29 May, 2015

Personal fitness training in Delhi

Today, there was a workshop, demo and lecture for in house women team of Zee TV. All young and enthusiast working women, wanting to have fitness tips. Great interactive session.

Meeting my Guru

I have no words to express how I felt after meeting Him. This was the ultimate experience. Now, with His blessings, I am on a path to promote Sri Sri Tango- combination of yoga, meditation and Tango.
Jai Guru Dev.

Zoom car- Self driven cars

Zoom car concept is a fabulous concept. These are self driven cars, booked online. They are very reliable. We got a brand new scorpio which was straight out of the showroom and driven only 50 km. It was such convenient ride all over Bangalore and driving from Bangalore to Coorg to and fro. I highly recommend using Zoom car.

On the way we saw this flyover, hanging in the air, left incomplete.

We took turns driving. It is a very nice drive from Bangalore to Coorg.

Check the video of the beautiful drive.

28 May, 2015

Family time

Dining together in Coorg.

In the car together

In Bangalore

You can see the suit that I am wearing, more clearly here.
Sandals: Naturalizer

My men

 Here are my special men.

There was a steep climb uphill near Abby falls. Like a dutiful daughter I held my dad's hand, just to give him support. Not once but twice, I was about to trip and fall, when he quickly and alertly held my hand and protected me from falling. That is dad. Even when we think, we are giving him support, he still supports his daughter. He taught her to walk, holding her finger and he is never too frail to support her. When you know you are taken care of, life is easy. Daughters always need their dads.

Always helping. Always eager to feed everyone. Always caring.