30 May, 2014


Facebook is quite powerful. It makes friends and break friends. I know many people who go separate ways thanks to facebook. People break relations and the reasons are:

In your relationship status, you have not written my name. You are still single.
You did not "like" my picture.
You did not comment on my status.
Your profile or cover picture is not with me.
You did not post your picture of us together.

So on and so forth. Of late facebook has become  very commercial. What you see more, is more of advertisements and marketing. I use it primarily for marketing and promotions -  my blog and websites, or promoting my events, milongas, fitness, etc. 

What I can say from my personal experience is, that if I see anyone over active on facebook- lots of pictures, posts, quotes, etc, it drives me away from them. The feeling is - Yuck! 
Does this happen with you too?
I actually respect people who say, I am not on facebook. People who post their everyday pictures, overexpose themselves. They earn more foes than friends. Personally I have been driven away from many who have overexposed themselves.

I like beautiful, cute, dainty pictures. I am not fond of herd group pictures, vulgar pictures, shabby pictures, not so feminine pictures,  Naah!!

Be selective and quality conscious. Think - are you posting Wow things or Yuck things?