28 February, 2014

Constructive ways of spending time in Delhi

Delhi does not have many choices for going out and spending time. Our only choices are going to various restaurants, malls or movies. We do not have hiking, trekking, camping, surfing, bungee jumping, snorkeling, casino, theme park etc. With such limited options and plenty of time and money that people have to waste, they end up with the first three options available. There are innumerable women's kitty groups and these days another craze is events and page 3 parties. At the end of the day, nothing useful and constructive is achieved. So what are some ways in Delhi to use time positively. Here is a list:

1. Join a dance class. It could be Tango, salsa or Indian classical dance- kathak, bharatnatyam or hip hop, contemporary, Bollywood, etc.
2. Join music classes or learn to play an instrument like piano. Check some schools here and here.
3. Join fitness classes and spend some time with a trainer to be fit. Or go to some beautiful parks for a walk. Or go biking.
4. Go to a spa.
5. Play golf
6. Learn to paint.
7. Learn a new language. Delhi has many language schools.
8. Write a blog like this one.
9. Read books.
10. Learn photography or some other activity like cooking etc.
11. Associate with some NGO. Do some voluntary service for the cause that is close to your heart.
12. Join theatre.

Sharing clothes

I share my clothes happily and readily with my sister (my real sister). I have occasionally (rarely) shared clothes with my mom. I have been handed down clothes by my boys (some Tshirts etc). I have received innumerable gifts which are clothes that I wear. I have handed down ample amount of my clothes to various people. But when it comes to "sharing clothes", it has never ever been outside family (blood relation) or should I say, someone I love.
Yes, there are ample number of people I know, who share clothes randomly. Even through websites. Everyone would have a different perspective about it and none of them would be wrong. But the views expressed here are completely personal. I do not see myself sharing clothes with someone whom I am not close to, casually, on everyday basis. If there is a dire necessity or urgency, it is understandable. I do not mind buying and wearing an identical outfit.
Sharing clothes is something very intimate. You have to be bum chum to be able to do it. I would certainly read in between the lines if two people live out of each other's wardrobes. For me, then, everything is not what it seems. And there is something more than meets the eye. 

Having a mind of your own

I have written about having a mind of your own here earlier. We are shaped by our thoughts and become what we think. People get so influenced by others that it clouds their rational thinking. Are you an obstinately independent spirit or someone who easily integrates other’s views and opinions into your thinking? Can you go and enjoy the movie in a theatre all by yourself or have a meal in the restaurant alone? Or do you need to have few others around you to feel secure? Do you ever give excuses like- I broke my friendship because someone made me do so. Some people are difficult to sway from their inner certainties and ideas while others are so easy to be manipulated. Can you make up your mind for yourself or are there others in your life, whose opinion you constantly seek? Your actions should not be governed by the views and choices of others. According to art of living, "Do not be a football of other people's opinions."
I fail to understand how people allow others to take reigns of their life in their hands and very conveniently escape from taking on the responsibility of their actions by saying, "He/she made me do this." No one can make you do anything unless you really want to do it. Don't they say, "You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink."

Different ways to wear leggings/ tights

I have written a post here earlier, describing how leggings are new jeans of today. There are ample number of ways in which, you can team them up and create different looks.

You can wear your leggings the traditional Indian way- what is called suit. You may or may not wear a duppatta (scarf) to finish your look.

You can wear it with a skirt. Leggings are not pants. They look cute when they are paired with a skirt. Wear them with boots if it is a straight skirt. This look can be worked both as a casual day time look as well as when you are going out at night.

Sport leggings with a tunic top. Throw in a scarf to finish your look.

Here is the Indian version of a tunic top, called Kurti.

Just like a skirt, you can wear your leggings with a dress and convert all your summer dresses to be worn in winters.

Here are examples of different kinds of dresses, you can wear your leggings with.

You can also wear your leggings with long coats. Boots will be mandatory to finish the look. 

You can also wear your leggings with long woolen sweater. 

