31 December, 2011

Just another coffee session

 Bidding adieu to 2011 and welcoming 2012. Happy New Year everyone.

30 December, 2011

My blog in the newspaper today

The above article about my blog/from my blog is published in Dainik Jagran City Plus newspaper today. Here is the online link of the paper. The editors tell me that because of this column, they are getting page full of advertisements. Advertisers are interested to have their advertisement on the same page as my story. Feels good.
There are a couple publications who want me to start a regular column about the "Sexy and the City girls of Delhi". Yours Truly is still contemplating/toying with the idea whether to take it/how to go about it/which publication to collaborate with/ what format to follow.
Your suggestions are welcome.

The above article says:

Sexy and the City girls of Delhi.

Meet the sexy, sassy, spicy, swingy, saucy sirens of- not New York but New Delhi. These girls are hotter and more fashionable than the "sex and the city girls". 
This “sex and the city” group also has a writer/blogger, not Carrie Bradshaw but Kiran Bajaj Sawhney. She writes about her life, fashion, her friends, Delhi parties in her blog www.kiransawhney.com
There is Mr. Big in Kiran's life too. She has yet to reveal more details of him on her blog. All she has revealed so far is that he looks like Richard Gere. 
 Madhavi, the event manager. Keep reading the blog to see how this story unfolds. But the blog sure gives you a lot of food for thought about Love, fashion, life, people and lot many things to ponder upon. These girls are boisterous bunnies. Delhi is heating up to a lot of spice. Are you ready for it? 

Healthy eating cookery class

Damson cookery school is holding their first cookery class at Greenhouse on the ridge, on 14th January. It is a course on healthy eating.
The class is one day long, starting at 10am and finishing around 5. They will include a demonstration and practical cooking with lunch and food to take home.
Charges: Rs. 3500 per person

Moods and Expressions

Shot in a span of few minutes, my varied moods and expressions. Can't say which is my favorite. If you  have a favorite, let me know.

29 December, 2011

Watching Don 2

Today was relatively easy day, work wise. So I thought of seeing Don 2. And I loved it. Shah Rukh's look resembled Daniel Craig in Quantum of Solace. Quite a number of people have also compared it to Mission Impossible. The cat and the mouse game is always exciting. The audience loves to watch something that excites them and keeps them guessing about who will win the race in the end.The post interval portion is simply magical swathed with the adrenaline rush sequences to get glued with. The script is well crafted and has urban values, which is why it attracts the viewers. The cinematography is eye-pleasing – the locales of Germany, Thailand and Malaysia are breath-arresting. Shah Rukh Khan has reinvented himself in anti-heroes characters after such a long hiatus and it is a good change for him and his audiences. He has delivered the cold-blooded and dangerous DON with his usual brilliance. Since the movie released at the time of Christmas and New Year, the mammoth collections would be witnessed.
This winters, I am layering myself in minimum six layers of clothes. So no point describing what I am wearing- too many layers. 

Kiran on Fashion Fellow.

Check few of my pictures here on this link and this one too. Following pictures are published.

27 December, 2011


I am one person who does not take surprises very kindly. Call me "control freak" if you want to. But I do want to be in control of the situations and be prepared and pre informed of upcoming events. Yes, life gives you so many surprises, future unfolds and gives you surprises but I do not accept surprises from near and dear ones smilingly. Now since, my near and dear ones know this, they do not try to treat me with surprises any more.

I know few people love surprises. Well, I don't. I react. And react adversely.
Examples of surprise situations could be

Surprise Birthday/Anniversary etc party thrown for you by your family/friends.
Surprise gift for you.
Surprise vacation planned for you.
Surprise visitor.

These things do not bring me any joy. I hate it if I am taken to a surprise party. Why? Cos I am not ready/dressed for it. I am not in my full element.
Surprise gift- Hey! consult me if you want to gift something to me (and this I can say only to my close ones). I know what I want.
Surprise vacation- No. I need to plan it. Plan my work schedule, packing, surf the internet to get more information about my destination, etc.
Surprise visitor- It would be nice if you called and visited. I would be more prepared. Tidy up a bit, finish my work, dress up, lay the table etc.

I do not know how people cope up with surprises. I do not like to be thrown off balance. I am always so immaculately prepared that surprises just bother me and seem like a nuisance.


What is destiny? Nothing...
We carve our our own destiny. In fact, when we have nothing else to blame on, we take support of destiny and say that "it was destiny and hence, meant to happen". 
Destiny is like a menu card that you get when you enter the restaurant. you have a choice to make. 

My opinion about destiny is imbibed in this Urdu couplet by the Urdu and Farsi poet Muhammad Iqbal (1877-1938).You carve your own destiny. I believe in being a go getter. If you want something deeply, passionately, immensely, work towards it. 

Khudi ko kar buland itna, ke har takdeer se pehley
Khuda bande se khud puche, bata teri raza kiya hai. 

A very rough translation it means

Make yourself so strong that before creating each destiny, God himself would have to ask you, "Tell me what do you want"/

-"Khudi" is the philosophical concept that Iqbal talks about a lot. It can be translated as "Self" or what is called "Egoism".


I am very romantic person. Brought up on heavy dosage of Mills and Boon novels and mushy romance. And I do believe in Love and cute, lovey-dovey things. I truly believe, there is one special person for each one of us. If you love him/her truly, deeply, passionately, the whole world would conspire to bring that person to you. Close your eyes, connect to that Supreme Power. You will see, hear, feel, smell that person. 

Few pointers about love.

Don't look for Love.. You Give.... When you give, it comes back in multiples.
When you are in Love, you are so consumed, nothing else matters.
You are ready to give yourself completely and fully without expecting anything in return.

Examples of some situations that will tell you, you are in love:

You do not mind dropping or picking up your partner, however out of route it may be. A little extra time spent in each other's company is just so worth it.
You are all dressed up for party, which you have looked forward to attending and then you get talking to your partner. You enjoy each other's company so much, that the thought of going to the party does not even cross your mind.  
You miss your partner when he/she is not around. 
You do everything to please your partner.
You save your new dress to wear it with your partner.
You start doing/liking things that your partner likes.
You gladly bend backwards, bend all your rules, throw away your ego for your partner.

In love you gain by loosing and loose by gaining.

*I should have saved this post for Valentine day. But, heck...it is fine. I live life today not in future.

26 December, 2011

Etro Scarf or Etro Dress

 I quite like Etro and its designs. I have a scarf and intend buying its dresses. Their prints and designs are so unique.
Below showcasing my Etro scarf.

Award that made me smile.

Ankita gave me such a cute award. I am so touched. 
It says about me-
Kiran for being the EPIC ICON she is. I adore this woman for her spunk, independence, fashion and liberated views.

25 December, 2011

Christmas Shopping

It was a day spent with him. His shopping. This fellow is getting more brand conscious than even I am. At the end of the day, I am officially bankrupt (ha ha...naaa...just kidding).

24 December, 2011

Fat to Fit with Fitnesolution

No names will be revealed but she lost 25 kg in two and half month and dropped from 85kg to 60 kg. We are targeting another 10 kg in next two months. 
I cannot take full credit for it. In fact, the whole credit goes to her hard work, determination, perseverance, persistence and control of her prescribed diet. It is a pleasure to work with clients like her.
She is so simple, adorable and cute. 
There are more examples like her but will have to take permission before posting their picture.
Fitnesolution specializes in such drastic weight loss, effectively and safely. 

Hari and Sukhmani at Fio

Saw/ heard Hari and Sukhmani again yesterday at Fio, Garden of Five Senses. They sing old Punjabi songs, remixed, and deliver soulful, heart felt performance. Sukhmani, specially has so much spunk in the way she sings and performs and even dresses. It is mesmerizing to see her. I love her unique dressing style and her chunky silver jewelry. Only she can sing punjabi songs like a true rockstar. If you ever get a chance to hear them live, do not miss it. Her joy of singing is seen, felt, touching and infectious.

I love these two young, good looking men

Dilli ki Sardi

I am trying to beat Delhi winters this time by layering and layering. 
In the pictures below, I am actually wearing 6 layers (of clothes- not fat). No kidding. 
How are you doing this winters?

23 December, 2011

Christmas plum cake

My client home made this christmas plum cake, decorated it so well and gave it to me. 
It is so delicious, that I could not resist eating it, even before clicking the pictures. So you see a part of it eaten. Such talent. Awesome cake with perfect decorations, all done at home....so professionally...
Thank You.

My blog in the newpaper today.

Today, 23rd Dec, seems to be my lucky day. Something about Yours Truly and her blog has been published in two leading newspapers today. You can see it below. You can also view it at this link.
Click the online link to the paper here.

The above came in Dainik Jagran City Plus.

The above came in HT City Shopper.

The articles say:

Blogging today is a very powerful tool. There are serious bloggers.
Kiran Sawhney is one blogger from Delhi, whose blog is very popular. Her blog has great goggle rating, huge fan following and enormous number of hits per day. There are people who follow her blog daily. Kiran started writing her blog at www.kiransawhney.com in 2008. First it was primarily a health and fitness blog. That is Kiran’s forte. But today, the blog covers her daily fashion, food, dance, life, people and major events and page 3 parties of Delhi. In fact, now she is a serious and a full time blogger. She self clicks herself and the events. She has invested in high tech gadgets and is invited to serious do’s to write blogs about prestigious events happening in Delhi. In her blog, she speaks from her heart and writes her own mind.
Through her blog, she has inspired the lives of many people, who write to her everyday.

Link made by Navjot

OMG. Navjot today made this beautiful link for me me and sent it to me. I am so happy and flattered.
Thank you Navjot. You are so special.
Check this link here.

22 December, 2011

Sexy and the City girls.

22nd Dec, The winter Solstice. When we have the shortest day and the longest night. 
I love 23rd Dec. That’s when the situation starts getting reverse. After the longest dark night, I await some radiant sunshine. People also interpret it as recognition of rebirth, involving festivals, holidays, gatherings and celebrations.

Today, the fabulous day was spent with my sexy and the city girls. The city I love the most- not New York, but New Delhi. Our “sex and the city” group also has a writer/blogger, not Carrie Bradshaw but Kiran Bajaj- Yours Truly.
 It is about the "sex and the city" girls. We were the boisterous bunnies in action. Today was our kissmiss lunch date together with snowflakes, jingles and saucy gossip. We dressed up in white and red.

Someone is blushing shyly.

These babes are meant to be in Hollywood.

In our cabana

The ascend to the enjoyable afternoon

Trying to put our best foot forward.

The swingy, sassy, sexy, saucy sirens.

                                                          Yours Truly is wearing:

Skirt: 7 year old: Ranna Gill
Jacket: Sarah Lawrence: bought in Paris.
Loafers: Hermes
Socks: Esprit
Glares: Dior
Bag: Chanel