27 December, 2011


I am very romantic person. Brought up on heavy dosage of Mills and Boon novels and mushy romance. And I do believe in Love and cute, lovey-dovey things. I truly believe, there is one special person for each one of us. If you love him/her truly, deeply, passionately, the whole world would conspire to bring that person to you. Close your eyes, connect to that Supreme Power. You will see, hear, feel, smell that person. 

Few pointers about love.

Don't look for Love.. You Give.... When you give, it comes back in multiples.
When you are in Love, you are so consumed, nothing else matters.
You are ready to give yourself completely and fully without expecting anything in return.

Examples of some situations that will tell you, you are in love:

You do not mind dropping or picking up your partner, however out of route it may be. A little extra time spent in each other's company is just so worth it.
You are all dressed up for party, which you have looked forward to attending and then you get talking to your partner. You enjoy each other's company so much, that the thought of going to the party does not even cross your mind.  
You miss your partner when he/she is not around. 
You do everything to please your partner.
You save your new dress to wear it with your partner.
You start doing/liking things that your partner likes.
You gladly bend backwards, bend all your rules, throw away your ego for your partner.

In love you gain by loosing and loose by gaining.

*I should have saved this post for Valentine day. But, heck...it is fine. I live life today not in future.