gosh!
If you can’t get the spelling below, have a listen ->http://fashion.about.com/cs/designers/l/blpronounce.htm
Alessandro Dell’Acqua Del-LAK-wa
Anna Sui SWEE
Anne Demeulemeester Ahn Deh-MUH-le-mees-ter
Anteprima On-tay-pre-ma
Agnes B. Ahn-NYAS Buh
Atelier ah-tell-ee-ay
Azzedine Alaia Aza-deen A-LYE-a
Balenciaga Bah-LEN-see-aga
Bally BAH-li
Balmain Bahl-MAH
Baume & Mercier Bom ee Mer-SEE-yay
Behnaz Sarafpour Beh-naz Sa-RAH-furr
Braun Buffel Brohn Byu-furl
Bruno Magli BROO-no MAL-yi
Bottega Veneta BO-te-ga Ve-NE-tah
Boucheron Boo-ke-ron
Burberry BURR-behr-ri
Bvlgari Bull-gah-ree
Byblos BEEB-los
Chacharel KA-sha-rel
Cartier KAR-ti-yay
Celine: s seh-lyn
Cerruti Cher-RU-tee
Cesare Paciotti CHE-sa-ray Pa-chi-YO-ti
Chanel Sha-NEL
Chantal Thomas SHAN-tal To-MAH
Charles Jourdan Sharls Zhor-DHUN
Charriol SHA-ri-yol
Chloe KLOH-eh
Chopard Sho PAR
Christian Loboutin kris-tian loo-boo-tan (soft N)
Christian Lacroix Christian LAH-kwa
Claude Montana Kload Mohn-TA-na
Comme des Garcons Kom deh GHAR-sohng
Coccinelle KOH-chee-nel-li
Costume National KOHS-tyum NAH-sho-nal
Courreges Koo-REZH
Cynthia Rowley Cynthia RAO-li
Dolce & Gabbana DOL-cheh and Ge-BA-na
Donna Karan Donna Kah-ren
Dries Van Noten Dress Vahn NOH-tehn
Elie Saab EH-li Zahb
Emanuel Ungaro Ee-MAN-noo-el OON-Gah-ro
Emilio Pucci Ehm-ee-lee-o Poo-chee
Emporio Armani Em-POHR-yo AR-mah-ni
Erotokritos arrow-toe-kri-tose
Ermenigildo Zegna Ehr-MAN-ni-jil-do ZEY-na
Etro EHT-tro
Etienne Aigner Eight-YEN AHG-neigh
Faconnable FAH-so-nahb
Georg Jensen Yorg YEN-sen
Gianfranco Ferre ZHAN-franck-o Feh-REH
Gianni Versace Jee-YAN-nee Ver-SA-chee
Givenchy ZHEE-von-shee
Gucci GOO-chi
Guy Laroche Gee Lah-Rosh
Hedi Slimane EH-di Sli-MAHN
Helmut Lang HEL-moot Lung
Hermes Air-h-MEZZ
Herve Leger Er-VEY Le-ZHAY
Hussein Chalayan HOO-sayn CHA-layan
Issey Miyake EES-say Mi-YA-kay
Jacques Fath Zhack Faht
Jaeger-Lecoultre Yay-ger Leh-KOOT
Jean-Charles de Castlebajac Zhan-Sharls de KA-sel-ba-zhak
Jean Louis Scherrer Zhan LOO-ee She-REHR
Jean Paul Gaultier Zhon Paul GOL-tee-yay
Lanvin Lahn-VAWN
Les Copains Leh KHO-pang
Loewe Lo-EH-veh
Longchamp Long-shum
Longines LOHN-jeens
Louis Ferraud LOO-ee Fay-YOH
Louis Vuitton LOO-ee Vui-TOHNG
Mainbocher Men-bo-SHAY
Marithé et François Girbaud Mah-ri-TAY eh Frans-SUAH Jeer BOW
Martin Margiela Marr-JEL-la
Manolo Blahnik Ma-no-low Blah-nick
Martine Sitbon Marh-TIN Si-BOHN
Miu Miu Myu Myu
Moet et Chandon Moe-ET A shan-don (soft N)
Monique Lhuillier Moe-neek Lu-lee-ay
Moschino Mos-KI-no
Narciso Rodriguez Nar-SEE-so-Rod-RI-gehz
Nicholas Ghesquire NI-ko-la GEHS-kyerr
Olivier Theyskens Oh-LI-vi-yay THIGH-skens
Piaget Pya-jay
Piazza Sempione Pi-YAT-za Sem-pi-YO-ni
Pierre Balmain Pyerr BAHL-mahn
Pierre Cardin Pyerr Kar-DOHN
Plain Sud Plan Sood
POLECI policy
Proenza Schouler Pro-EHN-za SHOO-ler
Ralph Lauren Ralph LO-ren
Rochas RHO-shas
Romero Gigli Romeo JEE-li
Salvatore Ferragamo Sal-va-TOH-reh Fehr a-GAH-mo
Sonia Rykiel REEK-ki-yel
Thierry Mugler TEh-ree MOOH-gleh
Tiiu Kiuk tee-you Quick
Thomas Maier TOH-mas MAH-yer
Veronique Branquinho Ve-ro-NEEK BRANG-ki-no
Xuly Bët ZUH-li Bet
YSL Rive Gauche YSL Reev Gosh
Yves Saint Laurent Eev Sahn Lor-UHN