28 February, 2014

Having a mind of your own

I have written about having a mind of your own here earlier. We are shaped by our thoughts and become what we think. People get so influenced by others that it clouds their rational thinking. Are you an obstinately independent spirit or someone who easily integrates other’s views and opinions into your thinking? Can you go and enjoy the movie in a theatre all by yourself or have a meal in the restaurant alone? Or do you need to have few others around you to feel secure? Do you ever give excuses like- I broke my friendship because someone made me do so. Some people are difficult to sway from their inner certainties and ideas while others are so easy to be manipulated. Can you make up your mind for yourself or are there others in your life, whose opinion you constantly seek? Your actions should not be governed by the views and choices of others. According to art of living, "Do not be a football of other people's opinions."
I fail to understand how people allow others to take reigns of their life in their hands and very conveniently escape from taking on the responsibility of their actions by saying, "He/she made me do this." No one can make you do anything unless you really want to do it. Don't they say, "You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink."