29 August, 2012

Saris for sale

There has been immense interest in my chanderi saris. Specially the white gold ones. Here are some new pieces that have been made. I am also featuring two saris in different colors- vermillion red and indigo blue. You can place your order by quoting the number of the sari I have mentioned. Prices are being quoted in Indian rupee. I ship all over the world. Shipping charges extra. 

1. Jute Chanderi sari
This is the palla

This is the body of the sari. The stripes you see in the left corner is the blouse piece. The body of the sari is plain and there is red border.
Price: Rs. 12,000/-

2. Jute chanderi sari. 
Below is palla. 
Price Rs. 12,000/-

The body is plain with red border.

3. Chanderi white gold Sari.
This is palla
Price: Rs. 9000/-

The body as you see on the left is small buti (motifs) all over. With broad border.

4. Chanderi- white and gold.
Below is palla.
Price Rs. 10,000/-

The body of the sari is gold buti and broad gold border.

5. Red Chanderi Sari.
This red color rarely comes in chanderi sari.
Right side is palla and left is the body of the sari.
Price: Rs.10,000/-


6. Indigo blue chanderi Sari. Again a rare color.
Below is palla.
Price: Rs. 10,000/-

This is the whole body of the sari. Little different from the palla. Nice big buti (motif).

7. This is my master piece of this season. It is banaras silk sari. Below is the huge big motif that runs in the body of the sari. This is silver motif. This is pure zari.
Price: Rs. 26,000/-

This is the palla. Big gold motif.

Here is how the sari looks when draped. I have loosely draped it on myself.

8. Banarasi silk pure zari sari in silver and gold.  The color of this sari is silver and gold. The bse which is looking beige is also dull silver. This is the body all over.
Price: Rs. 25,000/-

On right side is gold palla.

9. Another banarasi silver and gold pure zari sari.
Below is the body. It is completely full like this. It is not beige but dull silver and gold.
Price: Rs. 25,000/-

Right side is the palla.