15 February, 2014

Leggings vs jeans

If you have been following my blog, you would know that I am not much of jeans person. I rather prefer to wear stocking/leggings in winters. I think leggings or stockings are the new jeans of today. They are very comfortable and are available in many options- colors, patterns, designs, textures. etc. How many kinds of jeans can you have in your wardrobe? But you can have innumerable leggings and coordinate them in multiple ways. I wear all my dresses with stockings and a sweater/jacket/thermal and I am ready for the winters. Leggings are light (much lighter than jeans) and yet keep you warm. You move in them with as much ease as you move in jeans and the best part is that they are very feminine. For me, garment has to be fashionable, feminine, comfortable, colorful, cheery, versatile, fun, light and snug. Leggings/stockings completely fit the bill.