27 December, 2011


I am one person who does not take surprises very kindly. Call me "control freak" if you want to. But I do want to be in control of the situations and be prepared and pre informed of upcoming events. Yes, life gives you so many surprises, future unfolds and gives you surprises but I do not accept surprises from near and dear ones smilingly. Now since, my near and dear ones know this, they do not try to treat me with surprises any more.

I know few people love surprises. Well, I don't. I react. And react adversely.
Examples of surprise situations could be

Surprise Birthday/Anniversary etc party thrown for you by your family/friends.
Surprise gift for you.
Surprise vacation planned for you.
Surprise visitor.

These things do not bring me any joy. I hate it if I am taken to a surprise party. Why? Cos I am not ready/dressed for it. I am not in my full element.
Surprise gift- Hey! consult me if you want to gift something to me (and this I can say only to my close ones). I know what I want.
Surprise vacation- No. I need to plan it. Plan my work schedule, packing, surf the internet to get more information about my destination, etc.
Surprise visitor- It would be nice if you called and visited. I would be more prepared. Tidy up a bit, finish my work, dress up, lay the table etc.

I do not know how people cope up with surprises. I do not like to be thrown off balance. I am always so immaculately prepared that surprises just bother me and seem like a nuisance.