18 December, 2011

My Sunday so far.

How has my day been so far?

Woke up late (by my standard, for me, 8 AM is late. As compared to 5 AM when my work starts).

Prayer, chanting, meditation (Sudershan Kriya).

Beauty regime.
Aloe Vera face pack, Estee Lauder face pack, glow pack, scrub, moisturize.
Hair- Almond oil massage. Head bath has yet to come.
Body- Sandalwood oil massage.
Steam, Sauna.

1 hour of Cardio
Treadmill- 30 minutes
Cycle- 20 minutes
Hoola Hoop- 10 minutes


Yoga- 15 minutes.

Blogging, replying to emails, preparing for the very busy week ahead. So busy that there will be a short hiatus from blogging. Work load has piled up. There will be no lunches etc out for some time. Just work and work. Hasta La Vista.