29 May, 2014

Climb up higher

It is a beautiful place. A home away from home. Very positive, breathtakingly beautiful, majestic, grand and energetic. I am going to teach tango here too. Yes, it has a beautiful Tango floor. And also, I do many other things here. Even my fitness classes. More details about the place will come up soon.

Have you seen the website that I have made
Also I am organizing a tango festival.
Check the link here.
Another website, I have revamped and am still working on is Fitnesolution. 
The company is growing bigger. Work is expanding. But blogging is taking a back seat. I was almost about to give it up. But thought, let me reduce it but not give it up.
Everything I am doing is enthralling and exhilarating- Climbing, revamping my websites, doing their SEO's and there is lot more.