30 May, 2014


Facebook is quite powerful. It makes friends and break friends. I know many people who go separate ways thanks to facebook. People break relations and the reasons are:

In your relationship status, you have not written my name. You are still single.
You did not "like" my picture.
You did not comment on my status.
Your profile or cover picture is not with me.
You did not post your picture of us together.

So on and so forth. Of late facebook has become  very commercial. What you see more, is more of advertisements and marketing. I use it primarily for marketing and promotions -  my blog and websites, or promoting my events, milongas, fitness, etc. 

What I can say from my personal experience is, that if I see anyone over active on facebook- lots of pictures, posts, quotes, etc, it drives me away from them. The feeling is - Yuck! 
Does this happen with you too?
I actually respect people who say, I am not on facebook. People who post their everyday pictures, overexpose themselves. They earn more foes than friends. Personally I have been driven away from many who have overexposed themselves.

I like beautiful, cute, dainty pictures. I am not fond of herd group pictures, vulgar pictures, shabby pictures, not so feminine pictures,  Naah!!

Be selective and quality conscious. Think - are you posting Wow things or Yuck things?

29 May, 2014

Climb up higher

It is a beautiful place. A home away from home. Very positive, breathtakingly beautiful, majestic, grand and energetic. I am going to teach tango here too. Yes, it has a beautiful Tango floor. And also, I do many other things here. Even my fitness classes. More details about the place will come up soon.

Have you seen the website that I have made
Also I am organizing a tango festival.
Check the link here.
Another website, I have revamped and am still working on is Fitnesolution. 
The company is growing bigger. Work is expanding. But blogging is taking a back seat. I was almost about to give it up. But thought, let me reduce it but not give it up.
Everything I am doing is enthralling and exhilarating- Climbing, revamping my websites, doing their SEO's and there is lot more.

27 May, 2014


Look before you leap, Think before you speak.
One word can make a friend for life.
One word can break a friendship.
One word can change your life.
Love is just a word, until it is proven to you.
Be true to your word, your work and your friend.
It takes human emotions to infuse meaning in words.
Do not mix bad mood with bad words
Bad mood will change but bad words will remain.
Careless words make people love you less.

24 May, 2014

High tea with friends

Cafe E in Emporio is a wonderful place to sit and have high tea. I met my friends there today. Cosy group with nice chit chat.
I am wearing the same skirt and top that I have earlier worn here.
Skirt and top: Bebe
I have worn this top here and here too.
I deliberately hid my bag behind. 

21 May, 2014

New visiting cards of Fitnesolution

These are printed on real Yoga mat.

Out door gym in Puerto Madero

While most porteƱos love to eat cow, very few actually look like one. Just because you are visiting the land of beef, wine and 5am Fernet binges, doesn’t mean you’ll have to pack on the carb-ed out kilos. The Argentine lifestyle may look like a dieter’s worst nightmare, with red meat a plenty, empanadas galore, extra cheese on the side and a never-ending glass of overflowing Malbec, this weight and appearance conscious city continues to bring their sexy back and stay fit.
Whether you’re a gym rat, health nut, yogi or looking to boot camp your butt into shape, they are on a mission to find the skinny on the best ways to combat those extra pounds, blast that hot (or not) body into shape and stay fit in Buenos Aires. 
There is this wonderful outdoor gym in Puerto Madero overlooking the waterfront. I am not just posing for pictures. I actually enjoyed working out on these machines, despite the fact that I was not appropriately dressed for the same.

Walking does you good.

The closer you get to excellence in your life, the more friends you will lose.
People love you when you are average because it makes them comfortable.
But when you pursue greatness it makes people uncomfortable. Be prepared to lose some people on your journey.- Tony A. Gaskins Jr.

The best exercise is considered to be walking. Walking does you good.

Walk away from arguments that lead to anger and nowhere.
Walk away from people who deliberately put you down and never ever have a positive thing to say to you.
Walk away from thoughts that reduces your worth in your own eyes.
Walk away from failures and fears that curb your growth.
Walking away from things that poison your soul, makes your life happier.

It is a part of the human nature always to judge others very severely and, when the wind turns against us, always to find an excuse for our misdeeds, or blame someone else for our mistakes. - Paulo Coelho.

Dinner with friends in Buenos Aires

We were invited to the home of this famous maestro in Argentina. He was so kind. He made only vegetarian dinner for us. And it was very special. It was wonderful evening.

After dinner we went to Club Gricel for a milonga. Unfortunately, that day it was not a good turnout of people. Also because it was pouring heavily. 

See how empty it was. It almost reminded me of Delhi milongas. :)

I met some friends there.

We made a quick exit from Club Gricel and headed to our favorite Salon Canning. It again turned out to be awesome. It was nice to do 2-3 milongas every night in Buenos Aires.

Interview in El Tangauta

Tango in India makes a mark in Argentina. My full page interview in the World's top most Tango magazine, published in Buenos Aires- El Tangauta. It is both in Spanish and English. It also has flag of India. On the cover page also there is a mention of Tango in India. It can also be viewed at here. Feeling honored and blessed.

20 May, 2014

Bael fruit in summers

Behind me is a Bael tree that grows outside my house. You have seen many of my pictures shot in this spot. You can see many fruits of bael hanging on this tree.

Bael fruit, also known as stone apple grows on barren lands in arid regions of India. People are not much aware about its uses and properties. Hence, it is not utilized well.Bael fruit has yellow orange pulp, which has lot of medicinal and healing properties. It has high fiber, calcium, Vitamin A and B. This fruit is ideal to beat the summer heat. It is refreshing and cooling. Vitamin B and C are water-soluble. They can neither be synthesized by the body nor stored in the body. We get them from the foods that we eat.
Bael fruit and its pulp are useful in treating diarrhea. The fruit is to be dried and mixed with jiggery or brown sugar.
Bael has lot of fiber. It helps to ease constipation. The flesh has laxative property. It cleans and tones the intestines. Acute and sub chronic constipation can be cured by taking ripe fruit everyday.
Its leaf is useful for diabetic patients. It reduces blood glucose levels up to 54%. The pulp also reduces blood urea and cholesterol. It is helpful in decreasing blood cholesterol. It also controls triglycerides, serum and lipid profiles.
Bael is very helpful for people with heart ailments.
It is known to be beneficial even for cancer patients or people who have tumor. It is a good source of antioxidants and flavonoids. It is also used to cure peptic ulcer. Gastro duodenal ulcers or gastric ulcers are caused due to imbalance in acidic levels or due to oxidative stress. The phenolic compounds of bael help to reduce gastric ulcers. It also protects the liver and kidneys.
Bael is also used to treat Leucoderma because it increases the tolerance for sunlight.
It reduces phlegm in cold. Hence, is also beneficial for asthma patients.
Its leaves are used to cure conjunctivitis.
Ayurveda believes that it cures vata, kapha and pita. In Ayurveda, its roots and bark is used in case of fever.
Bael leaves extract are known for their anti- inflammatory property.
Its astringent property is used to cure ear infections and inflammation.
It is also used to treat epilepsy.
Its oil extract are antibacterial and antifungal. It has antimicrobial properties. Its extract controls bacterial, fungal and viral infections. Its antibacterial properties are due to biochemical present in it.
When its pulp is mixed with hot mustard oil, and applied on swollen joints, it relieves arthritis pains.
Its roots and leaves are used for treating skin infections and cuts.
Bael is a known coolant and relaxant for mind and body.

The best way to have Bael is to have its homemade pulp, mixed with water, like a refreshing beverage. Sugar, lemon or salt can be added to it. It is alkaline and hence, helps to clear the digestive tract and get rid of acidity. Its pulp resembles and tastes like marmalade or smell of roses.

The only precaution that must be taken is not to eat it continuously everyday as it can reduce the elasticity of intestine. It is a heavy fruit. It must be diluted and made thin with water and then consumed. It should not be chewed directly.

How to modify your plank to make it more effective.

Some more pictures of anniversary celebrations of a friend.

I had posted pictures of a friend's anniversary party here. Below are some more pictures of the same party.