30 August, 2012

Zoya, the exquisite diamond boutique, A TATA product presents Banaras

Yesterday, in Taj Palace, Zoya and Khazana presented Banaras. They showcased how Tata has adopted a village of weavers and revived the handloom woven banarasi saris there. The saris are adorned by the staff of Taj hotels and sold in Khazana. I fell in love with banarasi handwoven traditional saris all over again. It was an extremely elegant do with a sit down pure vegetarian dinner, served traditionally in thalis. The evening showcased their exquisite Zoya diamond jewelry and traditional banarasi saris that take 6- 12 weeks to be woven. They were worn by very elegant women- few models, Miss India 2008- Parvathy Omanakutham, women from khazana, writers, lawyers, social activitists, etc.

I had worn a banarasi net Sari to the event.

Mouth watering vegetarian- rather vegan food. I gobbled down everything.

This was the centre decoration of my table.

Banaras backdrop with priests chanting mantras and doing banaras traditional aarti.

Parvathy Omanakutham opening the show

This of course was my favorite sari.

Parvathy Omanakutham again

Shivani Wazir

Kalyani chawla

Women from house of Khazana

2 western dresses showcased- made out of Banarasi fabrics

Parvathy Omanakutham again

Grand Finale

Saris for sale

Few readers wanted more colorful saris. So here is something unusual, hand woven, traditional and classical.
The price is mentioned in Indian Rupee. 
I ship internationally. Shipping charges are extra. Limited stock available Because each piece is unique and not woven in multiple numbers. While ordering, please mention the date of the blog post and the number in front of each piece. To place your order email me at

1. Net jute silk. Pink and green sari. available in two shades.
Price: Rs.11,000/-

2. Second shade of the above sari. It has lighter pink. 
Price: Rs.11,000/-

3. Chanderi tissue sari- olive green color and red color.
Show below- left is the body- all over small buti (motif). Right side is palla in red. Red border.
Price: Rs. 10,000/-

Below is palla

4. Pistachio green chanderi sari- very subtle, very fresh and refreshing. Its cool like peppermint.
Below is the body.
Price: Rs. 10,000/-

Above you see the border. Below you see the palla.

5. Turquise blue chanderi sari. Below is the body.
Price Rs. 10,000/-


6. Cream gold banarasi georgette sari in cream silver and gold pure zari. I had shown this in my blog post yesterday here. But a reader wanted to see it draped. So here is it. It falls and drapes very well. I have loosely draped it on me.

Price: Rs. 25,000/- 

7. Aubergine Kora silk sari. Below is body on left and palla on right.

Price: Rs. 12,500/-

8. Fuchsia and red kora silk sari. Broad border. Below you can see the body and palla.

Price: Rs. 12,500/-




9. Cream and gold Banarasi tussar and georgette sari with pure zari. Below you see the body. This goes all over
Price: Rs. 22,000/-


blouse piece of the sari

big motifs on the border.

10. Bright sunshine yellow Kora silk sari. Below you see the body and the border. It is much brighter than in looks in the picture. It is absolutely sunshine yellow color.
Price: Rs. 12,000/-



11. Banaras silk white gold sari with pure zari. Below you see the body and the border.
Price: Rs. 15,000/-

Big paisleys are the palla

Below you see the body, palla and the border.

12. Fuchsia kora silk sari, leheria style. Below you see the body as diagonal stripes. 
Price: Rs. 12,000/-


13. Cream and maroon net jute silk sari. This i had to drape to show, how it has different colors coming on palla, body, pleats, border etc. It has a maroon blouse.

Price: Rs. 12,500/-