20 April, 2013

Rules for milonga

This post is strictly for the Tango dancers (who understand the nuances and terms like cabaceo, tanda, cortina, etc.). Non Tango dancers, do not waste your time on this post.

Below are the rules meant for people who are in a relationship/are a couple, attend Tango festivals together.
So how to deal with the situation if you are in a relationship and are attending a milonga together with your partner.
Few set of rules.
1. Have an understanding with your partner whether you want to stick to each other for the rest of evening or maybe dance just the first and/or last tanda with each other.
2. If you are wanting to enjoy the regular milonga and dance with others, give each other space. Do not sit with each other. So that a follower is asked for a dance by others.
3. Do not have indulge in any PDA's (public display of affection). That gives signals to the whole community that you are a couple and do not want to dance with anyone else.
4. Do not look at each other in between dances. Do not try to find what the other one is doing. Keep the jealousy at bay.
5. By dancing only with your partner, you really finish the whole purpose of milonga.
6. Try not to arrive together or sit at the same table.
7. Stop chatting with each other continuously. This way you put an end to all the cabaceos that might be directed towards you,
8. If your partner is a non Tango dancer, make sure he/she does not accompany you to a milonga. You will end up ruining the whole evening for both of you. Your partner will not understand the rules of milonga and you will not get any dances.

More rules for milonga.

Saying "Thank You" after a song will be interpreted as, "I am done dancing with you." You say Thank you after you finish a Tanda (which is of 3-4 songs). You change a partner only after a cortina. After each song, you wait for about 10-20 seconds and chat with each other before dancing the next song. During this time you exchange pleasantries like- "that was nice". "Where are you from"? or make a friendly comment about the dancing style, introduce yourself, or just chat. At this time, you are not locked in the embrace. You let go of each other. And then resume the embrace.

Chatting while dancing is a big no no. Try to concentrate on the musicality and your footwork rather than chatting.

Discontinuing a dance with your partner in between a Tanda is a big insult to your partner. Try not to do so unless the person is simply unbearable. Even when the situation is unbearable, try not to frown. The others will notice your rudeness and will avoid dancing with you. If you have to stop, make sure you stop very politely and only when your partner is extremely intolerable.

Leaders make sure you are courteous enough to escort your follower to her seat after you finish dancing a tanda with her. Politely say thank you and then go back.

Do not monopolize any person. Specially if a person is a beginner and does not know how to get out of a situation.

For followers- When the leader asks you for a dance and leads you to the dance floor, do not jump with enthusiasm right in the middle of the dance floor. Let him make way for you. A good leader would/ should make an eye contact with another leader dancing on the floor and once he gets the permission, he will lead you onto the dance floor. It is like a freeway where you got to merge into the moving traffic and not just jump in. A good leader will also try to enter the line of dance mostly (not always) from the corner and not middle.

Note to beginners- Do not start by chatting and asking, "do you know what song is it." It is such a put off. Pay attention to the DJ. A good DJ displays what he is playing now and next.

Followers if you are wanting to be asked for a dance, take time from your girlie conversations and giggles. Keep that cell phone in your bag. Do not cut your chances of being asked for a dance during a cortina. Some leaders deliberately let one song of a tanda go by in Tango and then come and ask for a dance. A tanda of Tango has 4 songs. Vals and milonga have 3 songs each.

Leaders do carry an extra shirt to change. Everyone must have breath mints, hand sanitizer and a handkerchief.