22 December, 2011

Sexy and the City girls.

22nd Dec, The winter Solstice. When we have the shortest day and the longest night. 
I love 23rd Dec. That’s when the situation starts getting reverse. After the longest dark night, I await some radiant sunshine. People also interpret it as recognition of rebirth, involving festivals, holidays, gatherings and celebrations.

Today, the fabulous day was spent with my sexy and the city girls. The city I love the most- not New York, but New Delhi. Our “sex and the city” group also has a writer/blogger, not Carrie Bradshaw but Kiran Bajaj- Yours Truly.
 It is about the "sex and the city" girls. We were the boisterous bunnies in action. Today was our kissmiss lunch date together with snowflakes, jingles and saucy gossip. We dressed up in white and red.

Someone is blushing shyly.

These babes are meant to be in Hollywood.

In our cabana

The ascend to the enjoyable afternoon

Trying to put our best foot forward.

The swingy, sassy, sexy, saucy sirens.

                                                          Yours Truly is wearing:

Skirt: 7 year old: Ranna Gill
Jacket: Sarah Lawrence: bought in Paris.
Loafers: Hermes
Socks: Esprit
Glares: Dior
Bag: Chanel