31 August, 2020

Khadi Banarasi Georgette Saree

 Banarasi Sarees are always loved by Indian women and the lustrous beauty of these sarees always wins the heart of everyone.

And if you are looking for the finest and traditional sarees, there is nothing better than a Banarsi Georgette Saree. It gives you the royal look, for which you always wished for. Banarsi has it's own different Aura, which helped it to look authentic. 

Banarasi georgette sarees are world famous because of their gold, zari, silver handwork, natural silk, and excellent embroidery. ... Most of these saree has attractive designs all over the body and the golden work makes it more appealing. You can see more of our collection of Banarsi Georgette Saree with price here and here.

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Patteda Anchu Cotton Saree With Ganga Jamuma Border

 when it comes to something durable yet fashionable no fabric can beat Cotton. It remains soft and comfortable to wear, 

And PATTEDA ANCHU is a traditional handloom weave from Karnataka made of pure cotton. It was also considered as an auspicious garment in past years. The beauty lies in its understated elegance and simplicity. These sarees will give you the aunthentic look and make you comfortable. We have these sarees available in many different color you can check that below in pictures.

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French Chiffon

Do you want to go with a classy fabric but not something heavy? Then French Chiffon is the right fabric that you are looking for. These Sarees Can never fail to bring a classy and simple look at the same time

Chiffon is a lightweight plain-woven fabric with a mesh-like weave that gives it a transparent appearance. It is a plain balanced weave where similar weighted weft and warp threads are used on the loom for manufacturing. 

The Fabric is totally pure and that.s why these Fabrics can be easily dyed into different colors. And this is also one of the reason why these sarees are available in very different and vibrant colors. You can see more of our collection of chiffon Saree here and here.

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                                                                                Price - 6950/-

Pochampally silk

 Worrying about what you should wear on the next coming Occasion or Festival then have a look at this silk Pochampally Saree.

They have traditional geometric patterns in the Ikat style of dyeing.  This will make all your double thought go away. These Sarees never fail to make sense of fashion.

 Pochampally, a cluster of 80 villages, has traditional looms, whose pattern and designs are centuries-old. Today this Silk City, which is more of a cottage industry, is home to more than 10,000 weaving families in 100 villages. This will increase your grace every time.

Buy it now for this coming festive season. Also. flaunt it on your social media accounts, and make people go crazy.

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Price - 9900/-

Patola Saree

Patola is also known as the queen of Saree for it's lush and illustrious silk and intricate. The Warp and Weft are dyed in the pattern of the saree and then woven with great mathematical precision.

It has lehariyaa in the body, it has a heavy border and very heavy pallu and also a similar blouse, generally, with patola saree, you do not get such a heavy blouse. People also do another buy especially for a heavy blouse with it. But in Sohum sutras, you can get this special heavy blouse along with it. This is a true value for money. it is the perfect buy for the coming Festive season. Grab it now just for price on request.

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