30 October, 2019

Phulkari sarees

You can buy these directly from our website of Sohum Sutras.

120 count Uppada cotton saree

In Uppada, now there is only 1 weaver left who makes these 24 sarees in a year. We got 5 from him. These look like chanderi sarees but are super lightweight, 120 count uppada saree that is ultra-soft and light.
You can order it directly from our website sohum sutras.

We have others that are displayed here and here.

26 October, 2019

New Kani sarees

We have launched 2 new colours of Kani sarees on our website. Check them here.

22 October, 2019

Phulkari saree

This is pure crepe, biscuit coloured, skirt border, big pallu, hand-embroidered phulkari saree. You can see more of our phulkaris here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.
herehere, here and here

Ilkal saree with Topu Teni Pallu

You can see more ilkal sarees here, here, here, here, here, here, and here

Pashmina sarees

Madhubani hand-painted saree

See more Madhubani hand-painted sarees here, here, here and here.

Kerala Kasavu tissue saree

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Kasuti embroidered Ilkal saree