31 May, 2017

Cosmetic surgeries can make you beautiful

If you thought that few women are blessed and born beautiful, think again. There is a lot of cosmetic surgery, stylists, makeup artist's work behind them. Most of these gorgeous women get a nose job, lip job and many other jobs done. Cosmetic surgery is not so common in India and is almost looked down upon. In other parts of the world, it is as common as applying a lipstick. Girls at 15 ask their parents to get them artificial boobs or butt and the parents get them done.  As a result, all of them look like clones. They all resemble each other. Same, perfect features and structures. It is neither bad nor good. It is just like applying a lipstick- your choice.

20 May, 2017

Behind the scenes for the shoot

I shot this yesterday for NDTV Goodtimes. It will be telecast on 1st June at 8 pm. The show is about a subject who undergoes a transformation. She is taken to fitness person (me), designer, stylist, hairdresser, etc. It was shot in Shangri-la hotel pool and I made her do aqua aerobics. It took 4 hours in the heat to shoot this and I got burned and tanned. Do watch the show and give me your feedback.

13 May, 2017

Spa Review: Sawadhee Traditional Thai Spa

Sawadhee Traditional Thai Spa is a Luxury Day Spa situated in Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. It covers an area of 5,000 sq.ft, which makes it the biggest stand alone Day Spa in Delhi. It houses 5 private rooms and 2 couple rooms. Each room has its own steam and shower and each couple room has its own Jacuzzi too. They offer services with immense dedication because of which have managed to reach a position where they are recognised as one of the best spas in the country. They have a great team on board. Their well-trained therapists are from North East India and Thailand. The Spa is running successfully under the leadership of their director Ms Vibha Khanna Rastogi.
They provide a whole range of services from Full Body Massages (International massage like Deep Tissue, Aroma Therapy, Sports Massage, Traditional Thai, Signature Massages) to Foot Reflexology, Full Body Scrubs and Wraps, Facials, etc

I took 3 therapies:
  • jasmine sugar scrub
  • deep body massage
  • jacuzzi rose aroma
These were 3 amazing therapies with great fragrances.
They have won so many awards like
 In 2017
·         GeoSpa AsiaSpa Award for Most Luxurious Spa (Day)
·         Indian Salon And Wellness Award for Best Day Spa (metro)
In 2016
·         GeoSpa AsiaSpa Award for Best Spa Interiors (Day)
·         Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence 2016
They are Presently being featured at No. 2 position under Spa and Wellness by Tripadvisor.
It was a delight to get a spa treatment done there. I felt so relaxed and rejuvenated. Their scrubs are made in-house and they believe in the philosophy that what is good to eat, is good to put on your body. So the scrubs are natural and free of all chemicals.
I personally met their loyal and happy customers who sang their praises. The staff was super courteous and the massage was one of the best I ever got. The price is not exceptionally high but I found it true value for money. I would highly recommend you to try it.