23 December, 2011

My blog in the newpaper today.

Today, 23rd Dec, seems to be my lucky day. Something about Yours Truly and her blog has been published in two leading newspapers today. You can see it below. You can also view it at this link.
Click the online link to the paper here.

The above came in Dainik Jagran City Plus.

The above came in HT City Shopper.

The articles say:

Blogging today is a very powerful tool. There are serious bloggers.
Kiran Sawhney is one blogger from Delhi, whose blog is very popular. Her blog has great goggle rating, huge fan following and enormous number of hits per day. There are people who follow her blog daily. Kiran started writing her blog at www.kiransawhney.com in 2008. First it was primarily a health and fitness blog. That is Kiran’s forte. But today, the blog covers her daily fashion, food, dance, life, people and major events and page 3 parties of Delhi. In fact, now she is a serious and a full time blogger. She self clicks herself and the events. She has invested in high tech gadgets and is invited to serious do’s to write blogs about prestigious events happening in Delhi. In her blog, she speaks from her heart and writes her own mind.
Through her blog, she has inspired the lives of many people, who write to her everyday.