21 May, 2014

Walking does you good.

The closer you get to excellence in your life, the more friends you will lose.
People love you when you are average because it makes them comfortable.
But when you pursue greatness it makes people uncomfortable. Be prepared to lose some people on your journey.- Tony A. Gaskins Jr.

The best exercise is considered to be walking. Walking does you good.

Walk away from arguments that lead to anger and nowhere.
Walk away from people who deliberately put you down and never ever have a positive thing to say to you.
Walk away from thoughts that reduces your worth in your own eyes.
Walk away from failures and fears that curb your growth.
Walking away from things that poison your soul, makes your life happier.

It is a part of the human nature always to judge others very severely and, when the wind turns against us, always to find an excuse for our misdeeds, or blame someone else for our mistakes. - Paulo Coelho.