15 February, 2014


Bollywood movies, romantic novels, TV soaps, various advertisements, facebook, etc have all distorted our vision of life. We imagine romance or valentine day connected with roses, chocolates, fancy candle lit dinners, diamonds, etc. Simple things sound boring. There is a need to flaunt even your love.

Life should be made of beautiful moments that you cherish with your loved ones. Simple acts of kindness can touch your heart way more than extravagant, flamboyant, fancy things.

How did I spend my Valentine evening with my husband? 
It was a cold winter evening. It was raining outside and was freezing cold. Of course, I wanted to be cosy in my warm bed. He brought in few savories- chaat papri etc. He put the plate himself for me, while I lazed in the bed and we enjoyed it together tucked in the warm quilt. We chatted, watched TV, ate together and that is it. It was far more pleasurable than dressing up and going to swanky five star restaurant, sitting across the table, eating and coming back tired. 
We do simplest possible things together. They might be absolutely nothing fancy to boost about. We might not be seen together partying or in thousands of pictures with PDA'S. But what really matters are the simple moments we share together, the way we care for each other's happiness and welfare, the way he looks after me when I am unwell. Those are the moments that make the Life.