Exhibit your tights with a nice, long, sequined top.

Don it with a flouncy skirt.

Wear it with smart, short jacket.

Go colors or patterns with your dresses.

Leggings can also be worn while exercising.

Wear them with long tops. To accessorize, add a belt.

You can even sport them with T's.- short or long.

With a kimono

Last but not the least, you can wear leggings/ jeggings any which way you like. They are really versatile.

Tango peregrination

It was a day of hours and hours of Tango. Self practice in studio, followed 2 private classes in the studio and then a group class in Institute Cervantes, followed by a milonga at the residence of a Spanish Diplomat where I danced for 4 hours straight (hence, no pictures)
On the way back, I was brooding- The best thing in life is Tango. Tango is where you go to process all your troubles. It is the summit of human experience. Everything else is ephemeral but Tango is sempiternal. It is the quintessential of life. It engulfs you, your life, your troubles and leaves you at peace with yourself in a way that everything else seems superficial, unreal and inconsequential. 

27 February, 2014

Desigual dress

Seen below, I am sitting at a friend's house, who organizes a rooftop milonga in the winters.
I am wearing a Dress by Desigual: bought from Barcelona.

I have a Tango book in my hand. I loved the book.

It is called "Twelve minutes of Love".

Before the milonga, I had met few friends for lunch.

Apparel by Mis Amores

My brand, "Miss Amores" retails/wholesales/exports apparel and shoes. I am wearing a top by Miss Amores. We do a lot of hand embroidery and swarovski work on out outfits.
To place your order, email me at: kiran.sawhney@gmail.com

Tug of war

There is an interesting childhood story I had heard that has left its mark on me. It is Akbar Birbal story. Birbal was known for his wisdom.
One day two women came to King Akbar's court. They were fighting over a baby and both claimed the baby to be their own. No one could decide, whose baby it actually was. So, Birbal intervened and said that since it could not be decided, he would cut the baby into two halves and hand it over to both. Hearing this, one woman cried, "No do not cut the baby in two. Let her have the full." Birbal knew that she was the mother. And of course, gave the full baby to her.
When there is true love, you do not want your loved one, cut into two. You let your loved one go completely and fully. You are content to see your loved one happy. You do not want to own them. You want to see your loved one alive and complete. It is not sacrifice. It is not escape. It is- Not putting your loved one in the centre of tug of war and ripping him/her into two.
This story has left its mark so much on me that whenever I see anyone I love, torn between the two, I let go. Sometimes there are situations where a man will be torn between his mother and wife, child will feel sandwiched between two parents, one person is constantly giving explanations to two dear friends. In any such situation, it is best to let go of your loved one and not to tear him apart. It saves so much of heart ache, emotional turmoil and constant fighting.
Someone once told me, "You give up too soon. You do not fight." My answer is, just to win this game of tug of war, I cannot grind my loved one. I had rather, let the other party take full. I do not want to shred my loved one ever and see him/ her die every day. My loved one is not  prized catch or my trophy. I want to see my loved one untroubled.
"If you love somebody, let them go, for if they return, they were always yours. If they don't, they never were. " Kahlil Gibran.

26 February, 2014

Zapatos de Mis Amores

These are the latest Tango/dance shoes in pure leather that are for sale. They are available in all sizes and can be shipped internationally. These shoes have been completely hand made and hand crafted in India. They have special cushioning to give you comfort while dancing. They are super soft, comfortable, light, durable and colorful heels.
For orders, contact at
Each shoe is for Rs. 3600/-

Big fat Indian wedding

It was a spectacular Indian wedding. There were about 5000 people and there were 5000 variety of foods. No kidding, not exaggerating, it was 5000. I could not even see it all, leave aside tasting. And everything was exotic and delicious. The flower decoration was exquisite and so were the chandeliers. Everyone was dressed to kill.  I had a great time.

I am wearing an outfit, that I had picked up from Jaipur. I have worn it here before.