21 December, 2011

Key to Happiness

Over the years I have realized and experienced that the happiest people are those who live on their own terms, behave in the way it naturally comes to them, are full of joy & most of all are leading a meaningful life. 

I was talking to a person I love dearly. We both agreed on the following:

If you are not pretentious, if you are not trapped in your own image that you have built around you or about you, if you are not a conformist to the standards set by the so called society, then you can be really happy. So first and foremost, stop pretending. The day you stop pretending, you will feel how free you become inside and outside. You would not have to prove anything to anyone. Not even your own self. 

Next step is stop living in "fear" of what might happen, if you do something. Your actions should not be driven by fear of any kind. Do not fear rejection. Do not fear of what people might say or think about you. 

And last but not the least- meditate. Connect with The Supreme Power. You will see how the doors to Bliss open for you.